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12 Spiritual Meanings of Native American Zodiac

If you're fascinated by astrology and regularly check your horoscope for insights into the future, you'll be intrigued by Native American zodiac signs and what they reveal about you and your friends. In this article,...

If you're fascinated by astrology and regularly check your horoscope for insights into the future, you'll be intrigued by Native American zodiac signs and what they reveal about you and your friends. In this article, we will explore the origins of Native American zodiac signs, their spiritual meanings, and how you can incorporate them into your spiritual life for guidance.

What is the Western Zodiac and Where Did it Originate?

Before delving into Native American zodiac signs, let's take a moment to discuss the Western zodiac and its origins. Thousands of years ago, civilizations such as the Hindus, the Chinese, and the Mayans believed that the stars and their movements could provide insight into events on Earth. The Western system of astrology traces back to Mesopotamia, dating back to the 19th to 17th centuries BCE. Over the centuries, it evolved and became the system we know today, using the date and location of birth to create personalized horoscopes.

Did Native American Tribes Have Their Own Zodiac Signs?

It's important to note that Native American tribes had diverse beliefs and mythologies. While it's tempting to assume they shared a unified system of astrology, this is not the case. Each tribe had its own unique traditions and spiritual practices. Consequently, there was no standard "Native American zodiac" or a set of signs akin to the Western zodiac's 12 signs.

Sun Bear and "Pan-Indian Astrology"

In the 20th century, a man named Sun Bear (also known as Vincent LaDuke), who had Ojibwe ancestry, aimed to unite various Native American traditions into a "pan-Indian" belief system. One of the central aspects was the concept of the "Medicine Wheel," which blended Western zodiac concepts with Native American symbols and ideas. While Sun Bear's work sparked controversy and accusations of cultural appropriation, some individuals believe it expanded our understanding of the universe and our connection to the spirit realm.

The Medicine Wheel

According to Sun Bear's teachings, the year is divided into four "spirits" corresponding to the seasons: the North Spirit (Winter), South Spirit (Summer), East Spirit (Spring), and West Spirit (Fall). Each spirit is further divided into "moons," equivalent to months in the Western calendar. Native American animal signs are then associated with the 12 Western zodiac signs, providing additional insights into individuals' characteristics.

Exploring the 12 Spiritual Meanings

Now, let's delve into the 12 Native American animal signs and their spiritual meanings:

1. Red Hawk - Aries (March 21-April 19)

  • Energy: Dynamic, forward-looking
  • Direction: East
  • Element: Fire
  • Stone: Opal

Red Hawks are powerful personalities with clear vision and quick decision-making skills. They are natural leaders but can at times be intense or overbearing.

2. Beaver - Taurus (April 20-May 20)

  • Energy: Sensual, aesthetic
  • Direction: East
  • Element: Earth
  • Stone: Jasper

Beavers are known for their industriousness and determination. They are resourceful individuals who work hard to achieve their long-term goals.

3. Deer - Gemini (May 21-June 20)

  • Energy: Attentive, cautious
  • Direction: East
  • Element: Air
  • Stone: Agate

Deer individuals are intelligent and reserved, with great communication skills. They excel at bringing people together but can be capricious or indecisive.

Deer - Gemini - May 21-June 20

4. Woodpecker - Cancer (June 21-July 22)

  • Energy: Homely, caring
  • Direction: South
  • Element: Water
  • Stone: Rose quartz

Woodpeckers are known for their strong homemaker instincts and dedication to family. They are tenacious and devoted, but their care can sometimes become overprotective.

5. Salmon - Leo (July 23-August 22)

  • Energy: Powerful, desirable
  • Direction: South and southwest
  • Element: Fire and water
  • Stone: Carnelian

Salmon individuals possess a strong sense of purpose and pursue their goals with enthusiasm. Their determination can sometimes come across as self-obsessed or egotistical.

6. Brown Bear - Virgo (August 23-September 22)

  • Energy: Planning, strict
  • Direction: West
  • Element: Water and earth
  • Stone: Topaz

Brown Bears are level-headed individuals who enjoy solving challenges. They provide excellent advice but may take their time in formulating responses. They value personal space and can appear lazy.

7. Raven - Libra (September 23-October 22)

  • Energy: Balanced, fair
  • Direction: West
  • Element: Air
  • Stone: Azurite

Ravens are wise and diplomatic individuals who excel at resolving disputes. While motivated by material wealth, they may struggle with indecisiveness at critical moments.

8. Snake - Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

  • Energy: Devoted, erotic
  • Direction: Northwest
  • Element: Water
  • Stone: Copper

Snakes are secretive yet empathetic listeners. Individuals born under this sign often possess healing powers and can be deeply connected to the spirit realm.

Snake - Scorpio - October 23-November 21

9. Owl - Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

  • Energy: Spirituality, searching
  • Direction: Northwest
  • Element: Fire
  • Stone: Obsidian

Owls are wise and relentless seekers of knowledge and truth. They can be direct in their communication, and their pursuit of clarity may rub some people the wrong way.

10. Snow Goose - Capricorn (December 21-January 20)

  • Energy: Tenacious, relentless
  • Direction: North
  • Element: Earth
  • Stone: Quartz

Snow Goose individuals are ambitious and driven, relentlessly pursuing their goals. While they have high expectations for themselves and others, they may become frustrated when things don't meet their standards.

11. Otter - Aquarius (January 21-February 18)

  • Energy: Intelligent, communicative
  • Direction: North-northeast
  • Element: Water
  • Stone: Turquoise

Otters are independent, unconventional thinkers who approach tasks in their unique way. They are lively, friendly, and sociable, but their individuality may clash with more conservative individuals.

12. Wolf - Pisces (February 19-March 20)

  • Energy: Hidden, mysterious
  • Direction: Northeast
  • Element: Water
  • Stone: Jade

Wolves are devoted to their loved ones and value loyalty above all else. They can appear aloof and mysterious, preferring solitude at times. While they may not seek leadership roles, they make steadfast friends.

An Animal to Guide Your Spiritual Journey

While Native Americans did not traditionally have zodiac signs like the Western astrology system, each of the 12 Western signs can be associated with a Native American animal symbol. These animal signs offer insights into your character and connection with nature, as cherished by Native American tribes.

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