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Virgo Season: Bringing Order to the Chaos

This year's Virgo season is here, and it's bringing a dose of order to the end-of-summer chaos. With the transition from carefree summer days to the more buttoned-up fall, coupled with Mercury retrograde in Virgo,...

This year's Virgo season is here, and it's bringing a dose of order to the end-of-summer chaos. With the transition from carefree summer days to the more buttoned-up fall, coupled with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, it's time to clean up our acts and get organized.

When is Virgo season 2023?

Virgo season begins on August 23, the same day that Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo. It lasts until September 23, when the sun shifts into Libra. During this period, we can expect to feel the energy of Virgo, which is all about bringing order to systems, especially after the YOLO energy of Leo season.

Overall mood and energy of Virgo season 2023

Virgo season reflects the grounded and practical nature of the Earth sign. We can enjoy the last wisps of summer while getting organized and returning to routine. It's a time to find balance between fun and play and establish organizational systems that will keep everything running smoothly.

According to astrologer Stephanie Gailing, Virgo season brings a "helpful, patient, and hardworking energy" that motivates us to be practical and efficient. It's an opportunity to check in on our health and revamp old routines that no longer serve us.

Key transits affecting every sign during Virgo season 2023

Planetary movements

Mercury retrograde in Virgo intensifies the need to get our lives together during this season. Mars enters Libra, slowing down our sense of motivation and physical drive. Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, bringing unexpected twists and turns. Venus returns to direct motion, lifting confusion in the realms of love and relationships. Jupiter retrograde creates a positive time for inner growth and manifestation. Finally, Mercury ends its retrograde, allowing us to turn our insights into action.

Lunar transits

Two key lunar movements color Virgo season 2023. The full moon in Pisces brings a healing energy and an opportunity for creativity. The new moon in Virgo offers a fresh start for all zodiac signs, especially after the end of Mercury retrograde.

Which zodiac signs are most affected by Virgo season 2023?

Virgo will naturally feel the energy of their birthday season, reconnecting with themselves. Gemini, as a fellow Mercury-ruled sign, may be especially affected by the retrograde. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces should also pay attention to the changing vibes, as setting boundaries and realistic expectations may be important.

Understanding how Virgo season will affect you, based on your birth chart

The impact of Virgo season varies for every zodiac sign, depending on where Virgo falls in their birth chart. Check not only your sun sign but also your rising sign to get a holistic understanding. Your rising sign determines the specific area of life that Virgo influences for you.

Virgo season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


This season encourages you to take a measured and methodical approach to everyday tasks. Focus on cultivating a healthier lifestyle and reassessing your priorities.


The spotlight is on fun and pleasure for you this Virgo season. Channel Virgo's innovation and systems to set new plans in motion, whether it's starting a new business or pursuing a creative project or romance.


Turn your attention to your home and family. Focus on creating a cozy and organized environment that makes you feel more at home.


Language and communication are highlighted. Think of ways to enhance your ability to learn and share knowledge with others.


Take an incisive look at your finances. Plot out upcoming purchases, rethink spending habits, and check in on your budget.


This is your birthday season, a time for introspection. Craft a plan for your future while celebrating yourself and doing things that feed your spirit.


Focus on creating a calm sanctuary for yourself. Take time for personal healing and transformation, setting boundaries that align with your goals.


This season may have you acting uncharacteristically social. Build and strengthen your community while sharing your unique gifts and skills.


Prioritize your career and reputation. Reflect on your aspirations and goals, and seek support from those who can help you achieve them.


Embrace adventure and exploration. Book a trip, sign up for a class, or attend an event that expands your horizons.


Focus on shared finances and investments. Evaluate what support and resources you need to live your best life.


Pay attention to your relationships. Improve communication and express your needs for independence. Have important conversations and make decisive relationship choices.

Virgo season 2023 is a time to bring order to our lives and find balance in our routines. Utilize the energy of this season to get organized, revamp old habits, and set intentions for the future. Embrace the practical and efficient nature of Virgo, and make the most of this insightful and transformative period.