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10 Real Estate Exterior Photography Tips: Capture the Heart of Every Property

The importance of captivating exterior photography in real estate cannot be overstated. Potential home buyers are often drawn to a property based on its curb appeal. Lackluster photos can be the reason a listing goes...

The importance of captivating exterior photography in real estate cannot be overstated. Potential home buyers are often drawn to a property based on its curb appeal. Lackluster photos can be the reason a listing goes unnoticed. As a real estate photographer, your job is to showcase the personality of the home and highlight its best features.

Prepare the Property

The exterior of a property is the first thing potential buyers notice. To make a lasting impression, ensure that the property is adequately prepared. Mow the lawn to keep it neat, remove fallen leaves and branches, and power wash surfaces like the siding, walkways, and driveways. Cleaning the windows and removing personal items also contributes to the overall appeal.

Use the Right Camera Gear

Having the right camera gear is essential for capturing high-quality exterior photos. Invest in a tripod to eliminate camera shake, especially in low light situations. A wide-angle lens, such as a 24mm lens, allows you to capture the entire property in a single photo. A high-resolution full-frame camera ensures crisp, clear photos.

Shoot During the Golden Hour

The golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise or before sunset, offers the most flattering lighting for exterior photography. The soft, warm light during this time enhances the property's attractiveness. Shadows are minimal, and colors in the sky add a beautiful backdrop to your shots. Pay attention to the direction the property is facing to plan your shoot accordingly.

Take Aerial Photos

Aerial photos provide a unique perspective of the property and its surroundings. They give potential buyers a clear view of the property's size, layout, and nearby amenities. Using a drone, you can capture features such as swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas, and gardens. Before using a drone, ensure you comply with FAA regulations.

Capture the Details

While capturing an overview of the property is important, don't forget to focus on the smaller details that make it unique. These details can set the property apart from others on the market and serve as vital selling points. Whether it's interesting architectural features or beautiful landscaping, include these details in your photos.

Avoid Distortions

Wide-angle lenses can cause distortions in your photos, making straight lines appear curved. To avoid this, use the alignment grid on your viewfinder to preview and adjust angles and lines before capturing the shot. It's also recommended to avoid using ultra-wide-angle lenses below 16mm to prevent excessive distortion.

Focus on the Composition

Strategic composition is key to guiding the viewer's eye to the property's most interesting architectural elements. Frame shots that showcase the front facade and entryway, providing a comprehensive view of the property's space. Outdoor living spaces like patios or decks should be showcased as well. Get creative by incorporating natural framing with foliage or trees to provide context to the property's environment.

Vary the Depth of Field

Adjusting the aperture setting allows you to control the depth of field in your photos. A narrower aperture ensures that everything in the frame is in focus, ideal for capturing the entire property in a single shot. However, for specific features, like a gazebo, opening the aperture wide creates a shallow depth of field, blurring the background and foreground, drawing attention to the specific feature.

Consider HDR Blending

HDR blending involves capturing multiple exposures of a scene and blending them together using photo editing software. This technique helps to capture details in both highlights and shadows, ensuring a well-balanced photo.

Retouch the Photos

Even with experience, it's common to make composition mistakes or unintentionally include distracting elements in your photos. That's where photo editing software comes in. Retouching your photos allows you to remove unwanted elements, correct reflections, and enhance colors. It also enables you to blend multiple exposures to create an HDR photo.

In conclusion, the exterior photography of a property can greatly impact the success of a real estate listing. By following these ten tips, you can create captivating images that showcase the property's best features and attract potential buyers. Remember to prepare the property, invest in the right camera gear, shoot during the golden hour, and pay attention to details and composition. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can capture the heart of every property through your photography.

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