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12 Japanese Style Bed Frames that Redefine Minimalist Design

If you're a fan of Japanese-inspired minimalist design and looking to buy a bed frame that reflects that style, you've come to the right place. In this article, we have curated a collection of our...

If you're a fan of Japanese-inspired minimalist design and looking to buy a bed frame that reflects that style, you've come to the right place. In this article, we have curated a collection of our favorite Japanese style bed frames for you to choose from. Japanese bed frames are known for their low-to-the-ground profile and minimalist design, influenced by the Japanese penchant for simplicity and innovation in interior design. Ranging from twin to king sizes, these bed frames are available in various dimensions to suit your needs.

best-japanese-bed-frames Caption: Embrace minimalist Japanese design with these stunning bed frames.

What Makes a Bed Frame "Japanese"?

Japanese bed frames come in various styles to cater to different needs. Given the limited living space in Japan, bedrooms often serve as multi-functional areas during the day. As a result, Japanese bed frames are either minimalist in design or foldable for easy storage or dual functionality.

Exploring the Different Types of Japanese Bed Frames

With their flair for functional design, the Japanese have inspired and invented a range of bed and furniture styles used worldwide. Whether you're in the market for a tatami bed, a futon that doubles as a couch, or a low-sitting minimalist bed, you can trace their origins back to Japanese innovation.

  • Low Minimalist Platform Bed: These beds are incredibly popular in the world of furniture design. With their modern and clean lines, the low minimalist platform beds perfectly embody the essence of Japanese style.

  • Futon Frame: Futons are versatile and can be converted from a couch to a bed and vice versa. They are ideal for bedrooms that double as living or seating areas. Originating from Japan, futons have gained popularity worldwide and are often more comfortable than traditional pullout couches.

  • Tatami Bed Frame: These beds are designed to hold tatami mats, which are traditional Japanese flooring mats. Instead of a thick mattress, the Japanese prefer a simpler and firmer sleeping surface. Tatami beds are perfect for those who are accustomed to sleeping on the floor.

tatami-walnut-bed Caption: Classic Japanese Tatami Bed - Solid and low to the ground.

12 Japanese Style Bed Frames We Absolutely Love

Here are our top 12 Japanese style bed frames that combine functionality, elegance, and simplicity:

  1. The Bed by Floyd

    • Customers love: Low sitting, minimalist modern design. Snaps together, no hardware needed.
    • Price: Starting from $795
  2. Mid-Century Platform Bed by Avocado

    • Customers love: Heavy-duty solid wood frame. All natural materials. No tools required.
    • Price: Starting from $1899
  3. Tatami Walnut Bed by The Futon Shop

    • Customers love: Classic Japanese Tatami Bed. Solid and low to the ground. Includes tatami mats.
    • Price: Starting from $711
  4. The Minimalist Steel Bed Frame by Keetsa

    • Customers love: Minimalist design. Holds over 2000lbs. Variety of finishes available.
    • Price: Starting from $290
  5. The Malibu Platform Bed by Avocado

    • Customers love: Solid wood. Low-minimalist design.
    • Price: Starting from $999
  6. The Platform Bed by Birchboards

    • Customers love: A sturdy wood frame made of solid maple.
    • Price: Starting from $450
  7. 6″ Suzanne Platform Bed By Zinus

    • Customers love: Beautiful simple design and affordable.
  8. 14″ Justina Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

    • Customers love: Great price for the quality.
  9. Platforma 6″ Low Profile Platform Bed Frame

    • Customers love: Fits my California King mattress perfectly.
  10. Stella Low Profile Platform Bed - InStyle Furnishings

    • Customers love: Simple design with thick supportive bed slats.
  11. The Bed Frame by Birch

    • Customers love: Simple natural design. Easily snaps together without tools.
    • Price: Starting from $499
  12. The City Bed by Avocado

    • Customers love: Classic natural wood bed frame. Affordable and easy snap-together assembly.
    • Price: Starting from $645

Embracing the Japanese Bed Frame Experience

Does Japan Use Bed Frames?

While some Japanese people have started adopting Western-style mattresses and bed frames, the majority still embrace traditional sleeping arrangements. They sleep on thin mattresses placed on tatami mats—compressed straw mats that offer excellent back support and muscle relief. During the day, the tatami mats and mattresses are rolled up, allowing the bedroom to serve multiple purposes.

Do the Japanese Still Sleep on the Floor?

Yes, sleeping on a tatami mat with a thin mattress remains deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The firm surface of the tatami mat is believed to be beneficial for the body, providing a simple and comfortable way to sleep.

Can I Use a Japanese Futon on a Bed Frame?

Absolutely! Japanese futons can be used on low platform beds instead of tatami mats. A platform bed with slats provides the necessary support for your futon mattress while keeping the bed at an optimal height for air circulation.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Japanese Bed Frame

Japanese bed frames offer several advantages:

  • Improved Air Circulation: Sleeping closer to the ground allows for better air circulation, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable sleep. Cold air tends to settle near the ground, making low bed frames ideal for a restful slumber.

  • Enhanced Support: Traditional Japanese beds, comprising a thin mattress and a tatami mat, provide excellent support for the spine and back. This minimalist approach to design is also believed to alleviate muscle tension.

  • Simplicity and Minimalism: Japanese bed frames focus on simplicity and minimalism, creating a serene and clutter-free bedroom environment. With their clean lines and compact design, these frames optimize space utilization.

Do Japanese Beds Require a Box Spring?

Most Japanese-inspired bed frames do not require a separate box spring. Instead, they feature built-in bed slats that eliminate the need for additional support. Placing your mattress or futon directly on the slats enhances the minimalist design and keeps the bed at a lower height.

Dispose of Your Old Bed Set

If you're purchasing a new bed frame, chances are you'll need to get rid of your old one. Many online companies now offer mattress and bed set removal and recycling services. At A Bedder World, we have recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick-up online and leave your items outside by 8 am. We'll take care of the rest!

In conclusion, the market offers a wide range of Japanese style bed frames to suit different budgets and preferences. Consider the price range and longevity of the bed frame before making your decision. Remember, quality often correlates with price. Rest assured, all the recommendations in this article come from reputable companies that have established credibility in the industry.