10 Simple DIY Concrete Bench Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Are you tired of the sky-high price tags on outdoor furniture? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Say goodbye to expensive outdoor luxury furniture and hello to low-cost alternatives. By making your own DIY concrete...

Are you tired of the sky-high price tags on outdoor furniture? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Say goodbye to expensive outdoor luxury furniture and hello to low-cost alternatives. By making your own DIY concrete benches, you can set high standards of visual grace in your patios, gardens, parks, and lawns. Not only will these concrete benches last a long time, but their minimalist designs also make them a smart choice for modern outdoor furniture.

Creating the Perfect Concrete Bench

Making the DIY concrete bench molds may seem tricky, but with a little woodworking experience, it becomes much easier. You have two options: you can either build a solid concrete bench using molds or create separate molds for the legs and bench berths. Both methods have been discussed here, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Opting for a combination of concrete and wood for your bench will not only be beautiful but also practical. Many of these designs come with removable wooden berths, allowing you to customize them according to your preferences. You can finish concrete legs with wooden tops or even pass heavy wooden posts straight through stacked cinder blocks to create quick and lovely concrete benches with armrests. The choice is yours!

Now, let's take a look at 10 easy-to-make DIY concrete bench ideas that will transform your outdoor benches into stunning focal points.

1. DIY Stone Inlay Concrete Bench

DIY Stone Inlay Concrete Bench Image source: familyhandyman

Make a statement with this arched-shaped concrete bench that features a stone inlay. Using plywood molds, you can create the perfect bench with durable concrete block legs. With holes purposely designed in the legs, this bench is built to withstand harsh outdoor weather.

2. How to Make an Easy Concrete Bench

How to Make a Concrete Bench Image source: popularmechanics

Stability is key when it comes to outdoor furniture. Build a concrete outdoor bench that will last for years and handle heavy loads. Although making this bench may seem a bit tricky, once you understand the process and properly use the molds, you'll find it goes smoothly.

3. Make Concrete Garden Bench

Make Concrete Garden Bench Image source: instructables

Create a simple, yet impressive, solid block-style garden bench. Construct a U-shape wood mold, fill it with concrete, and smooth the surfaces using concrete leveling tools. After allowing the bench to dry, you'll have a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

4. DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench

DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench Image source: homemade-modern

Combine the stability of concrete blocks with the warmth of wood to create a smart seating solution. Stack concrete blocks to build the bench legs, and then assemble a bench berth using square wooden posts. This design is perfect for seating around an outdoor fire-pit.

5. Modern DIY Concrete and Redwood Bench

Modern DIY Concrete and Redwood Bench Image source: remodelaholic

Add style and comfort to your patio with this sleek concrete and redwood bench. Build slim concrete blocks with a raised bud in the center as the durable legs. Then, arrange solid wood planks to create the bench berth. Your guests and family members will love this inviting seating option.

6. Adorable DIY Concrete Block Bench

DIY Concrete Block Bench Image source: retail.usa.sika

Jump on the trend of building durable outdoor benches using concrete blocks and wooden planks. This design even includes a backrest, making it a favorite among outdoor lovers. Simply stack cinder blocks, pass square wooden beams through them, and voila! You have an outdoor bench that will be loved by all.

7. Build Concrete Bench for Backyard

Concrete Bench for Backyard Image source: bhg

Looking for stylish seating options for your backyard? This concrete bench with a durable wood beam berth is the solution. Build concrete blocks using plywood or MDF molds, and then position wooden beams on top. This will give you a sleek and sturdy backyard bench design.

8. DIY Chevron Inspired Concrete Bench

DIY Chevron Inspired Concrete Bench Image source: thegardenfrog

If you're a fan of the chevron effect, why not bring it to your outdoor space? Build a chevron concrete bench using a mold made of wooden boards. This stunning design will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor area.

9. How to Make Concrete Garden Bench

How to Make Concrete Garden Bench Image source: traditionaloven

This homemade concrete bench features beautiful curved designs that provide extra comfort. Create the legs and berth separately using custom wooden molds. Building the molds may be a bit tricky, but with patience and attention to detail, you'll achieve the desired result.

10. Concrete Bench Perfect for Backyard

Outdoor Concrete Bench Image source: remodeling

For a cost-efficient seating option, build two concrete blocks with a small distance between them in your backyard. Use them as bench legs and then place a flat wooden bench berth on top. This is another creative and stylish concrete bench idea.

Now that you have these 10 simple DIY concrete bench ideas, it's time to get started on your outdoor upgrade. Choose the design that best suits your space and unleash your creativity. Transform your outdoor area into a stunning oasis with these budget-friendly and durable concrete benches. Happy crafting!