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20 Unique Tiny Houses For Sale in Missouri: Your Dream Home Awaits

Are you dreaming of embracing the tiny house lifestyle? Look no further than Missouri, where several counties have no zoning or building codes, making it the perfect place for tiny house living. However, be mindful...

Are you dreaming of embracing the tiny house lifestyle? Look no further than Missouri, where several counties have no zoning or building codes, making it the perfect place for tiny house living. However, be mindful of certain cities where tiny houses are prohibited. In this article, we will explore 20 interesting tiny houses for sale in Missouri, each with its own unique features and charm.

Cedar Breaks: A Compact Oasis

Cedar Breaks Image Source: Cedar Breaks

Utopian Villas presents Cedar Breaks, a unique and compact tiny house spanning 400 square feet. This beautifully designed home features skylights for stargazing and a large kitchen window that floods the space with natural light.

Tiny Turquoise Cottage on Wheels, Kansas City, Missouri: Mobility & Elegance

Tiny Turquoise Cottage on Wheels Image Source: Tiny Turquoise Cottage on Wheels, Kansas City, Missouri

For those seeking mobility and elegance, this fully equipped 176 sq. ft turquoise tiny house on wheels is the perfect fit. It boasts a lofted bed, a bathroom with upgraded heating and cooling systems, and a 400-foot heated electric water hose.

Morel, The Sustainable Country Cottage: A Dreamy Retreat

Morel, The Sustainable Country Cottage Image Source: Morel, The Sustainable Country Cottage - Rutledge, Missouri

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with Morel, a 250 square foot straw bale and earthen plaster tiny house. Complete with a substantial greenhouse, stained glass windows, and a kitchen equipped with running water from a 700-gallon cistern, this sustainable country cottage is a true retreat.

Certified NOAH Tumbleweed Cypress: A Cozy Haven

Certified NOAH Tumbleweed Cypress Image Source: Certified NOAH Tumbleweed Cypress - Kansas City, Missouri

Experience the charm of a 2019 Tumbleweed Cypress 20-foot tiny home. With never-used appliances, a durable exterior, and a metal roof with a 50-year warranty, this cozy haven is a perfect choice.

Chateau Series, Country Cottage: Your Customized Oasis

Chateau Series, Country Cottage Image Source: Chateau Series, Country Cottage

Classic Buildings offers you the opportunity to customize your own tiny house with their Chateau Series. With a spacious porch, a cathedral ceiling, and various options for windows and additional features, this tiny house will truly become your personal oasis.

The Universal Dome: A Unique Geodesic Home

The Universal Dome Image Source: The Universal Dome - Kansas City, Missouri

Step into the future with The Universal Dome, a 14’ x 9’ geodesic dome made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, this customizable tiny home is perfect for off-grid living.

Harvest Moon in MO: Embrace Farmhouse Living

Harvest Moon in MO Image Source: Harvest Moon in MO - Fairdealing, Missouri

Indulge in the cozy charm of this farmhouse-style tiny house. With two sleeping lofts, split unit air and heat, and a spacious bath, Harvest Moon in MO is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

40’ Container Home, Empty Nester With Loft Added: A Rustic Retreat

40' Container home, Empty Nester with loft added Image Source: 40’ Container home, Empty Nester with loft added - Archie, Missouri

Enjoy the rustic charm of this shipping container tiny house. With a full-size kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, and a spacious loft, this unique retreat provides all the comforts of home.

Custom Tiny House: Personalize Your Perfect Home

Custom Tiny house Image Source: Custom Tiny house - Buckner, Missouri

Designed with attention to detail, this brand new 6’ x 16’ tiny house offers a full bathroom, a sleeping loft, and a complete kitchen with stainless-steel appliances. Its well-insulated and energy-efficient design ensures comfort in all seasons.

12x28 Cabin: Your Cozy Getaway

12x28 Cabin Image Source: 12x28 Cabin - Potosi, Missouri

Escape to the tranquility of this portable 12x28 cabin, featuring cellulose insulation, a metal roof, and pine siding. Whether you need a peaceful retreat or a temporary getaway, this cozy cabin offers the perfect solution.

Tiny House: A Delightful Cozy Retreat

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Maplewood, Missouri

Discover the perfect cozy retreat with this charming 476-square-foot tiny house. Ideal for empty nesters or frequent travelers, it features one bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, sliding barn doors, and ample basement storage.

Gypsy Wagon Truck Camper: Hit the Road in Style

Gypsy Wagon Truck Camper Image Source: Gypsy Wagon Truck Camper - Washington, Missouri

Experience the freedom of the open road with this stylish Gypsy Wagon Truck Camper. Complete with a queen-size bed, a versatile bench/dinette, and a compact kitchen, this camper is perfect for adventurous souls.

54 Passenger Skoolie: Your Unique Nomadic Home

54 passenger skoolie Image Source: 54 passenger skoolie - Kansas City, Missouri

Embrace the nomadic lifestyle with this 54 passenger skoolie. While it requires some updating, this unique space offers two booths that convert into comfortable sleeping areas, a wet bathroom, and a cozy U-shaped booth that transforms into a full-sized bed.

Dream Highway House: Your Off-Grid Oasis

Dream Highway House Image Source: Dream Highway House - Kansas City, Missouri

Escape the grid with the Dream Highway House, featuring full solar power, a domestic fridge, and a composting toilet. This off-grid oasis also offers a convertible space, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences.

Classic Series, Tiny House: Your Ideal Retreat

Classic Series, Tiny House Image Source: Classic Series, Tiny House

Classic Buildings offers eleven different floor plans for their Tiny House series. With customizable options such as lofts, framed-out rooms, and insulated floors, you can create your ideal retreat.

Tiny House: Your Building Lot and Home in One

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Festus, Jefferson County, Missouri

This unique opportunity offers a building lot in a peaceful neighborhood, complete with a tiny home. With a beautiful setting and the freedom to customize your home, this property is perfect for those seeking a fresh start.

Tiny House: A Diamond in the Rough

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Tipton, Moniteau County, Missouri

If you're looking for a project to transform into your dream home, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom tiny house is the perfect opportunity. With an additional shed available for purchase, you can create your own unique tiny house community.

Tiny House: A Cozy Retreat in Chaffee

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Chaffee, Scott County, Missouri

Step into a world of pressed tin ceilings and rustic charm with this 2018 NOAH certified tiny home. With its well-insulated design, metal roof, and additional bunk-house, this tiny house offers endless possibilities.

Tiny House: Your Lakeside Retreat

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri

Indulge in lakeside living with this charming ranch-style tiny house. With one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open living, dining, and kitchen area, this updated and fully furnished home is a true gem.

Tiny House: Embrace Homesteading

Tiny House Image Source: Tiny House - Willow Springs, Howell County, Missouri

For those looking to embrace the homesteading lifestyle, this tiny home on Jack's Fork Farmsteads is the perfect choice. With over five acres of land, raised gardens, and a chicken coop, you can create your own self-sustainable paradise.

Buyer's Guide: Your Path to Tiny House Living

Are you ready to embark on your tiny house journey? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check local rules and regulations, as well as associated costs.
  • Consider proximity to utilities and amenities.
  • Evaluate the impact on your family and lifestyle.
  • Secure suitable land for your tiny house.
  • Embrace the outdoors and find a community that aligns with your values.
  • Consider utility costs and access to essential services.
  • Work with a certified builder and ensure clear communication.
  • Try living in a smaller space before making a purchase.

Don't forget to explore the Tiny House Database for additional captivating options and embark on your tiny house adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Price Range Applies To Tiny Houses? A: The price range varies depending on factors such as location, size, and materials.

Q: Where Can I Buy A Tiny House? A: Check the Tiny House Map and search for "Builders" to find reputable sellers. You can also browse Tiny House Listings for a wide selection of owner-built and professionally-built tiny homes.

Q: How Do I Insure A Tiny House? A: Get in touch with your insurance agent to discuss suitable insurance options for your tiny house.