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101 Best Real Estate Websites: A Comprehensive Review

Let's face it. Most real estate websites are terrible. Like, really bad. It's nobody's fault though. Agents don't have the time or resources to design and develop a custom, professional real estate website. The majority...

Let's face it. Most real estate websites are terrible. Like, really bad. It's nobody's fault though. Agents don't have the time or resources to design and develop a custom, professional real estate website. The majority of real estate websites run on a done-for-you solution like KW's Placester partnership or other licensed systems by big franchises. While these licensed systems get the job done, they are far from ideal. One-size-fits-all solutions don't work in real estate, especially on the web.

That's why we embarked on a mission to find 100 examples of great real estate agent, broker, or team websites. We personally reviewed every site listed in this post and ranked them according to several factors. Our goal is to celebrate people who have done great work, showcase their accomplishments, and inspire others to do the same.

Why We Made This List

We had to. There are just too many bad real estate websites out there. With this list, we hope to demonstrate to real estate agents, brokers, and their technology providers that real estate websites can be beautiful. Real estate might be seen as boring and often has a less-than-stellar reputation, but that doesn't mean we can't have great digital marketing. By focusing on branding, advertising, and providing exceptional digital experiences, we can not only grow our individual businesses but also improve the entire industry as a whole.

So, we made this list with three goals in mind: to celebrate great work, showcase it, and inspire more people to follow suit.

The List - 101 Best Real Estate Websites

Without further ado, here's our carefully curated list of the 101 best real estate websites, ranked from 100 down to 1. Each listing includes a screenshot of the website, SEO details, and a brief description. We reached out to every company on this list to let them know they made it, and most were thrilled to be included. Make sure to check out the Takeaways section at the end of this post to gain valuable insights from studying these exceptional websites.

Crappy Real Estate Websites Image: None of the sites on our list look like this.

Honorable Mention: TownCville.com

Before we delve into the list, we'd like to give an honorable mention to TownCville.com. This website stands out for its exceptional features and design. We encourage you to explore the site to see how they set themselves apart from the competition.

Takeaways & Lessons Learned

We understand that actionable information is what you're after. So, let's dive into the most valuable lessons we learned from studying over 100 real estate websites:

1) Big metros = big budgets = better websites

Unsurprisingly, bigger cities with higher property values have a more significant presence on our list. The correlation between a city's size, median home value, and a great website is evident. However, there are exceptions, and we shouldn't discount the potential for outstanding websites to emerge from smaller locales.

2) Big teams = big budgets = better websites

Team websites and brokerages dominate our list. The majority of exceptional websites belong to teams or brokerages rather than individual agents. Although there are notable exceptions in some big cities, it raises the question of whether the website's quality leads to the formation of large teams or if big teams simply have more resources to invest in outstanding websites.

3) Use WordPress

WordPress is the preferred choice for many real estate agents, vendors, and service providers. Its versatility, ease of use, and vast collection of real estate themes make it an excellent platform for building stunning websites. If you're serious about winning in this game, a custom WordPress site designed by professionals is a must.

4) Real Estate Webmasters & Agent Image

Real Estate Webmasters and Agent Image are prominent service providers among the websites on our list. Although their representation is high, we expected more agents to utilize these services. Their sites offer good quality, but it's clear that a custom website designed by professionals is a necessity to truly stand out.

5) Classic SEO: referring domains > # of backlinks

This lesson is particularly crucial for SEO enthusiasts. The number of referring domains plays a more significant role in website ranking than the sheer number of backlinks. It's vital to focus on obtaining links from a diverse range of websites rather than accumulating links from a single source. A varied link portfolio is key to success in SEO.

This is just a summary of our key takeaways. For a more in-depth analysis, please refer to the full article.

Our Methods

Compiling this list took a substantial amount of time and effort. We scoured Google for other great real estate website lists and followed social media trails to identify the most outstanding sites. Our analysis was primarily based on SEO data from Ahrefs, which provided valuable insights into each website's domain ranking, backlinks, and referring domains. We also utilized BuiltWith.com and Chrome's Web Inspector to gain insight into the technology powering each site.

Please note that our rankings are subjective. We evaluated each website based on standardized criteria, including SEO data, user experience, branding, and uniqueness. We divided the list into high, mid, and low groups, further sorting each subgroup based on the same criteria. Our process involved multiple rounds of review by our team to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation.

For more details on our research methods, please refer to the full article.

Download or Print the List

To access a printer-friendly version of the Top 101 Real Estate websites list, click here.

In conclusion, we hope that this list inspires real estate professionals and their technology providers to strive for excellence in their websites. By focusing on exceptional design, branding, and unique experiences, we can elevate the industry as a whole. Let's celebrate those who have already achieved greatness, learn from their successes, and continue pushing boundaries in the realm of real estate websites.

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