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20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas: Creating Warmth and Elegance

This article was written by Lauren Copping, a professional interior designer, to ensure its uniqueness and accuracy. Dark wood features in bedrooms can have a remarkably calming effect, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. From...

This article was written by Lauren Copping, a professional interior designer, to ensure its uniqueness and accuracy.

Dark wood features in bedrooms can have a remarkably calming effect, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. From walls and floors to furniture, there are numerous ways to incorporate dark wood into your bedroom decor. In this article, we explore 20 dark wood bedroom ideas that will inspire you to create a cozy and elegant space.

1: Use White Bedding to Highlight Antique Furniture

Antique Bedframe with White Bedding Image by Michael DeMarco - Unsplash

Carved wooden furniture, like antique bed frames, can be easily overlooked if the surrounding space is visually chaotic. To make these pieces stand out, place them in a white-painted room or against a white wall. Simple white bedding further accentuates the beauty of the wooden frame.

To recreate this look, center your large wooden bed frame in the room or against a wall. Keep the walls white or off-white to allow the bed to stand out. Opt for bedding and curtains in similar tones to create a cohesive look. Add colorful accents through minimalistic wall art and potted plants.

2: Frame the Bed With a Raw, Dark Wood Headboard

Pallet Wood Bed with Raw Dark Wood Headboard Image by Almira - Unsplash

A simple, raw wood headboard can make a big impact on the aesthetics of a bedroom. The dark tone of the headboard adds a touch of masculinity and pairs well with metals, whites, and grays. Consider adding interest to the space with exposed brick walls.

To recreate this look, find a piece of raw wood that can act as a headboard. Stain it dark and place it behind your bed, perhaps on several recycled palettes. If you don't have exposed brick walls, consider painting an accent wall or applying a wallcovering. Accent the space with black lighting fixtures, photo frames, and curtains.

3: Place Modern, Dark Wooden Furniture in a Bright Space

Ornate White Room with Dark Wood Floors and Furniture Image by Beazy - Unsplash

Combining classic architectural features with dark wooden furniture can create a timeless and elegant look. Paint the walls white or off-white to highlight the rich wooden floors and furniture. Choose artworks with muted neutral colors to maintain a consistent visual style and add plants for a touch of natural beauty.

If you have warm wooden floors and interesting architectural features, consider painting your space white or off-white. When adding furniture, ensure it matches the tone of the wooden floors. Choose artworks with muted neutral colors and accent the space with plants.

4: Use Deep Toned Barn Doors to Emphasize Dark Ceilings

Bedroom with Dark Wood Ceiling and Barn Door Image by Avi Richards - Unsplash

Wood used on vertical surfaces and ceilings adds a unique warmth that cannot be achieved with paint. In this example, the dark wooden ceiling creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, framed by heavy barn doors. Keep the walls and window treatments light to reflect light around the space and add color through artwork.

If you have a wooden ceiling or dark wood rafters, consider adding barn doors to your space. Keep the walls and window treatments light, and add color through an expressive gallery wall. Consider adding a large-format, patterned rug for added interest.

5: Layer a Light Wood Platform Bed On a Dark Floor

Bedroom with Light Wood Platform Bed on Dark Wood Floors Image by Toa Heftiba - Unsplash

Combining different wood tones in a bedroom can create an interesting design feature that communicates flow and function. In this room, layering a light wood bed platform on top of dark wood floors creates a striking focal point. The wall behind the bed adds texture and warmth to the space.

To recreate this look, layer a lighter bed frame on top of your dark wood floors. Opt for a platform bed or a regular bed frame with a similar mid-tone. Add a neutral-colored area rug for contrast against the floor. Layer your bedding with different shades of charcoal grays and white and center the bed between two bedside pendants.

6: Contrast Soft Furnishings and Salvaged Dark Wood Furniture

Bedroom with Dark Salvaged Wood Nightstand Image by Tina Witherspoon - Unsplash

This example showcases a cabinet made from reclaimed wood, creating a unique and textured piece. The dark wood pieces add depth to the bedroom, while the light bedding and upholstered headboard create a serene atmosphere. The wooden cabinet and bold lamp act as frames for the bed, adding visual weight.

If this style speaks to you, create a soft and serene space with reclaimed wood accents. Place your bed against a large, upholstered headboard in a light beige or linen color. Add bedside tables or dressers made from properly treated salvaged wood. Look for a lamp with metal or painted accents to bring out the dark grain in the furniture.

7: Combine Dark Wood with Charcoal Paint for a Masculine Look

Bedroom with Charcoal Walls and Dark Wood Bedframe Image by Scott Gummerson - Unsplash

Mixing dark textures and tones in a bedroom creates an ideal sleeping environment. Dark paint in a dull charcoal tone reduces light reflection and brings out the texture of any dark wood grain in the room. In this example, the wood is the warmest and most colorful element in the room.

To recreate this look, consider using a painted concrete effect or an accent wall with a matt finish. Place your dark wood bed frame against this wall and choose light, off-white bedding to brighten the space. Complete the setup with a black sconce or bedside lamp on a black bedside table.

8: Contrast Light Wood Floors and Wall Features with Dark Wood

Bedroom with Light and Dark Wood Tones Image by Johnstocker - Envato

Combining various wood tones can create a beautiful and natural aesthetic. In this example, dark wood, light wood, and ebonized wood contrast with each other, creating a visually striking space. The light wood floors and walls keep the space airy, while the dark wood adds depth.

To recreate this look, add vertical light wood elements, like wood wall art or divider screens, to your light-floored space. Choose dark wood furniture pieces that match each other. Finish the space with ebonized wood accent furniture and balance it with dark gray lighting and light minimalist wall art or rugs.

9: Layer a Dark Wood Backdrop and Ornate Pendant Lights

Bedroom with Dark Wood Wall and Ornate Pendant Lights Image by Johnstocker - Envato

Using dark wood is common in living spaces, as it adds a unique warmth. In this example, traditional decorative panels create a defined space for the bed. The wood-paneled backdrop showcases the true red tone of the wood, while the gold accents and green plants add balance to the room.

To recreate this look, apply a wood finish to the vertical surface behind your bed. Mount a gold-framed piece of art or a mirror above the bed. Keep your bedding neutral and choose throw pillows and blankets that complement other natural materials in the room. Hang lantern-style pendant lights on either side of the bed to complete the balanced vignette.

10: Create a Focal Point With a Bold, Wood-Framed Mirror

Monochromatic Bedroom with Large Wood Framed Mirror Image by bialasiewicz - Envato

Using wood finishes in an otherwise monochromatic space creates a visually striking impact. This room features an upholstered bed frame and an abstract wall mural, but it's the wood-framed mirror that adds warmth and depth to the space.

To recreate this look, plan your space with a monochromatic color scheme. Pay close attention to how you layer grays, whites, and blacks and how you incorporate texture. Create an upholstered headboard using plywood, padding, and a soft textile. Add a large wooden feature, such as a framed mirror, to another wall in the room.

11: Install Modular Wooden Shelving for Functionality

Large Room with Modular Wooden Shelving Image by Pickawood - Unsplash

Storage and display space are always valuable in bedrooms. Consider installing modular wooden shelving, which adds both functionality and personality to the room. Populate the shelves with your favorite books, souvenirs, or artworks.

To recreate this look, draw and plan a modular shelving unit for your space. Include drawers, cabinets, adjustable shelves, and a TV area if desired. Limit the number of furniture pieces in the room to keep it visually appealing. Fill the shelves with items that reflect your personal style.

12: Contrast Dark Wood Furniture and Lighter Wood Floors

Bedroom with Light Wood Flooring and Dark Wood Furniture Image by dit26978 - Envato

Dark wood furniture in a bright space creates a bold visual impact. The weight and elegance of the dark wood contrast beautifully with light wood floors. Opt for furniture pieces that match in wood tone and have either curved or rectilinear designs.

To recreate this look, furnish your space with furniture that matches the tone of your light wood floors. Choose pieces with clean lines and consistent edges. Consider painting window trims black to add depth and contrast. Finish the space with tall white curtains and two smoky glass pendants for bedside lighting.

13: Be Consistent with Dark Tones Throughout the Space

Bedroom with Wood Floor and Dark Wood Veneer Image by dit26978 - Envato

Consistency in color is key when using wood on vertical surfaces. If you have a wall of paneling or wallcovering, try to match the wood tone or a similar color on other walls or furniture pieces. Combine modern and traditional luxury to create a unique style.

To recreate this look, be consistent with the color throughout your room. Use the same wood tone on vertical surfaces and furniture pieces. Combine modern and traditional luxury by mixing ornate bed frames with clean, modern side tables or vice versa. Embrace the luxurious and warm atmosphere created by the dark wood.

14: Create a Rustic Theme With Black, White, and Dark Woods

Black and White Bedroom with Dark Wood Floors and Furnishings Image by Rawpixel - Envato

This space exudes the charm of an old farmhouse or industrial-era flat. By keeping the visual weight low to the floor and using minimalist furnishings and art, you create a sleek and inviting atmosphere. Set the tone with a platform bed frame that matches your dark wood flooring, and keep other furniture pieces low to the ground.

To recreate this look, create or purchase a platform bed frame that matches the tone of your dark wood flooring. Layer the platform bed with gray and white bedding and a black cushioned headboard. Opt for lower furniture pieces and minimalistic artwork. Finish the space with greenery for a touch of natural beauty.

15: Apply a Wood Panel Ceiling for Warmth

Colorful Bedroom with Wood Panel Ceiling Image by Mint_Images - Envato

Wood-paneled ceilings add a cozy and inviting look to older homes. To balance the warm wood tones, paint the vertical walls white while preserving the natural color of the trim pieces and window frames. Opt for white or off-white bedding and add a touch of color with natural linen cushions.

If your home has a wood-paneled room, consider lightening it up by painting the walls white. Keep the focus on the wooden floors and ceilings by minimizing other wood furniture in the room. Choose white bedding and natural linen cushions, and decorate the space with neutral colors to create a harmonious atmosphere.

16: Highlight Beams with Similar-Toned Wood Furniture

Bedroom with Exposed Wooden Architectural Beams Image by Rawpixel - Envato

Highlight the architectural features of your bedroom, such as exposed wooden beams, by pairing them with similar-toned wood furniture. Create a serene atmosphere by incorporating natural canvas art and muted colors. Consider light gray bedding or a navy comforter on a lighter gray quilt.

To recreate this look, furnish your space with black or ebonized furniture that matches the tone of the wooden beams. Decorate the walls with natural canvas art and muted colors. Opt for light gray bedding with navy accents or vice versa. Embrace the balance between dark and light tones for a calming effect.

17: Use a Timber Bed Frame for an Industrial Statement Piece

Industrial Style Bedroom with Wooden Bedframe Image by seventyfourimages - Envato

Industrial-style spaces often feature dark, salvaged wood accents. Anchor your bed with a black headboard against a raw concrete wall and warm up the space with a timber bed frame. Consider painting window and door frames black to add cohesion. Complete the look with black accent lighting and side tables.

To recreate this look, create a timber platform bed frame or purchase one. Install a black headboard and offset it with lighter charcoal bedding. Paint the window and door frames black if they're not already. Finish the space with black accent lighting and side tables to create a cohesive industrial aesthetic.

18: Accentuate Wooden Window Frames to Create Warmth

Bedroom in Wooden Building with Dark Wood Window Frames Image by dit26978 - Envato

Accentuating wooden window frames adds warmth to the space. If you have tall wooden window frames, incorporate linear wood lines in other elements of the room. Opt for a headboard with horizontal lines or a tall wardrobe with vertical lines. Use clear glass pendants for bedside lighting and choose bright and light window treatments.

To recreate this look, highlight your tall wooden window frames with other linear wood lines. Add a headboard or wardrobe that complements the window frames. Use clear glass pendants for bedside lighting and choose bright and light window treatments. Achieve balance by incorporating minimalist wall art or rugs.

19: Elegantly Combine Dark Wood Furniture with Light Pastels

Room in Light Pastels with Dark Wood Furniture Image by vasiliymorn - Envato

Dark wood furniture can create an elegant and sophisticated space when combined with light pastel colors. In this example, the pastel color scheme and varying textures create a visually appealing atmosphere. The dark wood furniture stands out against the rest of the room.

To recreate this look, paint your main walls an off-white or pastel color. Opt for a monochromatic color scheme, ensuring that the colors are different but similar in shade. Furnish the space with dark wood furniture and consider adding a carved wood bed to create a luxurious and sophisticated vibe.

20: Fit Dark Wood Chevron Panels to Ground the Room

Bedroom with Dark Wood Chevron Patterned Wall Image by vasiliymorn - Envato

Contrasting dark wood walls with light wood floors can create a unique perspective in a bedroom. In this example, the dark wood chevron panels add an interesting accent and create a sense of motion in the room. Neutral-colored furniture stands out against the contrasting walls.

To recreate this look, choose a wood wallcovering that complements your light wood flooring. Ensure that the wallcovering emphasizes the contrasting tones. Furnish the space with neutral wood furniture and linen-colored bedding that stands out against the walls.

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