Modern Beach House Style Decorating Ideas for Your Home

If you're a fan of modern coastal style, you're in for a treat! The combination of crisp whites, soft blues and greens, and abundant neutrals in a light, coastal-inspired color palette is simply captivating. And...

If you're a fan of modern coastal style, you're in for a treat! The combination of crisp whites, soft blues and greens, and abundant neutrals in a light, coastal-inspired color palette is simply captivating. And when you add in the relaxed yet elevated beach house style, you get a truly beautiful and inviting home.

Imagine walking into a beach house where every detail exudes the essence of modern coastal living. From the white walls and furniture to the organic textures, woven light fixtures, modern artwork, and wood flooring, everything comes together to create a space that is both serene and sophisticated.

Modern beach house style bedroom - the white palm, laguna beach florida Image: Modern beach house style bedroom - The White Palm, Laguna Beach, Florida

After spending a week at a beautiful seaside home, The White Palm in Laguna Beach, Florida, my appreciation for modern coastal and beach house style grew even stronger. I was inspired to bring these elements into my own home, even without a complete renovation.

If you're looking to infuse your home with a touch of elevated beach house style, here are some ideas to get you started:

First, what is beach house style - and how does it differ from coastal style?

Beach house style is a version of coastal décor that embraces a more neutral and organic aesthetic. While modern coastal interiors are typically tailored and refined, beach house style is all about a carefree, yet chic, look. Think comfortable seating, natural textures, casually thrown pillows and throw blankets, and weathered woods.

Love this gorgeous modern living room design with a sectional, vaulted ceilings, and neutral furniture and decor - beach house living room - modern coastal living room - organic modern living room - california casual style - coastal living rooms - cloth & main Image: Birds and Bobos

Now, let's dive into some beach house style decorating ideas for your home:

1. Begin with a backdrop of white

To achieve a light and airy beach home look, start by incorporating white into your space. Whether through paint or fabric, adding touches of white instantly refreshes your home. Not only does it allow the beauty of your space to shine, but it's also budget-friendly.

Love this beautiful living room design with soft neutral tones, furniture and decor - small living room decor - coastal living rooms - modern coastal style - beach house interior design - pure salt interiors Image: Pure Salt Interiors

When using white as your foundation, increase texture wherever you can. Incorporate natural jute rugs, woven baskets, and wood elements to add interest and warmth to your space.

2. Focus on beachy neutrals

Beach house style is all about neutral hues that mimic the colors of the sea, sand, and sky. Embrace shades of blue, grey, beige, white, ivory, and tan to create a soothing and cohesive look.

Love this beautiful modern coastal kitchen design with a woven pendant light, white cabinets and modern counter stools - kitchen lighting - kitchen cabinet ideas - pure salt interiors - katrina scott Image: Pure Salt Interiors for Katrina Scott

To add depth and visual interest, incorporate textures through natural materials like rustic woods, warm bamboos, rattans, and earthy elements. Balance these with smoother finishes like glass, brass, chrome, and copper for a fresh and modern look.

3. Add in some breezy fabrics + textiles

Fabrics and textiles play a crucial role in beach house style. Opt for natural fibers like jute, sisal, linen, cotton, and rattan to create a beach-inspired look. These materials bring a touch of the beach into your home and provide visual interest.

This beautiful under-the-stairs hideaway from Brooke Wagner Design caught my eye, too. Image: Brooke Wagner Design - linen throw

Look for pillows and throws made from these natural materials to add coziness and texture. Serena & Lily, Dear Keaton, and Susan Connor NY offer beautiful options. Additionally, consider using linen pillow covers and bedding from H&M for a budget-friendly yet stylish touch.

4. Bring in texture with woven elements

Woven elements are a hallmark of beach house style. Incorporate them through light fixtures, wall hangings, baskets, and furniture. A woven light fixture, for example, can bring a modern beach house vibe to your living or dining room.

Beautiful open concept beach themed living room decor - Pure Salt Image: Pure Salt Interior Design - Similar sectionals here, here, and here; Similar coffee table here and here

Woven counter stools or barstools are an excellent addition to a beach house kitchen, adding both style and texture. Look for pieces that reflect the relaxed and breezy feel of beach living.

5. Finish your beach house look with a few thoughtful details

It's the little things that make a big difference. Add fringe and tassels to your throws and pillows for a touch of boho beach house style. Coastal artwork brings a lighthearted feeling to your space, while stylish details like hanging rattan chairs, patterned tile fireplace surrounds, and warm woods create a truly unique beach-themed look.

Love this beautiful dining area with neutral furniture and decor and a beaded chandelier! dining room ideas - dining room decor - modern coastal interiors - organic modern decor - pure salt interior design Image: Pure Salt Interiors - Chandelier

Remember, beach house style is all about creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Take inspiration from the ocean and embrace its colors, textures, and serenity.

Now that you have some beach house style decorating ideas, it's time to get creative and transform your home into a coastal haven. Whether you choose a modern luxury beach house look, a boho beach cottage aesthetic, or a laid-back California casual style, make it your own and enjoy the beauty and tranquility it brings.

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Wishing you a beautiful day and happy decorating!

xoxo, Jane