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Discover the Hidden Gems: Valuable Items in Your Home

Get a headstart on your spring cleaning and earn some money in the process! Whether you're organizing your attic or cleaning out your garage, you might just stumble upon a hidden treasure. We've compiled a...

Get a headstart on your spring cleaning and earn some money in the process! Whether you're organizing your attic or cleaning out your garage, you might just stumble upon a hidden treasure. We've compiled a definitive list of collectible items that could be in your home right now. These valuable finds could be worth a pretty penny! So, before you toss them aside, take a closer look. You never know what you might find!

In the Attic

1. First Edition Books

If you have a stack of old books at home, they might be worth more than you think. Check the copyright pages for any indication of a first edition. Rare and "classic" books like Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, and The Great Gatsby tend to fetch high prices at auctions. The most expensive book ever sold was Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester in 1994 for $53.5 million (adjusted for inflation).

2. Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas ornaments, especially German "kugeln" or hand blown glass balls, can be worth hundreds of dollars. Look for unique shapes, references to pop culture icons, and ornaments from the Biedermeier period for maximum value.

3. Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas trees from the 1960s and 70s are making a comeback as trendy holiday decor. These trees, often with rotating features and music, can fetch $100 to $300 from collectors.

4. Vintage Packaging

Vintage packaging, such as old jars of cold cream or cereal boxes, can be in high demand, especially for popular products or nostalgic messaging. Midcentury and 80s-90s packaging are especially sought after.

5. Vintage Boy Scouts Memorabilia

Complete Boy Scout gear, including uniforms, patches, pins, and documentation, can be valuable to collectors. Look for complete sets of patches from past decades, memorabilia from Boy Scout camps and National Jamborees, and personal documentation like photographs and journals.

6. Morton/Ozark Roadside "Tourist" Pottery

If your grandparents went on road trips across the American Midwest or to the Ozarks, they may have stashed away some Morton and Ozark Roadside pottery. Unique sets of figurines, "spatterware," and pottery with a spiraled glaze can be quite valuable today.

7. Milk Glass Easter Eggs

Antique blown glass Easter eggs from the Victorian era can be sold for over $100. Keep an eye out for intact illustrations, as many have faded over time. Handmade papier-mâché or cardboard eggs from Germany can also be valuable.

8. Vintage Magazines

Fashion magazines from bygone eras, especially issues featuring well-known celebrities or special editions, can be worth a significant profit. Look for magazine advertisements featuring old-timey or still popular products, as these can be sold individually for maximum earnings.

9. Old Documents

Old family documents like letters, autographs, deeds, and bond certificates can have appeal to collectors, especially if they reference important historical figures or events. Even if they don't, the aesthetics of yellowed paper and flourished handwriting in ink can be quite valuable.

10. Old Yearbooks

Old yearbooks, especially those featuring now-famous individuals or signed by celebrities before they became well-known, can be worth hundreds of dollars. Yearbooks of certain literary and historical figures, like former U.S. presidents, are in high demand.

11. Old Photographs

Old black and white photographs, especially those made with older technology like tintypes, ambrotypes, and daguerreotypes, can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Quality, condition, age, and subject matter all play a role in determining their value.

12. Postcards

Vintage postcards, especially those featuring advertisements or sent from faraway and exotic locations, can be quite valuable. Look for pioneer postcards from the American Old West or unique designs that may have been in production for many years.

13. Newspapers

Historic newspapers, especially those featuring important events like presidential elections or major historical figures, can be worth hundreds of dollars. Store your newspapers carefully to ensure they retain their value.

14. Concert/Movie Posters

Posters advertising well-known concerts or famous artists, particularly if they are signed, can be quite valuable. Look for posters from popular classic films or old horror movies, as these tend to be favorites among collectors.

15. Sporting Events Posters & Ticket Stubs

Posters and ticket stubs from historic sporting events, especially those featuring well-known athletes or teams, can be highly sought after by collectors of sports memorabilia. Check your old collections and boxes for any gems!

Around the House

16. Antique Rugs

Large Oriental area rugs or runners with desirable colors and origins can be worth significant amounts of money. Even if they are not in pristine condition, professional cleaning can significantly increase their value. Handwoven wool rugs from the turn of the 20th Century and the 1960s are especially popular among collectors and interior decorators.

17. Stained Glass Lamps

Stained glass lamps, especially those made by well-known manufacturers like Tiffany or Pairpoint, can be highly valuable. Look for lamps with intricate designs and high-quality materials. Be aware of reproductions, as they are often significantly less valuable.

18. Hubley Door Stops

Hubley cast iron door stops, especially those depicting unique figures or characters, can be valuable to collectors. Look for door stops in good condition with intact paint and unique designs.

19. Mid-Century Furniture

Mid-Century furniture, characterized by functionality, sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, and exploration of different materials, is highly sought after by collectors and interior decorators. Look for pieces made by well-known designers or distinctive styles to maximize value.

20. Federal Style Mirrors

Antique Federal style mirrors, particularly those with unique designs and made with high-quality materials, can be valuable to collectors. Look for mirrors with gold leaf frames and intricate details.

21. Artwork

Artwork, especially original works by well-known artists or pieces with historical significance, can be highly valuable. Get the artwork authenticated and appraised to determine its value on the market.

From the Kitchen

22. Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex cookware, especially pieces with unique colors or rare designs, can be quite valuable to collectors. Look for Pyrex with interesting patterns and intact lids for maximum value.

23. Upside-Down Mason Jars

Old upside-down Mason jars