Our Honest Monogram Appliances Review: Is it Worth it?

In this Monogram appliances review, we share our personal experience with the Monogram range, dishwasher, and drawer microwave. We'll discuss the pros and cons and help you decide if it's worth the investment. So, let's...

In this Monogram appliances review, we share our personal experience with the Monogram range, dishwasher, and drawer microwave. We'll discuss the pros and cons and help you decide if it's worth the investment. So, let's dive in!

Who Makes Monogram Appliances?

Monogram is a brand under the GE Appliances umbrella, offering the company's highest-end appliances. Although Monogram has its own branding, it is a part of GE, which is evident when registering the appliances on GE's website. GE's reputation for reliable service and Monogram's quality make this brand a trusted choice.

How We Chose the Monogram 48” Range

When we visited the showroom, the contemporary design of the Monogram range immediately caught our attention. The sleek aesthetics and ring-lit LEDs surrounding the brass range knobs added a beautiful touch to our modern kitchen. We were sold on the unique look and knew it would complement our kitchen design perfectly.

Monogram All Gas vs. Dual-Fuel Range

If you're torn between the Monogram All Gas Range and the Dual-Fuel Professional Range, consider your cooking preferences. The dual-fuel version has electric heat, ideal for baking, while gas heat is better for roasting. Since we don't bake frequently, we opted for the gas-only range and saved some money. The All Gas range requires 120V; 15A, whereas the Dual-Fuel range needs 240V; 50A.

Available Range Sizes

The Monogram range is available in 30", 36", and 48" sizes for both All Gas and Dual-Fuel versions. If you prefer an induction range, you can choose from 30" and 36" sizes. The various size options allow for customization based on your kitchen layout and cooking needs.

What We Like

1. Aesthetics

The Monogram 48-inch range stands out with its modern minimalist aesthetic. The brass knobs and sleek design make it a beautiful centerpiece in our kitchen. The range's appearance perfectly complements our custom kitchen design.

2. Build Quality and Materials

The Monogram range exudes luxury and high-end quality. The solid brass control knobs provide a satisfying weight and feel. We compared it to a more expensive Wolf range and found Monogram's build quality superior. The stainless steel top border eliminates crevices, making cleaning easier. Soft-close doors and smooth ball-bearing racks add to the premium feel.

3. Heat Output

The Monogram range impresses with its powerful heat output. With two 23,000 BTU burners, it delivers exceptional cooking performance. Even at medium-high heat, it gets extremely hot, making browning meats and frying eggs a breeze. The burners' inner rings ensure even heat distribution.

4. Controls

The range's intuitive controls enhance the cooking experience. The control ring simplifies setting the oven's temperature, and the LED lights indicate when burners or the griddle are on. The built-in timer provides a 1-minute warning, preventing any last-minute scrambling. The mobile app offers the convenience of preheating the ovens remotely.

What We Dislike

1. Patina of the Brass Burners

While the patina on the brass burners is normal and expected, we preferred the pristine look. We opted to swap the burners for the grey ones included for a cleaner appearance.

2. Griddle Cover is Easily Scratched

Like many stainless steel appliances, the griddle cover is prone to scratching. Placing utensil spoon holders on the cover resulted in small scratches. To maintain a pristine look, we avoid placing anything on the griddle cover.

3. Built-In Recipes

The mobile app's feature of scanning compatible foods for precise oven settings felt more like a gimmick to us. We preferred to stick to our regular oven recipes and didn't explore this feature further.

Our Recommended Range Hood

To address our previous issue of excessive smoke and grease when cooking steaks, we invested in a powerful range hood. The Best CP5 Series 1200 CFM range hood has proven effective at removing smoke and grease. We opted for the 19" version, which covers the front burners adequately.

Optional Accessories

For those looking to enhance the range's appearance further, Monogram offers designer handles and knobs. Their titanium options provide a premium look but come at a higher cost. We are satisfied with the brass accents that come with the range.

Is it Worth the Price?

After a year of using the Monogram Range, we highly recommend it. The pros significantly outweigh the cons, which are minor drawbacks. The food cooks evenly and turns out better than with our previous range. While the retail price is steep, bundling the range with other appliances can result in overall savings. We purchased the Monogram 48" Professional Range, drawer microwave, and dishwasher, and have been pleased with each appliance. If you're considering a high-end range, the Monogram line is definitely worth your consideration.

So why not elevate your kitchen with the Monogram range? Upgrade your cooking experience and enjoy the modern aesthetics it brings to your home.