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The Best Single Story House Designs in Australia

Are you in the process of building a home in Australia? Consider opting for a single-story house design. Single-story homes are increasingly popular among Australian homeowners for several reasons. They are more affordable, simpler to...

Are you in the process of building a home in Australia? Consider opting for a single-story house design. Single-story homes are increasingly popular among Australian homeowners for several reasons. They are more affordable, simpler to design and construct, energy-efficient, and create an illusion of more interior space with their open-plan layouts.

In this article, we explore the top 15 single-story house designs and floor plans available in Australia. Whether you prefer a classic Australian farmhouse, a modernist house, or an Australian ranch house, there's a design that will suit your taste and lifestyle.

15. Single Storey Semi Detached

Semi-detached houses are an excellent choice for those seeking privacy without sacrificing space or additional income. These houses share one wall with a neighboring house, allowing you to enjoy your own space while still being connected to a community.

Modern Single Story House Image: Modern single-story house

14. Single Storey Simple

If you prefer a straightforward and easy-to-navigate layout, a simple single-story house design is the perfect choice. These homes often feature attached garages, pathways, and front gardens. Don't be fooled by their simplicity – they can still have unique and charming facades.

White Single Storey House with Alcove Image: White single-story house with alcove

13. Single Storey 3 Bedroom

For small families, a single-story 3-bedroom home is an ideal choice. With an average size of 175 square meters, these homes provide enough space to keep individual family members close. Embrace the cozy atmosphere and enjoy the convenience of having everything on one level.

Modern Luxurious Single Storey Ranch Style with High Ceilings Image: Modern luxurious single-story ranch-style house with high ceilings

12. Single Storey House Elevation

The traditional Queenslander home design features a single storey with a slight elevation. These charming houses are typically made from timber, have a corrugated iron roof, and boast classic Australian verandas. To enhance flood safety, they are often built on stumps or stilts.

Queenslander Home Modern Image: Queenslander home with modern design

11. American Single Storey House

If you're looking for a touch of American charm, consider a single-story house inspired by the American ranch style. These designs exude all the charm of a traditional two-story American home, but with the convenience of a single level. Visit Cool House Concepts for more information and to purchase floor plans.

Luxury Single Storey Ranch House America Image: Luxury single-story ranch house inspired by American architecture

10. Single Storey Terrace House

Terrace houses are a popular choice in cities and suburbs. While most terrace houses have two stories, single-story terrace houses exist too. These homes are long and narrow, maximizing limited space and offering a stylish and cozy living environment.

Terrace House One Storey Small Sydney Townhouse Image: Single-story terrace house in Sydney

09. Single Storey House Facades

To compensate for the lack of height, single-story house exteriors often include design features at different levels. Awnings, porches, and unique window sizes contribute to creating a visually intriguing facade, adding character and charm to your home.

Luxury Farmhouse Facade with Tall Windows and High Ceiling Image: Luxury farmhouse facade with tall windows and high ceilings

08. Modern Single Storey House

Contemporary single-story home designs are all about minimalism and clean lines. These designs often draw inspiration from cubist and brutalist styles, making use of raw materials like natural stone, concrete, and steel. Residential Attitudes offers more information on this design trend.

Contemporary Modern House with Flat Rectangular Design Image: Contemporary modern single-story house with a flat rectangular design

07. Single Story Duplex Designs

Duplexes are the modern iteration of semi-detached homes. While duplexes share one wall and a roof with a neighboring dwelling, each unit has its own private entrance, garden, and sometimes a garage. Check out our website for more information about duplex designs and specifications.

Single Storey Duplex Design Ideas Image: Single-story duplex design ideas

06. 4 Bedroom Single Storey House

With four bedrooms, these single-story houses are a popular choice among Australian homeowners. Offering ample space for families, these homes can range in cost from $230,000 to the low millions. If you're interested in these designs, our website provides more information and floor plans.

4 Bedroom Single Storey House with Modern Facade Image: Modern facade of a 4 bedroom single-story house

05. Large Single Story

Single-story homes can be spacious and grand, especially when situated on large land blocks in rural or suburban areas. Enjoy the seclusion and privacy offered by a large single-story home, creating your own private oasis.

Large Single Storey House with Pool Outdoors Image: Large single-story house with an outdoor pool

04. Single Story Open Floor Plans

Most single-story homes feature open floor plans, allowing homeowners to make the most of the connected space. Enjoy the bright, airy atmosphere and the freedom to customize the interior to suit your needs.

Open Plan Interior Image: Open plan interior of a single-story home

03. Single Storey Corner House

Corner block home design presents a unique opportunity to create something truly special. With at least two sides of the home facing the street, the facades of corner houses are essential. Let your creativity shine and design a corner block house that stands out from the rest.

Corner Block Home Image: Corner block home

02. Small Single Story

Small single-story homes possess a unique charm that is perfect for holiday properties or Airbnb houses. As the popularity of tiny homes continues to rise, more people appreciate the elegance and simplicity of a small, single-story space. Discover more from Perth's own single-story home designers, Dale Alcock.

Large Farmhouse Prefab Single Homes Image: Large farmhouse prefab single homes

01. Single Storey with Loft

If you're looking to add an extra touch to your single-story home without drastically altering its structure, consider adding a loft. Lofts are elevated areas under the roof, offering the benefits of a second storey. Popular for bedrooms, lofts create a private nook within your home, perfect for teenagers, young couples, or those looking to maximize space in small homes.

Loft Bed Interior Platform Image: Loft bed interior platform

In conclusion, single-story house designs offer a range of styles and layouts to suit various preferences and lifestyles. Whether you choose a classic Australian farmhouse or a modern minimalist design, there's a single-story house for everyone. Explore the options, and start building your dream home today!