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11 Eye-Catching 2-Floor House Designs: From Cozy Homes to Regal Mansions

If you're considering building a two-storey house but don't know where to start, look no further. The possibilities for designing a 2-floor house are endless, offering versatility, creativity, and ample space for homeowners. Whether you...

If you're considering building a two-storey house but don't know where to start, look no further. The possibilities for designing a 2-floor house are endless, offering versatility, creativity, and ample space for homeowners. Whether you prefer a simple and cozy home or a grand and regal mansion, there are options to suit every taste and budget.

Stacks with a Pop of Colour

two-storey house If you're working with a smaller land area, the "stacking" approach is ideal. This design focuses on "building up," utilizing square shapes and rooms upon rooms. The clever use of space and the pop of yellow color make a bold statement. With strategically placed balconies and clever natural lighting, this modern millennial home is perfect for a small family.

An Elongated Duplex

elongated duplex This unique architecture gives the illusion of an elongated single-storey house. The long pillars with outward arches exude opulence, and the contrast fittings for lights make a bold statement. If you want a house that stands out, this is the one. The 2-floor house plan can be customized to your liking, and options like marble covers or concrete driveways offer low maintenance.

A Suburban Dream House

suburban 2-floor house design This suburban 2-floor house design exudes charm and feels like the home of a happy family. With cane furniture on the patio and a swing, it's perfect for sipping iced tea on a summer evening while the kids play on the lawn. Winter evenings can be spent by the fireplace, surrounded by trees. It's a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rustic Stack with Balcony

rustic stack with balcony This intelligent design maximizes utility by replicating the same floor plan for both storeys. The exposed brick exterior gives it a rustic charm, and the front balcony and wrought iron staircase offer an open view of the neighborhood. The contrast of black doors and white windows adds personality and character to the house. Adding potted plants can soften the metallic look of the exterior.

Picturesque Country Cottage

picturesque country cottage If you're looking for a picture-perfect home, this is it. Imagine spending winter evenings by the fireplace, cooking vegetables from your own kitchen garden. The flower bushes and white windows brighten up this 2-floor house design. Slanting roofs prevent rainwater from collecting, and the design offers a view of the garden from every room.

Boxy Tetris Stacks

boxy tetris stacks This design showcases intelligent use of space, with the plot being wide instead of long. The elevated balcony on the first floor offers more open space and a shaded area next to the pool. The rectangular pool design and glass windows and doors create a feeling of openness. Consider a small kitchen garden in the same area if a pool is not your thing.

Old School Bungalow

old school bungalow Nostalgic for your childhood home? Consider retaining the design or recreating it as closely as possible. The bougainvillea trees in the garden and creeper plants on the side of the house add an old-school charm. Combine the old-school exterior with ultra-modern interiors for a unique contrast.

Regal Country Home

regal country home Extravagance at its finest! If you have a large plot of land in the countryside, why not go all out with a regal country home? This 2-floor design can accommodate up to 6 bedrooms, each with separate bathrooms. It's perfect for family gatherings and can even be used as an Airbnb when not in use. Design the interiors to your liking, but keep in mind the daily maintenance required to retain its glory.

Modern Hill Top Mansion

modern hill top mansion Functional, modern, and intelligently designed, this mansion embodies luxury. With a modular kitchen, motion sensor lighting, and soundproof glass doors and windows, it's a personal haven away from the city. The well-maintained garden adds to the ambiance, and the dining area roof can be used as a pool or a large terrace for entertaining guests. The hilltop location offers breathtaking views.

Cosy Family Home

cosy family home This design is perfect for both the countryside and busy suburbs. The slats on the roof let rainwater slide down instead of pooling, reducing the need for cleaning and repairs. The white exteriors give a softer look to the overall home. With up to three small bedrooms, it's ideal for a cozy family.

Compact, Modern Home

compact modern home Contemporary architecture maximizes available space, as seen in this ultra-modern 2-floor home. The wood and cement finish on the entrance and living room create a cohesive theme. Entertain guests on the ground floor and enjoy privacy on the first floor. The elevation above the front door can be used as a small balcony to add an open feeling to the bedroom.

Advantages of a 2-Floor House Design

advantages of a 2-floor house Here are a few reasons to consider a 2-floor house design:

  • More economical to build, requiring less investment during construction.
  • Promising investment for the future, as the value of the house increases over time.
  • Ideal for small plots, as it allows for additional living space without adding depth or breadth.
  • Offers a better view and makes your house stand out from the street.
  • Provides space division for privacy, allowing for customized layouts.

Final Thoughts

two-storey house plans Building a new house is a significant endeavor, so it's crucial to consider all options. A two-storey house design offers practicality and versatility, making it attractive to people with various budgets. HomeLane has a unique range of 2-floor house design suggestions to help you create your dream home.


1. What Do You Call a House with 2 Levels?

A house with 2 levels or floors is known as a two-storey house or a duplex house. The main level usually features areas like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, while the second floor is reserved for additional bedrooms and exclusive areas.

2. What Type of Home Is a 2-Storey House?

A 2-storey house can be a main residence or a vacation home. It can be posh or modest, depending on the homeowner's preference. These houses can be constructed in various locations, from cities to villages, offering modern features and functionality.

3. What Makes a House a Two-Storey House?

A house is considered a two-storey house when the levels are connected internally via a staircase, creating a single, integrated living unit. Common areas like the living room and kitchen are usually on the ground floor, while bedrooms are on the first floor. Some houses may have an additional living room on the first floor.