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15 Brilliant Ikea Flisat Sensory Table Hacks (2023)

Sharing is caring! Are you looking for creative ways to enhance learning and play for your little ones? Look no further than the versatile and fun Ikea Flisat table. It's not just a storage and...

Sharing is caring!

Are you looking for creative ways to enhance learning and play for your little ones? Look no further than the versatile and fun Ikea Flisat table. It's not just a storage and art and crafts table, but also a sensory experience waiting to happen! In this article, we'll share 15 brilliant Ikea Flisat table hacks that will take playtime to the next level.

Buying a Flisat

Finding a Flisat table in Ikea stores can be a challenge these days. But don't worry, you can still get your hands on one by checking online platforms like Amazon. It's a great option if you can't make it to the store or if it's out of stock.

Flisat Table Hacks

Let's dive into the exciting hacks that will transform your Flisat table into a world of imagination and discovery.

1 | Transform the Flisat into a sensory table

Sensory play is all the rage in playrooms, and the Flisat table is a perfect fit for it. Its ability to be used as a sensory table sets it apart from other options. With the addition of some Ikea Trofast trays, you can create sensory bins that cater to various themes and engage your child's senses. The desk and storage aspects of the Flisat table make it even more versatile, allowing multiple children to play at the same time.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Trofast Storage Trays
  • Play sets (such as dinosaur sensory bin essentials or rain sensory bins)

Flisat Table Hacks Getting creative with our Magnatiles!

2 | Turn your Flisat into a light table

Light tables are excellent tools for visual sensory play and learning. However, they can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can transform your Flisat table into a light table with the help of LED lights and a Trofast lid. This DIY hack allows you to explore a wide range of learning concepts using magnetic tiles and rainbow blocks.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Trofast bins and lids
  • Frosted lid or acrylic frosted lid
  • Light Table Accessories (magnetic tiles, rainbow blocks, alphabet set, etc.)
  • LED Puck lights or LED Strip

3 | Custom Lids

Add a touch of fun and learning to your Flisat table with custom-designed lids. Shape and color sorting lids are excellent starter activities for younger kids. You can find a variety of options on platforms like Etsy.

Items needed:

  • Shape sorting lids
  • Numeracy/counting lids
  • Color sorting lids

Flisat Table Hacks Incorporating the Trofast lids into our sensory play

4 | Lego time!

If your little ones love building with Lego, why not turn your Flisat table into a Lego table? All you need is a Duplo-compatible building plate that fits on the Flisat table lid. With this hack, your kids can unleash their creativity and build to their heart's content.

Items needed:

  • Duplo compatible building plate
  • Command strips

5 | Use the Flisat as a weaning table

A weaning table provides a comfortable and independent space for toddlers to eat. The Flisat table is the perfect height for snacking toddlers, allowing them to eat at a table instead of their highchair. It's a great way to promote independence and socialize at mealtime.

6 | Sink Play

Bring the fun of a play sink to your Flisat table by placing play sinks in the large Trofast bins on each side. Your little ones will love exploring water play at their own height. Just make sure to place a towel underneath to prevent any slips.

Items needed:

  • Play sinks

7 | Use the Trofast lids for sensory play

The Trofast tray lids offer a simple yet effective way to engage your child's senses. Pushing pom poms, paper straws, and pipe cleaners through the lids provides endless fun and stimulation.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Trofast lids
  • Craft supplies (pom poms, colorful straws)

Flisat Table Hacks We closely monitor this sensory play set up

8 | Chalkboard fun

Transform one of your Flisat lids into a chalkboard with a few coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint. This hack allows your kids to unleash their creativity and draw to their heart's content.

9 | Latches fun

If you have the Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board, place it on top of one of the sensory trays in the Flisat table. It adds extra play value to the latches board, giving it a new lease of life.

Items needed:

  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board

10 | Reduce the height of the Flisat table

Is the Flisat table too tall for your little one? No worries! Simply swap out the legs of the Flisat table with the legs of the matching Flisat stools. This hack reduces the table's height, making it more accessible for your child.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Flisat Stools

11 | Use Latt chairs

For parents who prefer chairs with a backrest for their younger kids, the Latt chairs from Ikea are a perfect match for the Flisat table. They provide comfortable seating for mealtime or playtime.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Latt (table and chairs set)

12 | Stand little ones in the middle of the table

If you have a younger child, standing them in the middle of the Flisat table can help them navigate and engage with the sensory play set up more easily. It also reduces the chances of them running around with messy materials.

Minimize the mess

Sensory play can sometimes get messy, but these hacks will help you keep things under control.

13 | Tape the corners

To prevent small bits from getting stuck in the corners of the table cutouts, place duct tape or painters tape in each corner. You can also use an old crib sheet placed around the table and bins.

14 | Organize supplies with a pegboard

Ikea's Skadis pegboard is a functional addition that complements the Flisat table perfectly. Use it to keep all your Flisat table supplies organized and within easy reach.

15 | Take it to the garden!

Don't be afraid to take your sensory play outdoors. If you're worried about the mess, simply relocate your Flisat table to the garden and use sensory fillers like bird seed and play mud for a fun and messy playtime.

Remember to always supervise your children during sensory play and use materials that are suitable for their age. With these 15 brilliant Ikea Flisat table hacks, you'll create an immersive and educational play experience that your little ones will love. So let your imagination run wild and start hacking your Flisat table today!