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11 Expert Feng Shui Tips for Your Home: Year of The Dragon Edition

In the realm of Feng Shui, the Year of the Wood Dragon beckons us with promises of renewal and optimistic vibes. A symbol of strength, courage, and good fortune in Chinese culture, we can harness...

In the realm of Feng Shui, the Year of the Wood Dragon beckons us with promises of renewal and optimistic vibes. A symbol of strength, courage, and good fortune in Chinese culture, we can harness the auspicious energy to create a harmonious space as we enter the year of the dragon.

Let’s dive into exclusive insights from Dato Joey Yap on Feng Shui tips for your living space. Whether you’re just moving into your new home or looking to usher in prosperity and wealth this year, keep reading!

Significance of the Dragon Year

Feng Shui is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and aims to create balance and harmony in our living spaces (among many other aspects).

“In its essence, Feng Shui revolves around the concept of being in the right place at the right time,” says Joey Yap. “It is a discipline within Chinese Metaphysics that taps into the natural energies of the environment known as chi or ‘Qi’ and can significantly impact our lives.”

Now, when we talk about the Year of the Wood Dragon, we unlock a treasure trove of auspicious vibes. The dragon, an animal from the Chinese zodiac, is often associated with power, good fortune, and vitality.

This means the dragon's dynamic and potent energy takes center stage, influencing the overall energy flow in our homes.

Embracing Feng Shui principles during the Year of the Dragon allows us to tap into this vibrant force, creating a living space that not only looks good but resonates with positive chi.

Understanding the Flying Star chart

“Feng Shui is like a cosmic chessboard where your living space is divided into nine zones, creating a Qi energy grid,” says Joey.

“These stars are like cosmic nomads, flying around each year, which is why we call them the ‘Nine Flying Stars.’ One year they’re radiating positive vibes, and the next, whoosh, they might switch to a less-than-happy mood!” he quips.

That’s why it’s important to plan your home according to this chart. This can help you unlock the possibilities of Feng Shui and harness positive Qi.

For the 2024 Dragon Year, here’s Joey’s Flying Star chart:

A Flying Star chart for 2024 that follows compass directions. Remember to align this chart correctly according to the right directions in your home. Picture credits: Joey Yap Private Limited

Feng Shui tips for your home 2024

In Feng Shui, certain areas of the home are considered essential as they represent different aspects of life, and harmonizing these spaces is believed to bring balance and positive energy.

According to Joey, there are a few essential areas of the home: the bedroom, home office, living room, entryway, kitchen, and balcony.

Here are some Feng Shui tips about each area of your home so you can enhance your living space!

Living room: The heart of the home

The living room is where you spend lots of time with family and friends, making memories and having cherished conversations. So, when it comes to living room Feng Shui, it’s considered the heart of your home and represents the collective energy in the household.

Arrange furniture in the ‘commanding position’

In Feng Shui, there’s a concept of the ‘commanding position’ for furniture that is rooted in the idea of creating a space that promotes a sense of control, security, and awareness.

Here’s what an ideal living room layout looks like according to Feng Shui:

An illustration of an ideal living room layout according to Feng Shui. An ideal Feng Shui living room layout.

Arrange the main seating, such as sofas and chairs, so that they face the main entrance of your home. Ideally, individuals seated in these areas should have a direct line of sight to the main door. This positioning allows for a clear and unobstructed view of anyone entering the room, fostering a sense of awareness and preparedness.

An L-shape sectional sofa and two armchairs atop a large rug in the living room. @nbinteriors.decor ensures a well-balanced living room. Pictured: The Adams L-shape Sectional Sofa.

Also, it’s recommended to avoid placing furniture in a way that obstructs pathways or creates a cramped atmosphere to allow Qi to circulate freely.

Allow natural light and ventilation

The emphasis on natural light and ventilation in Feng Shui is grounded in the belief that the quality of the environment significantly influences the flow of energy within a space.

Furthermore, Feng Shui is all about balance (Yin and Yang). Natural light brings Yang energy into the living room, associated with brightness, warmth, and activity. Adequate ventilation contributes to the Yang energy by keeping the air fresh and dynamic. This combination creates a harmonious balance in your living room.

A person sitting on a round chaise sofa in the living room. @weecheryl ensures a bright and airy space in the living room. Pictured: The Hamilton Round Chaise Sectional Sofa, Sacha Performance Bouclé Armchair, Peri Coffee Table, and Desi Wool Area Rug.

Opt for sheer curtains that allow natural light to filter into the living room. You can also place mirrors strategically to reflect natural light into darker areas of the living room. Mirrors can enhance the brightness and create the illusion of more space.

Entryway: The gateway to serene living and abundant blessings

“The front entryway serves as the primary gateway to your residence, serving as the primary conduit for Qi energy to enter your home,” says Joey.

“It is undoubtedly the most frequently accessed area of your home and holds significant importance in Feng Shui principles.”

Focus on door alignment

Joey emphasizes the importance of the orientation and location of the front door for promoting positive energy flow and preventing the influence of negative energies.

Placing the front door in a favorable sector implies positioning it in an area associated with positive influences and energies, such as wealth, health, or relationships. So, depending on the specific aspirations or energies you want to enhance in different sectors of your life, the front door orientation may differ.

“If your front door faces the north sector, it is believed to attract prosperity, financial opportunities, and abundance into the home. Doors facing the northeast are considered favorable for career growth, opportunities, and personal development,” he shares.

Declutter the entryway

The entryway should be free of clutter to allow Qi energy to flow smoothly into your home. To do so, it’s recommended to create a clear and welcoming path to the front door.

Remove any obstacles and excess furniture to prevent stagnant or blocked energy at the entryway. Keep shoes and footwear neatly organized in sideboards or cabinets and avoid blocking the entryway with large pieces of furniture.

A living room with a gray sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. @sureenfoo ensures a clear pathway to the main entrance of her home. Pictured: The Hamilton Sofa.

A well-defined pathway allows energy to flow smoothly and invites positive influences into your home.

Bedroom: Embrace restful harmony

The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in our home where we spend a significant amount of time in.

“Applying Feng Shui principles to the bedroom can allow the space to serve as a sanctuary to unwind after demanding workdays,” he says.

Consider the bed’s placement

The placement of your bed is one of the most important factors when it comes to Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Joey recommends positioning the bed with a clear view of the bedroom door while ensuring it is not directly in line with the door. This ‘command position’ provides a sense of security and allows you to see opportunities and challenges with clarity.

The Joseph Bed Set in the bedroom designed by @nobleidesign does not directly face the door.

“It is also advisable to position the bed’s headboard against a sturdy surface, such as a wall,” says Joey. Placing the bed against a wall can also provide a sense of security and support. Feeling secure and in control while you sleep contributes to a more relaxed sleep experience.

Maintain an ideal bedroom layout

Other than the bed positioning, the rest of the furniture in your room should be assembled according to an ideal bedroom layout.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach as it is dependent on the available space and original layout of your home, here’s what an ideal bedroom looks like:

An illustration of what an ideal bedroom layout looks like. An ideal bedroom layout in terms of Feng Shui.

If possible, you want to maintain adequate space around your bed to allow Qi to flow freely around the bed.

It is also highly recommended to place nightstands on each side of the bed as they help to anchor the energy of the bed to the surrounding environment. Aesthetics-wise, it creates a more balanced and cohesive look in the bedroom. Additionally, the extra surface and storage space means you can store bedtime essentials!

Introduce other Feng Shui elements

“The presence of additional Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal elements can maintain balance in the bedroom.” As each Feng Shui element is associated with specific energies and attributes, having these elements helps to achieve a balance of the energies present in the space.

“As this is the year of the Wood Dragon, the dominant element is Wood. So, incorporate more Wood elements to enhance this energy.” Joey recommends introducing wooden furniture like bed frames, storage units, or shelves in your space.

A bed in a bright coral sheet and a wooden bedside table decorated with a lamp and a vase. The Seb Nightstand is made from solid acacia wood. Picture credits: @sarah.amos.interiors

However, avoid placing the Water element in the room like water fountains. While water is a symbol of abundance and wealth, it should be kept out of the bedroom as it is believed to wash away any warmth.

Home office: Where ambitions and dreams take flight

“Your home office is the realm where you invest your time sculpting ideas, pioneering innovations, and devising strategies,” says Joey.

“As the Dragon Year is filled with opportunities and challenges alike when it comes to career, it’s imperative for this dedicated room to reside in an auspicious sector and have good Feng Shui.”

Place your desk in the center

Just like the bed, your work desk should be placed in a ‘commanding position’. This means that the desk should be facing the entrance of the room and in the center, with a clear view of the door.

This visual control is significant in Feng Shui as it represents a metaphorical control over your surroundings. Being able to see the door from your desk gives you a sense of awareness and preparedness.

Similar to how you’d want to place your bed against a wall in terms of Feng Shui, the same applies to your desk as well. This provides a grounding effect and a sense of stability.

A person sitting on an armchair writing at their wooden desk. @koshimbetova places the Seb Desk against a wall, which provides grounding and stability.

Have an organized workstation

A cluttered and disorganized workstation can contribute to stress and distraction. When there's too much visual clutter, it may overwhelm the mind and create a sense of chaos.

That said, it’s recommended to maintain an organized space to help reduce stress, allowing for increased focus and productivity.

Use storage solutions like filing cabinets, shelves, storage bins, or drawers to keep your desk tidy and ensure that everything has its designated place.

A person sitting at their matching wooden desk and chair set. The Seb Desk in @babybushwhacked’s home comes with storage compartments so you can store things out of sight. Also pictured: The Seb Chair.

Kitchen: The epicenter of home life

The kitchen is considered a vital area as it is associated with nourishment, health, and prosperity.

“Having a disharmonious layout in the kitchen risks fiery clashes and watery conflicts,” warns Joey.

Position the stove and sink wisely

“When dissecting the kitchen’s Feng Shui, it’s crucial to focus on the strategic placement of the stove and sink. The stove embodies the element of Fire, while the sink symbolizes Water, and their positioning significantly influences the harmony within your space.”

Ensure that the stove knobs face an auspicious direction, such as having it in a clear line of sight of the kitchen entrance. This symbolizes the cook's ability to see and be aware of what is happening in the kitchen and, by extension, in the home.

The stove and sink are considered conflicting elements, as fire and water are opposing forces, so avoid positioning the stove directly opposite the sink to prevent conflicting energies. If possible, leave about 3 feet of counter space between the stove and sink.

An open-concept kitchen with a walnut wood dining table. @home_choolee’s open-concept kitchen breathes airiness into the space. Pictured: The Vincent Dining Table in Walnut.

Also, if you have a bathroom in or near the kitchen, avoid facing the stove towards it. In Feng Shui, it is very inauspicious to do so since the bathroom is usually associated with waste and germs.

Balcony: Embrace serenity on your perch of peace

Balconies or patios serve as the secondary Qi channel and can cast their influence on the overall harmony of your space.

“Much like the main door, they play a crucial role in determining the auspiciousness of your dwelling’s orientation, which in turn affects the influx of positive Qi energy,” says Joey.

Choose an outdoor space that faces a favorable sector

This would only apply if you’re looking for a new home or designing your own space, but Joey recommends that you find a home that faces a propitious sector of the Flying Star chart.

A living room with its doors open to a balcony. @thethree.house creates a beautiful extension of their home on the balcony. Pictured: The Hamilton Round Chaise Sectional Sofa.

For example, if you step out onto the balcony and you’re facing the north, this is ideal if you want to grow your wealth and prosperity. Depending on your intentions and goals, refer to the chart to choose a balcony ideal for you!

As we navigate the Year of the Dragon in 2024, the ancient art of Feng Shui can guide you in harnessing the positive energy in your home. From the welcoming embrace of the front entryway to the intimate spaces of the bedroom and home office, each area holds the potential to harness auspicious Qi and ward off negative energies.

In the spirit of continuous transformation, how will you infuse the power of the dragon into your living space this year?