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24 Small Terraced House Living Room Ideas - Tips & Tricks

Introduction: Decorating a small room can be a challenge, but with the right color scheme, furnishings, and decor, you can create a warm and inviting living room that gives the illusion of extra space. If...

Introduction: Decorating a small room can be a challenge, but with the right color scheme, furnishings, and decor, you can create a warm and inviting living room that gives the illusion of extra space. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some tried and tested small terraced house living room ideas that will help you make the most of your space.

Things to Consider Before Redecorating: Decorating a small room can be stressful, especially when it comes to moving furniture around. If you're happy with your walls and foundational decor, consider making smaller adjustments rather than costly changes. Sometimes, simple removals or additions can give you the desired look without the hassle.

Is Your Living Room Too Dark? If your living room feels dark and small, it's time to brighten it up. Start by making sure that the windows are not blocked and that heavy curtains or blinds are not blocking natural light. Additionally, check if your light shade is obstructing ambient light. These simple fixes can make a huge difference in creating a brighter and more spacious living room.

Clutter Makes a Room Feel Cramped: Clutter can make any room feel smaller and claustrophobic. To make the most of your space, consider placing knick-knacks on shelving just above eye level. This way, they can still be seen without getting in the way of other room decorations.

Furniture Matters: While it's important to keep items in good repair, oversized and cumbersome furniture can make a small living room feel even smaller. Consider getting rid of any unneeded or unsuitable furniture and make space for appropriately sized pieces. Dual-purpose furniture, such as sofa beds or coffee tables with hidden chairs, can also be a lifesaver in small spaces.

Do You Have Enough Storage Space? Clever storage solutions can make all the difference in a small living room. By gathering non-essential clutter into one compact and attractive storage location, you can keep your room clean and tidy. Whether it's a seat with an interior compartment, a hanging storage tower, or modern floating shelves, utilizing vertical storage options can help you maximize your space.

20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas: Here are some small living room ideas that will help you decorate and furnish your space with ease:

  1. Use Your Walls to Minimize Clutter: Hang small knitted baskets on the wall or install a cloth storage tower from the ceiling. These decorative storage solutions will keep your living room feeling spacious and uncluttered.

  2. Cover Up The Floor: If you have polished floorboards, break up the space by adding a sizable rug. This will give the illusion of a grander room and create more defined areas.

  3. Choose an Elevated Living Room Focal Point: Create an elevated focal point, such as a shelf or statement light shade hanging from the ceiling. Choose something transparent or with large gaps to give the illusion of height.

  4. Ideas For Small Living Room Furniture: Consider using dual-purpose or function furnishings to make the most of small spaces. Sofa beds and furniture that can be folded or hidden are practical options.

  5. Consider Hanging Furniture: If you have high ceilings and limited floor space, hanging furniture can be a great option. Egg chairs and raised tables or shelves can save valuable floor space and add a unique touch to your living room.

  6. Decorate Vertically: When decorating a small room, it's best to decorate vertically. Opt for mosaic layouts, hanging plants, mirrors, or fabric hangings to add depth and interest to your space.

  7. Mount Your TV and Sound System: Free up valuable floor space by wall-mounting your TV and installing shelving for your sound system. This will make your living room appear larger and more organized.

  8. Make The Most of Mirrors: Strategically place wall mirrors to create the illusion of extra depth, width, and height. Choose an extra-large mirror that takes up most of the free wall space to reflect as much natural light as possible.

  9. Contrast Light and Dark Colors: While light color schemes are traditionally recommended for small rooms, don't be afraid to use dark accents to add depth and interest. Contrast light walls with dark-colored furnishings or skirting boards for a stunning overall effect.

  10. Paint or Stain The Floorboards: Consider painting or staining your floorboards in a darker color to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast with light walls. This will maximize the look of your space and give your living room a unique touch.

  11. Color Block Your Clutter: Organize items of similar colors together to create a cohesive and organized look in your living room. This will add layers and depth to the overall aesthetic of the room.

  12. Avoid Angular Shapes: In small spaces, rounded shapes are preferable to angular ones. Opt for oval or round tables and choose rounded edges for your seats, couch, or decorations to create a cozy and habitable atmosphere.

  13. Choose Furnishings With Exposed or Narrow Legs: Furniture with thin, spindly legs and exposed sides creates the illusion of space by allowing you to see through and beyond them. Opt for open, thin-framed bookcases or coffee tables to create a sense of openness.

  14. Try Mirrored or Glass Furniture: Mirrored or glass-topped furniture can create interesting optical illusions and brighten up your living room by reflecting and refracting natural light. However, keep in mind that these furnishings require regular upkeep to maintain their shine.

  15. Add Some Greenery: Plants not only elevate your mood but also add freshness and depth to a room. Place scented plants on a windowsill to fill the room with a pleasant scent and use plants of different sizes to fill negative space.

  16. Use a Room's Corners: Utilize corners to create functional and cozy spaces in your living room. For example, create a reading nook by placing a corner booth-style seat against the wall and accompany it with a low coffee table.

  17. How to Arrange a Small Living Room: Situate your furniture at an angle rather than parallel with the walls to create a cozier atmosphere and allow for better flow. This arrangement will also make the room more functional.

  18. Small Living Room Lighting Ideas: Ensure even distribution of light throughout the room by using a combination of spotlights, wall-mounted lamps, floor lamps, and a hanging shade in the center. Avoid shadows that can make the room feel smaller.

  19. Take Advantage of High Ceilings: If you have high ceilings, make the most of them by incorporating tall storage units, shelving, and light fittings. Anything that draws the eye up and saves floor space will maximize the perceived size of your room.

  20. Make Use of Architectural Anomalies: Turn indentations, protrusions, and strange shapes into unique features in your small living room. Use alcoves for furniture placement or create a cozy seating area in a bay window to save space.

My Final Thoughts: Ultimately, decorate your small living room in a way that makes you happy. These ideas are just starting points, and you can always tailor them to suit your personal preferences. Remember, your living space is yours to enjoy, so make it comfortable and inviting. For more inspiration, check out my other home decor ideas to transform your entire space.