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13 Innovative Single-Floor House Designs

A beautifully designed home is an abode of ease and comfort. If you are looking forward to building a dream house that is a mix of modern and elevated, a single-story house is the right...

A beautifully designed home is an abode of ease and comfort. If you are looking forward to building a dream house that is a mix of modern and elevated, a single-story house is the right choice for you. Single-floor house designs provide increased energy efficiency, maximized functionality, and artistic spaces at affordable prices. The one-story house is popular for its easy accessibility and space, which benefits both the aged and young people in the family. You can build a modest yet chic house with reasonable expenses and save the additional charges you would otherwise spend on a double-story house.

one story house plans Single-story house designs provide an array of ceiling heights, elevation, and skylight options.

1. Build a Modern Single Floor House with an Open Deck

If your property lacks space to have a full-fledged outdoor garden, you can consider an open deck layout as part of your single-floor house design. Are you worried about having a non-corner plot? Here is a modern and artistic way to turn it into a dreamy space. You can precisely plan a layout with an open deck that will efficiently serve as a mini garden space. If you want to ensure privacy while you relax, you can keep the open space tucked away at the back of your house.

The open deck is a great pick for small families who would love to spend fun time together. There are ample benefits to having an open deck added to single-story house plans. The open design allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

You can host memorable parties and get-togethers at the open deck. Treat your office colleagues to a dinner party, or invite your extended family for an evening full of enjoyment. The open terrace is the perfect space that adds a tinge of luxury and trend to your single-floor house design.

one floor house plans

2. A Countryside Aesthetic with a Kerala-Themed Single Floor House Design

Kerala-themed one-storey house plan is an amalgamation of elegance and candour. The roof pattern of the Kerala-styled house sets it apart from other one-story houses. It has tilted or slanting roofs covered with artistic tiles. It is a popular design in regions of India that witness heavy rainfall. The slanting top helps in easy water draining from the roof during monsoons. You can have sloping ceilings of red or brown tiles to add a rustic tinge to your authentic house design. You can build the entrance of this popular house plan with beautiful landscaping.

This one-storey house also has a typical design of spacious, shaded verandahs at the entrance, and you can introduce traditional parapet-style seating made of wood or cement. You can design the backrests with artistic wooden planks that add a beautiful elevation to the overall aura of the house. These houses have a central open-to-air courtyard that can be decorated with fine traditional wooden interiors. You will mostly require good quality wood for columns, beams, and panelling of staircases.

kerala single floor house design

3. Construct an Opulent Single-Floor House with an Open Air Swimming Pool

This is an exquisite single-floor house design with an open-air swimming pool for your ultimate luxurious abode. This house design assures added energy productivity. It is a contemporary single-story house plan that characterizes a primary shared living area encompassed by sophisticated private rooms. Both warm and cool air flows without any hindrance through this design. It is easy and smooth to heat or cool one story house. Such designs make the use of HVAC systems simpler and hassle-free.

single-floor house with an open air swimming pool

4. Build an Elevated Single Floor House for Better Adjoining Views

An elevated single-floor house design is effective in combating adverse situations of waterlogging during the monsoon. You need not worry if you have your property in a locality that faces issues of rainwater accumulation. Elevated one-story house plans ensure water flows from your house to the road and not the other way around.

You can design your elevated home with dramatic tinted windows, aesthetic interiors, and beautiful living room interior design. The elevation gives you a scope to have a good view of the surrounding. This single-floor house design is modest, budget-friendly and intact for a nuclear family.

single story elevated house plans

5. Opt for a Timeless Single Floor House Design

This one-floor house plan is the epitome of minimalism alloyed with grace. This simplistic single-floor house design is budget-friendly and can be easily curated. You are free to add your personal touch while designing the exteriors and interiors of the house. Simple detailing and decoration make this house stand out from other mainstream flamboyant designs.

You need to diligently plan the layout to ensure the rooms are interconnected. This makes the floor easily accessible and spacious. Make sure to use minimal yet eye-catchy colors for your exteriors. You can use materials that reflect your personality as houses testify to be our most endeared belongings.

simple single floor house design

6. Choose a Luxurious Single Floor House Design with Multiple Sections

If you have a large plot and wondering about a house plan, a single-storey house plan is a perfect pick for you. Instead of building multiple floors, it is sensible to construct multiple sections of the house to utilize the space to the best of its capacity. You can treat your family to a spacious shared floor and opulent living room interior designs.

This one-floor house plan consists of building a garage or storage area in a separate space connected to the main house. It provides you with a large carpet area without having to construct an independent floor.

luxurious single floor house design

7. Design a Budget-Friendly Single Floor House with Open Patio

This single-floor house design carries a tinge of Indian traditions with modern architecture. Open patios are not only budget-friendly alternatives to gardens, but they serve multiple purposes. You can add your favorite furniture to the patio to enjoy evening tea with your family. You can invite a small group of guests for a memorable barbecue experience during winter nights. Patios are a popular space that people in India utilize for various activities. You can design it to use the area for drying clothes during the rainy season, park bicycles, or keep your shoe rack.

low-cost single story modern house plans

8. Stand Out by Opting for an Evolving Contemporary Single Floor House Design

This one-story house design is popular for its spacious and simple layouts. This house design is clear and evolving. If you are looking for something modern and trendy that can go well with the fast-paced world around you, this one-floor house plan is meant for you. You do not have to worry about your old parents or young kids facing difficulty climbing steep staircases. A contemporary single-storey house plan is timeless and helps your house look fancy. You can use soothing light colors for exterior aesthetics.

single storey contemporary house designs

9. Enliven a Rustic Vibe with a Brick Single-Floor House Design

If you are a countryside enthusiast and have always loved a simplistic lifestyle, this rustic brick single-floor house design is for you. The bare look of bricks takes you to an old world of serenity. You do not have to plaster or paint the exterior walls made of bricks. This house design is perfect for a cozy and warm aesthetic.

This single-floor house design requires less labor, time, and material costs. While bricks never go out of fashion, you can opt for trendy living room interior design. This design is unique because of an old look on the outside with modern, chic furniture inside the house.

single story brick house plans

10. Build an Eclectic Single Floor House Design with a Wooden Front Yard

This eclectic single-floor house design with a huge wooden yard is an efficient way to make the most out of the available area. This spacious single-floor house has lofty tinted glass windows for proper ventilation. You can expand the outdoor living area of this house with much ease to draw an indoor-outdoor connection and create an artistic space of your own with living room interior design.

single floor house design with a wooden front yard

11. Build a Sophisticated Single Floor House with Grey Arched Roofs and Lofty Windows

Level up your artistic taste by building a sophisticated single-floor house design with an open indoor floor. You can merge the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one huge, open area. Arched ceilings and tall windows ensure an abundance of natural light and the illusion of more space. This plan provides a common space for the entire family to congregate and spend happy hours together. You can get creative and try new designs with open floors.

sophisticated single-floor house design

12. Get Creative with a Single-Floor House Design Comprising an Open Lush Garden

This beautiful one-storey house is adorned with intricate British-styled exteriors. While the opulent wooden door is the epitome of exclusivity, an open frontal garden adds to the charm of the house. You must have a proper house design plan before mapping the garden area. You can design the boundary with embellished grilles. Easy accessibility and maintenance make this single-floor house design a perfect fit for the varied age group. Parents with young kids prefer not to have steep staircases or veiled rooms. Even older people in families find difficulty using a staircase. Single-floor house designs are a popular pick for their inclusivity.

single-floor house design with open lush garden

13. Build a Yellow Concrete Single Floor House with an Elevation

This quirky yellow concrete single-floor house is the epitome of artistry and elegance. The layout is simple, with an efficient elevation to give you good views of the surrounding area. Slanted roof and creative exterior designs make this small house well-stated and opulent. The front elevation of this single-floor house design looks effortless and archaic yet evokes a tinge of modernity.

yellow concrete single-floor house design

These one-story houses are effortless to maintain compared to huge multi-storey houses. You can make sure your dream house looks unique, artistic, and modern without having to spend huge money on luxury adornments.

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1. What Is a Low-Budget Single-Floor House Design?

A low-budget single-floor house design is a house with just one floor or one level, usually the ground floor. The construction process of a one-floor house plan requires less amount of money as compared to multiple-story buildings. Hence, it is considered to be of low budget.

2. What Are the General Features of a Low-Budget Single-Floor House Design?

Some of the general features of a low-budget single-floor design include a one-story floor plan, low maintenance, easy accessibility, a spacious common floor, budget-friendly designs, and easy living area expansion. The cost of one story house design depends on the built-up area and the resources involved in construction. Usually, it starts from Rs. 10 Lakh onwards.

3. How Do You Create a Floor Plan?

There are a few important factors that need to be taken into consideration before creating a floor plan. Firstly, your budget for the entire process of construction, designing, and home set-up should be calculated in the beginning. You must pick a design that best suits your overall budget. Additionally, you need to consider your lifestyle and space requirements. You can hire professional designers to help you create the floor plan after referring to the above-mentioned requirements.