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15+ Hygge Living Room Ideas That Leave You Feeling Warm

As the long winter nights draw near, what better way to embrace life’s simple pleasures than to retreat to a hygge-style living room? These are spaces that are designed with comfort and coziness in mind,...

As the long winter nights draw near, what better way to embrace life’s simple pleasures than to retreat to a hygge-style living room? These are spaces that are designed with comfort and coziness in mind, serving as a safe haven from the cold winter weather. In this post, we will showcase some fantastic hygge living room ideas, helping you to bring your vision to life.

Where does Hygge decor come from?

The hygge decor concept is rooted in Scandinavian design, particularly Danish design, and centers around minimal living. It is also dedicated to delivering maximum comfort and a cozy feeling. It’s a direct response to the harsh Scandinavian climate, and is why a cozy space is so special.

So, how do you transform your living room and fit in with the Hygge trend? There are a few key concepts that we can work with to transform your interior design with a touch of Scandinavian home decor, resulting in a warm and inviting living environment that exudes the Hygge style.

Elements to include in a Hygge style

In terms of Hygge interior design, certain materials are very prominent. When it comes to flooring, wood reigns supreme. Carpets aren’t really a part of Danish culture, but big faux fur rugs are all the rage. This is no surprise given the abundance of natural materials available in these countries.

Hygge interior design - What makes it so different?

Hygge interiors are designed to be cozy, and comfort is always a top priority. Good design is highly valued, as evidenced by the stunning Scandinavian furniture designs. However, what truly sets Hygge design apart is its emphasis on comfort and how it makes you feel.

As such, nearly every aspect of the design is infused with a cozy element with a warm glow. You’ll find an abundance of throw pillows with texture, a cozy blanket, scented candle, a fluffy pillow, a throw blanket or two, wall art, and natural plants.

In a hygge home, comfort is key, and there are no "cold" design elements to be found. This also represents the clothing styles, with comfortable clothes very prominent in Scandinavian personal style and cozy living.

Decorating tips

In terms of decorating tips, soft furnishings are a hallmark of Hygge life. Candles, a little book or two, and other charming little items also play a crucial role in creating a cozy nook.

Warm lighting is equally important; opt for numerous fairy lights rather than a single light source, and pair them with a neutral color palette and plain white walls. The use of natural light is equally important with a natural element to Scandinavian decor.

This emphasis on coziness isn’t limited to the living space, either. The same ethos extends to the dining room, kitchen, and even the bathroom. We’ve also explored hygge bedroom ideas in great detail, which is why people can’t seem to get enough of these design concepts.

View our hygge living room decor images below…

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These Hygge decor living room ideas should inspire you…

These hygge living room ideas are sure to inspire you as you work to bring your vision to life. Take note of the overarching themes, furnishings, wall colors, flooring, accessories-when combined, these elements create the foundation of hygge, which is all about living comfortably. An interior designer would agree with many of these design principles.

Hygge is a special feeling or atmosphere that you experience when surrounded by things that are beautiful, comfortable, and cozy. It’s a feeling of warmth and safety in the face of Scandinavia’s chilly climate.

If you see some similarities with boho design, there’s certainly an argument to be made. There’s no denying that many of the furnishings are similar, and the overall aesthetic can be quite similar as well. You may also notice some similarities with a relatively new Japanese style, referred to as the Japandi style. This is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style.

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