We Tried It: Noblechairs Epic Series - A Chair of Comfort and Quality

Are you in search of the perfect gaming chair that offers both comfort and quality? Look no further than the Noblechairs Epic Series. In this review, we'll dive into the pros and cons, unpackaging experience,...

Are you in search of the perfect gaming chair that offers both comfort and quality? Look no further than the Noblechairs Epic Series. In this review, we'll dive into the pros and cons, unpackaging experience, assembly process, features, build quality, and overall comfort and ergonomics of this chair.

Unboxing and Packaging

First impressions matter, and the Noblechairs Epic Series doesn't disappoint when it comes to its packaging. The shipping box showcases attention to detail, giving a sense of a company that values craftsmanship. As I opened the container, I was pleased to find everything neatly packaged, ensuring no damage during shipping. The components were securely placed, with each potential break point carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.

Assembly: A Few Bumps Along the Way

While the assembly instructions were better than some I've encountered, they could still use improvement. The absence of words alongside the pictures meant they catered to a wider audience. However, the application of lubricant on the wheel tips made the process a bit messy. Despite these minor issues, attaching the hydraulic piston and wheel base were effortless.

Mounting the seatback onto the chair proved to be a challenge. The misalignment between the two pieces took some time to rectify. Additionally, the manufacturers overlooked drilling a mounting hole on one side, leaving an exposed metal bracket. These quality control issues detract from an otherwise solid chair.

Features: Flexibility and Functionality

The Noblechairs Epic Series offers several noteworthy features. The 4D armrests provide flexibility, allowing movement along every axis and rotating 45 degrees from side to side. While there are many options for vertical height adjustment, aligning them vertically can be a bit tricky.

The chair's backrest reclines to around 135°, providing a comfortable position for watching TV or gaming. However, an oversight in manufacturing causes it to go past vertical, which can be inconvenient during gameplay.

The rocker feature works well, allowing a gentle push back without compromising stability. The headrest pillow, while at a good height, is too firm and may not be suitable for shorter individuals. On the other hand, the lumbar support pillow offers comfort and adjustability, although the weak connections holding it in place may pose a durability issue.

Build Quality: Sturdy and Durable

From a distance, the Noblechairs Epic Series exudes sturdiness. The chair remains creak-free and stable, thanks to its robust metal frame. The synthetic leather design looks and feels great, with no loose threads compromising its quality. However, the plastic wheels are underwhelming, considering the chair's price point.

Comfort and Ergonomics: A Relaxing Experience

When it comes to comfort, the Noblechairs Epic Series excels. The firm padding in the seat and backrest offers a comfortable foundation, while the ergonomic design ensures a pleasant sitting experience. The lumbar support pillow, when in the right position, effectively supports the lower back. However, the headrest pillow's firmness and angle may not suit everyone.

The high-tech synthetic leather keeps you cool, even on warm days. The armrests provide ample comfort, and the chair's overall ergonomics prevent discomfort and aches, even during extended gaming sessions.

Verdict: A Chair with Potential

The Noblechairs Epic Series offers undeniable comfort and quality, making it a great choice for gamers. However, the design flaws in the headrest and lumbar support pillows, along with issues in quality control, are areas that need improvement.

Despite these drawbacks, the chair's overall build and ergonomic features make it worth considering. If Noblechairs addresses these issues, the Epic Series could become a top-tier gaming chair. Until then, it's still a solid option for those seeking comfort and durability.