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10 of the Best Potting Benches and Trays for Gardening

Are you a gardening enthusiast looking to elevate your potting game? Look no further! We've curated a list of the best potting benches and trays available in the market. From full benches with built-in storage...

Are you a gardening enthusiast looking to elevate your potting game? Look no further! We've curated a list of the best potting benches and trays available in the market. From full benches with built-in storage to convenient table-top trays, we've covered it all. Get ready to take your gardening experience to the next level!

Forest Potting Bench

Forest Potting Bench Image Source: Forest Potting Bench - Keen Gardener and Robert Dyas

This potting bench is a game-changer. With a storage shelf below and a lip around the sides and back, it keeps the compost contained while you work. Made from sustainably sourced FSC-certified wood and pressure-treated for durability, it also comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. Assembling it at home is a breeze.

Dimensions: H108 x W92 x D52cm Price: £78.98

Moreton Potting Bench

Moreton Potting Bench Image Source: Moreton Potting Bench - Garden Trading

If you need extra storage, this potting bench is the perfect choice. Featuring two drawers designed specifically for loose soil, handy hooks for your tools, and a shelf for tubs, watering cans, or additional trays, it's a multitasking marvel. You can even coordinate it with other pieces from the Moreton range for a cohesive shed or workshop setup.

Dimensions: H91 x W89 x D40cm Price: £320

Aldsworth Potting Table

Aldsworth Potting Table Image Source: Aldsworth Potting Table - Garden Trading

Crafted from sustainably sourced, untreated Spruce wood, the Aldsworth potting table is both stylish and practical. It features a galvanized sheet metal worktop for durability, three drawers, and a slatted shelf for versatile storage. With its muted grey wood frame, it would be a seamless addition to any kitchen or gardening space.

Dimensions: H82 x W110 x D40.5cm Price: £315

Rowlinson Potting Station

Rowlinson Potting Station Image Source: Rowlinson Potting Station - Amazon and Robert Dyas

The Rowlinson Potting Station is a true workhorse. Its zinc-coated steel worktop provides a robust surface for all your gardening tasks. Constructed from FSC timber, it features ample upper and lower shelving, along with additional hooks for your gardening essentials. This station guarantees a seamless potting experience.

Dimensions: H162 x W103 x D53cm Price: £244.13

Christow Garden Potting Table Wooden Work Bench with Wheels

Christow Garden Potting Table Image Source: Christow Garden Potting Table Wooden Bench With Wheels - Amazon

Ease of mobility is a priority with this traditional wooden potting bench. Equipped with wheels, it effortlessly moves wherever you need it. The flat plastic work surface is easy to clean, and the removable potting tray keeps the area tidy. With two shelves and a drawer for storage, this bench has it all.

Dimensions: H120 x W97 x D48cm Price: £84.99

Florenity Grigio Potting Table

Florenity Grigio Potting Table Image Source: Florenity Grigio Potting Table - Robert Dyas

Made from 100% FSC Eucalyptus wood, the Florenity Grigio Potting Table is built to withstand outdoor use. It features two levels—a working area with a raised back and sides to prevent spillage, and another level for storage. With a one-year guarantee, this potting table is a reliable addition to your gardening space.

Dimensions: H112 x W70 x D41cm Price: £134.99

Palram Steel Work Bench

Palram Steel Work Bench Image Source: Palram Steel Work Bench - B&Q and A1 Sheds

Designed with practicality in mind, this work bench is made from rust-proof, galvanized steel. The adjustable lower shelf provides excellent headroom for larger items like tall plant pots and watering cans. The raised lip around the sides keeps the compost contained. Say goodbye to messy potting sessions!

Dimensions: H80 x W50 x D114cm Price: £89.99

HomCom Wooden Potting Bench

HomCom Wooden Potting Bench Image Source: HomCom Wooden Potting Bench - Amazon and Robert Dyas

Looking for a stylish potting bench that fits tight spaces? The HomCom Wooden Potting Bench is your answer. With an integrated sink for easy cleanup, a trellis for hanging tools or LED lights, and a chalkboard for notes and lists, this bench covers all the bases. It's a functional and eye-catching addition to your gardening setup.

Dimensions: H119.5 x W92 x D42.5cm Price: £79.99

Two Wests and Elliott Aluminium Potting Tray

Two Wests and Elliott Aluminium Potting Tray Image Source: Two Wests and Elliott Aluminium Potting Tray - Two Wests and Elliott

Transform any existing bench or work surface with this versatile potting tray. Its wide base offers ample workspace, while the sloped sides, high back panel, and raised front lip prevent spillage. Keep your surroundings clean and organized with this easy-to-assemble tray.

Dimensions: H28 x W61 x D53cm Price: £32.45

Tierra Garden Tidy Tray

Tierra Garden Tidy Tray Image Source: Tierra Garden Tidy Tray - Amazon

Looking for a lightweight accessory to keep your gardening tasks tidy? The Tierra Garden Tidy Tray is your answer. With a high back, raised sides, and front, it keeps everything neatly contained. Whether you're working in the garden or bringing tasks indoors, this tray is a must-have.

Dimensions: H20 x W61 x D56cm Price: £12.33

So there you have it—our top picks for potting benches and trays. Upgrade your gardening space with these functional and stylish options. Please note that prices and availability are subject to change. Happy potting!