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Born April 11th? Your Sign is Aries

by Lucas Vanderlinden Were you born on April 11th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Aries, the sign of the ram. This means that when you were born, the Sun...

BORN APRIL 11TH? YOUR SIGN IS ARIES by Lucas Vanderlinden

Were you born on April 11th? If so, then according to Western astrology, your zodiac sign is Aries, the sign of the ram. This means that when you were born, the Sun was in the stars that make up the constellation known as Aries. Learn the basics of your horoscope below.

Aries Overview

Aries is known as मेष (mesha) in Sanskrit, which translates to "ram." Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by certain basic traits. Let's take a look at the general make-up of the Aries sign:

  • Sign of the Ram: Aries natives are headstrong and can be natural leaders. However, their competitive side might get them into trouble!
  • Ruled by Mars: Mars is the planet of war, explosions, sudden events, and land. Martian individuals are hard-working and self-confident.
  • A fire sign: Those with an Aries moon are temperamental, passionate, and energetic.
  • A movable sign: Persons born under this sign are fluid, spontaneous, and fond of change.
  • A masculine sign: This makes the native aggressive, bold, and thick-skinned.
  • Aries' preferred gemstone is red coral: Ariens can also benefit from pink coral.

Traits of the Sun in Aries

In Western Astrology, a person's sign is determined by the position of the Sun. If you were born on April 11th, then you're considered an Aries according to most people in the Western world. The influence of the Sun in a birth chart will vary depending on various factors. However, the following general traits are likely to be found in a native whose Sun is in Aries:

  • You are respected in your field: Of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the Sun is strongest in Aries. Ruled by the Sun's friend, Mars, Aries is a sign of leadership and innovation. You are a natural leader among your friends and in your workplace.
  • You are ambitious: You aren't the kind of person who likes to live a simple, predictable life. You want to do something meaningful. You enjoy taking on fresh challenges and are able to overcome whatever obstacles come in your path.
  • You have confidence in yourself: No matter what happens around you, you never lose your inherent self-confidence. This trait will win you many friends and admirers who will naturally look up to you and follow your lead.
  • You will have money throughout life: Because of your many good qualities and your strong work ethic, it is not difficult for you to make money. You are courageous, bold, and a natural leader. These traits also make you a desirable partner in business, a reliable manager, and a valuable team member.
  • You can sometimes be aggressive: Aries is a fiery sign, and this combined with the Sun's power can sometimes cause you to be overly aggressive. You may accidentally intimidate or hurt others if you're not careful. Try to find a healthy outlet for your aggressive and competitive nature, such as sports or daily exercise.

Aries Careers

Ariens are enterprising folk and are therefore likely to make a good living. However, it's essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid anxiety and burnout. Some recommended careers for Aries natives include science, writing, engineering, law, politics, acting, performing, police work, and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, careers that require a high degree of tact, patience, or self-control may not be the best fit for you, such as diplomacy, childcare, stockbroking, or mediation.

Aries Mantras

A mantra is a short phrase that uplifts and cleanses our mind, heart, and consciousness. By practicing mantra meditation, we can experience total relief from suffering and negativity. Ariens can benefit from meditating with the following mantras:

  • ॐ नरसिंहदेवाय​ नमः Om narasimha-devaya namaha
  • हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Famous Birthdays on April 11

  • Julion Alvarez
  • Dele Alii
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Thiago Alcantara
  • Jennifer Esposito
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Tricia Helfer
  • Ana Maria Polo

Events in History on April 11

  • 2020: Brazil is the 1st country in the southern hemisphere to report more than 1,000 deaths from COVID-19, with 1,056 deaths and 19,638 cases
  • 2019: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London by police and arrested on failure to appear in court on US extradition charges
  • 2019: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir overthrown and arrested by the army in Khartoum after 29 years in power
  • 2019: Ex-Pope Benedict XVI claims Catholic sexual abuse caused in part by 1960s sexual revolution
  • 2015: Barack Obama and Raúl Castro meet in Panama, the 1st meeting of US and Cuban heads of state since the Cuban Revolution
  • 1830: Robert Schumann hears the violinist Paganini play in Frankfurt
  • 1814: Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates unconditionally and is exiled to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean
  • 1677: Battle at Montcassel, French troops beat Prince William III
  • 1512: Battle of Ravenna: French forces under Gaston de Foix defeat the Holy League in a major battle of the Italian Wars

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