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20 Best Blue Color Palettes for 2024: Spark Creativity in Your Designs

Are you looking to add a touch of serenity or a burst of brilliance to your designs? Look no further than the captivating shades of blue. For centuries, humans have been drawn to the mesmerizing...

Are you looking to add a touch of serenity or a burst of brilliance to your designs? Look no further than the captivating shades of blue. For centuries, humans have been drawn to the mesmerizing allure of blue, making it the world's favorite color. If you want to explore the magic of blue in your next design project, we've got you covered. In this article, we will unveil the best blue color palettes for 2024 that will inspire and captivate your audience.

Blue: More than Just a Color

The color blue has a profound impact on our emotions and physical well-being. It can evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, while paradoxically being linked to feelings of sadness. Research even shows that blue enhances productivity and lowers blood pressure. In the business world, blue is associated with trust, confidence, and security. That's why many successful brands, including PayPal and GE, have chosen blue as their primary brand color. Blue is also the most popular color worldwide, according to a YouGov survey. So, incorporating blue into your designs can help you connect with a vast audience who already has an affinity for the color.

Top Blue Color Palettes for 2024: Let Your Brand Shine

If you're looking for a blue color palette that reflects your brand's personality, we've curated the top blue color palettes for 2024. These palettes are not only visually stunning but also have the potential to convey specific emotions and messages to your audience. Let's explore a few of them:

1. Burnt Sienna Orange + Bedazzled Blue Color Palette

Burnt Sienna Orange + Bedazzled Blue Hex Codes: #3d5a80 // #98c1d9 // #e0fbfc // #ee6c4d //#293241

Anchored by four shades of blue, ranging from light to dark, with a burst of orange, this palette offers high contrast and complementary shades. Combining the lightest and darkest blues creates a visual pop that will capture the attention of your audience.

2. Imperial Red + Space Cadet Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #2b2d42 // #8d99ae // #edf2f4 // #ef233c // #d90429

If you're looking to inject energy and excitement into your designs, this palette is perfect for you. The stately slate blue pairs beautifully with a bright-as-it-gets red. Use either of the reds as an accent color to bring balance to your designs.

3. Orange + Honey Yellow + Prussian Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8ecae6 // #219ebc // #023047 // #ffb703 // #fb8500

Go tropical with this vibrant palette that combines a range of blue hues with warm yellow and orange tones. This color scheme is ideal for brands that want to convey a youthful and energetic vibe.

These are just a few examples of the amazing blue color palettes you can explore for your designs in 2024. Each palette has its own unique charm and potential to captivate your audience.

Blue Color Combinations: Unlock the Power of the Color Wheel

Choosing colors for your designs can be an art, but it's also backed by science. By exploring the color wheel, you can unlock a world of scientifically-backed color combinations. Let's explore a few technical terms that can help you in picking colors to go with blue:

  • Monochromatic: Stick with different shades of blue, whether they are similar or contrasting.
  • Complementary: Choose colors that are directly opposite to blue on the color wheel, such as yellow and orange.
  • Triadic: Select three colors that are equidistant on the color wheel. For blue shades, this could be green and red, green and orange, or yellow and red.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to color selection, but understanding these concepts can help guide your choices and create harmonious designs.

Brands that Embrace Blue: How Successful Companies Utilize Blue

Some of the world's most renowned brands, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have chosen blue as their primary color. Let's take a closer look at how these brands use blue to establish their identities:


Facebook, with its massive user base and global reach, has built a brand identity grounded in blue. From its iconic blue logo to the blue dominant interface, Facebook aims to evoke a sense of trust and security among its users.


Twitter, another major player in the social media landscape, also embraces blue as its central color. With a brighter and more cheerful shade of blue, Twitter's color scheme aligns with its mission of amplifying voices and fostering communication.


As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn strikes a balance between corporate professionalism and approachability with its blue color palette. By incorporating secondary colors, LinkedIn's color scheme creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for its users.

These are just a few examples of how successful brands utilize blue as a strategic element of their brand identity.

Best Color Palette Generators: Unleash Your Creativity

If you're feeling inspired and want to create your own blue color palette, there are several powerful color palette generators available. Here are a few of our favorites:

Venngage's Accessible Color Palette Generator

With Venngage's 100% free Accessible Color Palette Generator, you can effortlessly generate a range of beautiful and WCAG-compliant color palettes. The generator allows you to randomize palettes or generate them based on a specific HEX code. Each palette adheres to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA, ensuring your designs are inclusive and accessible.


Coolors is an easy-to-use color palette generator that provides an extensive library of color schemes. You can search for palettes based on keywords or simply scroll through the options until you find the perfect combination that resonates with you.

Color Hunt

Color Hunt offers artist-generated color palettes that consist of four colors each. You can search for palettes in specific color families or explore collections to find the shades that best suit your needs.


For those looking for more technical guidance, Paletton is an excellent choice. This tool allows you to explore various color combinations based on color science principles. You can choose from monochromatic, triadic, tetradic, and complementary palettes based on the color wheel.


Colormind is a versatile color palette generator that not only generates palettes but also allows you to see how they would look when applied to a website. You can input your own colors or let the system generate accent colors for you to visualize the final result.

These color palette generators will help you unleash your creativity and find the perfect blue color palette for your designs.

Conclusion: Let Blue Inspire Your Designs

Blue is undeniably a timeless and captivating color. By incorporating blue into your designs, you can tap into its calming and trust-building effects. Whether you choose a monochromatic palette, a complementary combination, or a triadic scheme, the possibilities are endless. Let blue inspire your designs and create a brand identity that resonates with your audience. Now that you have discovered the best blue color palettes for 2024 and learned how successful brands utilize blue, it's time to unleash your creativity and bring your designs to life.

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