10 Top Transitional Interior Design Must-Haves for the Perfect Home

Our homes are constantly evolving, reflecting our changing tastes and styles. But there's a unique design approach that embraces this ever-shifting nature. It's called transitional interior design, where the past and present seamlessly come together...

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Our homes are constantly evolving, reflecting our changing tastes and styles. But there's a unique design approach that embraces this ever-shifting nature. It's called transitional interior design, where the past and present seamlessly come together in a harmonious blend. If you find yourself torn between classic and contemporary styles, then read on! We've compiled a list of the top ten must-haves for creating the perfect transitional style home.

What is Transitional Interior Design?

neutral transitional interior design style Transitional living room design by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

Transitional interiors represent a fusion of traditional and modern design elements. This unique style offers the freedom to mix and match various decor pieces, resulting in a cohesive and personalized design. What sets transitional design apart is its ability to evolve with the times. It originated in the 1950s as a response to the more defined and distinct modern and mid-century modern styles. Transitional homes of the 20th century provided a refreshing alternative for those seeking a luxurious and comfortable style. Today, transitional design remains a timeless classic.

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1. Pick a Neutral Color Scheme

transitional interior design neutral color scheme Transitional style living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Mariko K

Neutral colors play a significant role in transitional style homes. Shades of grey, sand, and white add a touch of elegance and tradition to the interiors. However, don't be afraid to experiment with bold, dark colors like midnight blue, charcoal, and black to infuse a more masculine touch into your transitional decor.

2. Transitional Decorating Style Must Have: Colorful Accessories

transitional interior design style classic Transitional style living room by Decorilla Designer, Corine M.

Despite the traditional neutral foundation, transitional design allows for creativity with colorful accessories. Add pops of color through curtains, scatters, and decor pieces. In bedrooms, opt for bedding with vibrant hues. And if your budget allows, consider reupholstering your favorite furniture pieces with bold and bright colors.

3. Transitional House Decor: Cushions Galore

transitional white formal living room with traditional seating and geometric patterned scatter cushions Transitional Interior Design by Decorilla designer, Corine M.

Embrace the maximalist trend by incorporating numerous cushions into your transitional living room design. Scatter cushions with contemporary prints or patterns can bring vibrancy to your space. Don't be afraid to mix and match different cushion styles and sizes to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

4. Transitional Interior Design Furniture

transitional interior design classic contemporary Transitional home design by Decorilla designer, Natalie A.

Transitional furniture strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary design. It involves giving a modern makeover to classic furniture pieces, resulting in a streamlined and sophisticated look. The key distinction between traditional and transitional styles lies in their blend of contemporary and traditional features.

5. Transitional Decorating Style Lighting

transitional interior design help Transitional designs by Decorilla interior designer Joao A. (left) and Riddhi M. (right)

Lighting plays a crucial role in transitioning from traditional to contemporary interiors. Contemporary fixtures add an exciting touch to transitional decor, creating a focal point in the room. Consider incorporating a contemporary chandelier or an eye-catching molecular light to transform your space.

6. Metallic Accents in Transitional Interior Design


Metallic elements seamlessly blend with all styles of home decor, including transitional design. Incorporate gold, bronze, or copper accents through side tables, lighting fixtures, and accessories. You can choose one metal finish or mix different metals for a trendy and contemporary look.

7. Add Carpet for Texture

transitional interior design carpet rug Bedroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Joseph G.

Rugs are an integral part of transitional interior design. They add a touch of luxury, provide warmth underfoot, and anchor furniture in a room. Opt for plush cut-pile area rugs in neutral colors to complement the overall design. Alternatively, you can add texture and pattern with traditional woven or knotted carpets.

8. Traditional Statement Piece

transitional style decor Classic interior design by Decorilla designer, Peti L.

Look for striking furniture or decor items in your attic or browse antique stores for traditional pieces that can become the focal point of your transitional room. Whether it's a vintage dresser, mirror, or table, incorporating a traditional statement piece adds character and charm. Consider giving these pieces a fresh look through reupholstery, paint, or wax to highlight their features.

9. Contemporary Art for Transitional Interiors

transitional dining interior with contemporary art and classic furniture Design by Decorilla interior designer, Catz D.

Accents play a crucial role in transitioning from traditional to transitional or contemporary interiors. Consider selecting your favorite contemporary artwork to create a striking focal point in your space. Remember to maintain a minimalist approach to avoid overwhelming the design.

10. Tried-and-Trusted Woody Favorites

transitional kitchen design online Transitional kitchen design by Decorilla interior designer, Natalie A.

Wood furniture has always been a staple in traditional homes, and it's making a comeback in transitional interiors. Incorporate large wooden pieces like dining tables, dressers, or bookends to celebrate the craftsmanship and create a grounding presence in your space.

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