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Top Triple Bunk Beds: Fun and Functional Solutions for Kids' Bedrooms

Are your kids sharing a bedroom or love having slumber parties? Matrix Triple Bunk Beds are the perfect solution for you! Imagine the joy three children can experience while sharing a room with a bunk...

Are your kids sharing a bedroom or love having slumber parties? Matrix Triple Bunk Beds are the perfect solution for you! Imagine the joy three children can experience while sharing a room with a bunk bed that easily accommodates all of them. With customizable options, you can find the perfect triple bunk bed to fit your space and style.

triple corner bunk bed in boys room Triple corner bunk bed in a boys room

Stack Triple Bunk Beds for Shared Rooms

If you prefer all three bunk beds on the same wall, consider the stacked triple bunk bed configuration. Perfect for rooms with higher ceilings, this design offers easy access with two ladders leading to the middle and top bunks. Megan Zietz, a satisfied mom, shared her experience and answered common questions about their bed setup, including bed height and changing bedding.

stacked triple bunk bed Stacked triple bunk bed

Triple Corner Bunk Beds and L-Shaped Designs

For an L-shaped configuration, opt for corner bunk beds. With two ladders or a ladder and staircase arrangement, access to both top beds is a breeze. The Triple Corner Bunk Bed utilizes corner space efficiently, leaving ample floor space in the room. You can even add a study desk or storage underneath the second elevated bed. Customize the design by moving the ladders or adding a staircase entry. These beds not only look spacious but also give you double the square footage.

Triple Corner Bunk Bed with Storage Triple corner bunk bed with storage

The empty space beneath one of the upper beds can be utilized for play or transformed into a study area or storage using Maxtrix dressers and nightstands. All Maxtrix Triple Bunk Beds offer various entry options, including straight ladders, angled ladders, or staircases with storage underneath each step. The Tertiary model, featuring two ladders, is ideal for smaller rooms without the width for a staircase.

medium height corner bunk bed with stairs Medium height corner bunk bed with stairs

Versatile Options for Comfort and Style

Choose between two twin size bunks for the upper beds and a full-size bunk for the lower bed if you desire extra room for guests or cozy bedtime stories. Full-size beds at the bottom are also perfect for vacation homes where extra sleeping space is often needed. This configuration, known as the Triathlon, provides versatility and comfort.

twin over full bunk corner with stairs Twin over full bunk corner with stairs

If you prefer a more traditional look and have occasional use for the third bed, consider a bunk bed with a pullout trundle. This design allows the extra bed to easily slide back in when not in use, providing convenience and flexibility.

bed with pullout trundle Bed with pullout trundle

Quality and Durability Guaranteed

At Maxtrix, we prioritize quality and durability. Our Triple Bunk Beds, like all Maxtrix kids' beds, are made of premium-grade hardwoods such as Maple, Birch, and Aspen. We use only "select grade" wood, ensuring strength and longevity. Unlike lower-grade woods that may yellow, crack, or warp over time, our beds are built to stand the test of time. From a toddler bed to a college dorm, Maxtrix triple bunk beds will follow your child's journey.

loft with desk for college dorm Loft with desk for college dorm

Design Your Dream Triple Bunk Bed

Our friendly team at Matrix is here to assist you in choosing the perfect Triple Bunk Bed for your child's room. Whether for kids or adults, we'll help you find the ideal configuration that suits your needs and preferences. Start the process by completing our Build Your Bed questionnaire or take advantage of our live chat tool. Discover the Matrix line of children's furniture and explore our wide range of unique beds. Begin your shopping journey today!

design team for triple bed Design team for triple bed