10 Best Interior Designers Websites to Inspire Your Business in 2022

Your business' website is like a shop window to the world, showcasing what kind of business you are and giving visitors a taste of what it's like to work with you. For interior design businesses,...

Your business' website is like a shop window to the world, showcasing what kind of business you are and giving visitors a taste of what it's like to work with you. For interior design businesses, the appearance and feel of your website are crucial. It should reflect your values and outlook, as a potential customer's first impression can make or break their decision to choose you as their interior designer.

In this article, we will explore ten of the best interior designers' websites and analyze why they work and how they look. By examining these inspiring examples, you can assess how well your own interior design website measures up and gain fresh ideas for improvement.

Suzy Hoodless: Vintage Meets Modern

Suzy Hoodless Interior Designers Websites Suzy Hoodless Interior Designers Websites

Suzy Hoodless is a highly-regarded interior design brand in Britain, known for creating spaces that naturally complement the architecture and individuality of their clients. The Suzy Hoodless website beautifully showcases their "vintage meets modern" ethos. It is colorful, confident, and easy to navigate. The eye-catching logo, with its vibrant, retro text, adds an extra touch of uniqueness.

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Luke Edward Hall: Classic Style with a Twist

Luke Edward Hall Luke Edward Hall

Luke Edward Hall is a popular up-and-coming interior designer in the UK. His style is classic, drawing inspiration from history with a unique twist of romanticism. Luke's website may seem a bit unconventional at first, with no obvious next step on the front page. However, once you start exploring, you'll find all the necessary information presented clearly. The handwritten logo adds a nice touch of personality, setting it apart from other designers' choices.

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Martin Kemp Design: Sophistication and Elegance

Martin Kemp Design Martin Kemp Design

Martin Kemp Design specializes in luxury private homes, developments, and superyachts. The website exudes sophistication, matching Martin's stunning designs. The color scheme and layout perfectly complement the grandeur of his creations. The collaboration with Little Halstock, which resulted in a captivating ping pong table, is a must-see on the site.

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Turner Pocock: Elegant and Refined

Turner Pocock Interior Designers Turner Pocock Interior Designers

Turner Pocock's spaces are known for their elegance, refinement, and practicality. These qualities are brilliantly reflected on their website. An animated version of the Turner Pocock logo greets visitors, creating a striking contrast as it moves towards you on a blank screen. The site pays attention to detail, using beautiful, bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations even on the contact page.

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Beata Heuman: Fun and Playful Designs

Beata Heuman Website Beata Heuman Website

Beata Heuman, the "It Girl" of UK interior design, is known for her fun and playful designs that bring rooms to life. Her website reflects her values of creativity, curiosity, and excitement. In addition to her interior design work, Beata launched Shoppa in 2019 to sell her fabrics and products. Created by March, Shoppa perfectly captures her aesthetics.

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Soane Britain: Celebrating Craftsmanship

Soane Britain Soane Britain

Soane Britain stands out with its emphasis on UK craftsmanship and a rich brown color palette. Rather than solely focusing on creations, Soane puts its people in the spotlight and embraces modern communication techniques. An autoplay video on the homepage adds visual interest, providing visitors with a glimpse into the brand. Hand-drawn illustrations and fonts on the product pages further enhance the brand's unique identity.

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Stone Hollond: Classic with a Modern Twist

Stone Hollond Branding Stone Hollond Branding

Stone Hollond, formerly known as Caroline Paterson Interiors, is now run by Josh Stone and Phoebe Hollond. Their striking interiors reflect their love for Italian mid-century flair and the glamorous lines of art deco. The Stone Hollond logo is prominently featured at the top center of the homepage, creating a classic look that sets the company apart. Each individual project has its own distinct page, allowing every space to shine.

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Retrouvius Reclamation & Design: Unique and Eclectic

Retrouvius Retrouvius Reclamation & Design

Retrouvius stands out as a design studio that combines salvaged and reclaimed furniture with residential and commercial interior design. The site's logotype resembles a craft beer brand, showcasing their unconventional approach. Projects are filtered by style, making it easy to navigate and find inspiration. The only drawback is that some of the pictures could be larger to provide a better view of their remarkable work.

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CADA Design: Architectural Style

CADA Design CADA Design

CADA specializes in creating exceptional food halls, restaurants, and stores for clients ranging from Aldi to Fortnum and Mason. Their website has a more corporate style compared to other interior designers, reflecting their target audience. Large images dominate the site, captivating visitors with slideshow movement for added visual interest. The yellow and black brand color palette subtly complements the pages, ensuring a harmonious browsing experience.

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Salvesen Graham: Classic Georgian Style with a Modern Twist

Salvesen Graham Salvesen Graham

Salvesen Graham, a London-based design studio, combines the style of Georgian England with a modern twist. The striking color palette of navy and coral against white space makes the website visually appealing. The contrast between serif and sans serif fonts adds an elegant touch to the titles and body copy. Larger, clickable photos on the interior pages would enhance the user experience, and reducing the number of pop-ups would be beneficial.

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Conclusion: Inspiration for Your Own Interior Design Website

I hope this selection of the best interior designers' websites has provided you with inspiration for your own site. By exploring the unique features and styles of these websites, you can gain insights into what works and what doesn't. At March, we specialize in creating websites for interior design businesses, ensuring your brand stands out and helps your target customers make the right choice for their design needs. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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