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20 Top Organic Modern Interior Design Decorating Tips

Love it? Share it! Organic modern interior design is an increasingly popular home design style. It has become my decorating style of choice, and I love making small tweaks in my home to reflect this...

Love it? Share it!

Organic modern interior design is an increasingly popular home design style. It has become my decorating style of choice, and I love making small tweaks in my home to reflect this update. Today, I'm excited to share with you 20 decorating tips on how to decorate your organic modern home.

Orange cats in an organic modern living room. Orange cats in an organic modern living room.

Organic modern design has gained popularity with designers like Amber Interiors, Joanna Gaines, and Sean Anderson embracing the showcase of organic modern decor. This classic style highlights the use of organic design in conjunction with other interior decorating styles.

What is Organic Modern Interior Design?

As I've transitioned my home over the past year, I've covered various rooms as examples of organic modern interior design. Organic modern interior design is a beautiful combination of two seemingly opposing styles: modern design and organic design.

  • Modern Design: It highlights clean lines, minimalistic decorating, and high functionality.
  • Organic Design: It highlights natural elements, inclusion of rough or rustic character pieces, and comfort or coziness.

When these two decorating styles are combined, it results in a home that feels up-to-date and modern, yet comfortable and practical.

What does organic mean in decorating?

Before we dive into the top 20 decorating tips for the organic modern style, let's define what organic design means. In decorating, the word "organic" isn't related to health but rather nature-oriented or "from the earth." It includes elements such as clay pottery, unpainted natural wood, linen, cotton, wool, jute, sisal materials, live plants, and natural stones like marble, granite, or soapstone. If you can find it in nature, it makes sense to incorporate it into organic design.

How to Decorate with Organic Modern Style Interior Design

Now that we have a better understanding of what "organic" means, let's explore how to decorate with organic modern style. It is a beautiful combination of earthy and natural elements with modern accents or conveniences.

Let's take my organic modern living room as an example. Within this space, I have a modern (clean straight-lined) sofa, modern accent chairs, and a modern color palette. However, you'll also find organic elements like a rustic wood bench and side table, wood beam header, wool and cotton blankets, clay pottery, and live plants to complement the modern pieces.

Organic Modern Style Interpretation

One of the things I love most about organic modern style is its flexibility and openness to interpretation. You can adjust the style based on your personal preferences. If you enjoy more modern elements, then use larger pieces of furniture and decor to anchor the style with a modern design. On the other hand, if you prefer a more rustic feel, use rustic elements as the main focal points and incorporate modern accents sparingly.

For example, in my basement, the majority of the furnishings and decor are modern. However, I've added a few rustic wood accents and some live plants to incorporate organic elements. This helps to ground the space and prevent it from feeling too heavily on the modern side. It also adds humility, making the space feel inviting and comfortable.

20 Elements of an Organic Home Design

To simplify the organic modern interior design style, here are 20 key elements you can incorporate:

  1. Neutral color palette
  2. Live plants
  3. Natural materials
  4. Highly textured elements
  5. Rough hewn wood accents
  6. Organic clean lines or simplistic curves
  7. Intentional layers
  8. Earthy color palette to accentuate main neutrals
  9. Minimalist base with functional additions
  10. Vintage or antique accents for extra character
  11. Unique modern lighting
  12. Use of materials like linen, jute, and sisal
  13. Inclusion of natural stone or pottery accents
  14. Combination of old and new
  15. Contrasting modern aesthetics with cozy organic materials
  16. Focus on function and comfort over high design
  17. Elevate rustic accents as focal points
  18. Nod to nature with whimsical and unkempt styling
  19. Utilitarian items as part of the design
  20. A blend of opposing styles to create a humble and beautiful environment

Organic Minimalist Interior Design vs. Modern Organic Maximalist Design

Within the organic modern interior design style, there are two main mindsets: minimalist interiors (more modern) and maximalist design (more organic). Regardless of your preference, you can still create an organic modern home.

I tend to fall somewhere in between, loving cozy layers and highlighting natural elements in designated spaces, while keeping utilitarian spaces clutter-free and easy to move about. Whether you prefer a more minimalistic look or a layered, maximalist design, you can incorporate organic elements in various ways.

Learn More About Organic Modern Design

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I hope you've enjoyed learning more about organic modern interior design! How would you design your home? Do you focus more on modern anchors with organic accents, or do you prefer heavy organic design with sparing modern touches? Let me know in the comments below.

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