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The Year of the Golden Ox: A Wealthy and Fruitful 2021

Introduction The Chinese zodiac is an ancient and fascinating system that assigns an animal to each year in a 12-year cycle. In 2021, we welcome the Year of the Golden Ox. This year promises to...


The Chinese zodiac is an ancient and fascinating system that assigns an animal to each year in a 12-year cycle. In 2021, we welcome the Year of the Golden Ox. This year promises to be a time of abundance, prosperity, and new opportunities. Let's delve into the details and discover what the Year of the Ox has in store for us.

2021 Chinese Zodiac Ox Caption: The majestic Golden Ox, representative of the Year 2021

The Year of the Golden Ox

2021 marks the 4718th Chinese Year, with the Chinese New Year Day falling on February 12. The Year of the Ox officially begins on February 3, according to the Chinese Astrology Calendar. This year is especially significant as it is not only the Year of the Ox, but also the Year of the Metal Ox. In Chinese, both Metal and Gold are represented by the same character, making 2021 the Golden Ox Year. Additionally, the element of Metal is associated with the color white, leading to the alternate name of the Year of the White Ox. Some even refer to 2021 as the year of the Cow due to the even number two being associated with the Ox.

The Strength of Metal

Chinese Astrology is built upon the foundation of Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. In 2021, the Ox belongs to the Earth group, which happens to be the Mother Element of Metal. This connection means that the Metal of 2021 is strongly supported by the Earth, resulting in a powerful Metal Year. Specifically, the Metal of 2021 is Yin Metal, symbolizing precious materials such as gold, pearls, gemstones, and jewelry. This Yin Metal Ox represents hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, as well as an abundance of fruit growing on fertile farmland. If Metal is your Lucky Element, get ready for a fruitful year filled with opportunities.

Understanding Your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

Before we delve into the fortune of the Golden Ox, it is essential to understand our own Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. By examining the elements present in our birth chart, we can determine which elements are favorable and which ones require attention. Armed with this knowledge, we can make accurate predictions based on the interplay between the Chinese Zodiac signs and our birth chart.

Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart Caption: A Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart for June 30, 1948

To obtain your Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart, you need to provide your birthday and birth time. Once calculated, the birth chart reveals the scores of the Five Elements - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. These scores shed light on the balance within your birth chart and allow for the identification of your Lucky Element.

The Fortune of 2021 - Lucky Element vs. Day Master

The Day Master represents the element at the upper row symbol of the Day Column in your Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. Let's explore the predictions for each Day Master Element in the Year of the Metal Ox.

When Metal is your Day Master

If your Day Master is Metal, you are in for a year of heightened social activities. The Metal of 2021 aligns with your element, signifying increased contact with friends, siblings, peers, coworkers, and partners. Expect a busy year filled with exciting interactions and new connections. The Ox, belonging to the Earth group, represents parents, mentors, or someone providing support. In 2021, you will find solace and guidance from these important figures, boosting your confidence and providing assistance when needed. Embrace the energies of the Golden Ox, as it promises a year of relaxation and harmony.

When Water is your Day Master

For those with Water as their Day Master, the Metal of 2021 assumes the role of the Mother Element. This signifies a focus on knowledge, education, protection, and health. You will find yourself delving into new areas of learning and dedicating extra time to your well-being. The Earth group, represented by the Ox, symbolizes restrictions, discipline, career, and criticism. While challenges may arise, take comfort in the fact that people around you will step in to support and assist you during difficult times. Overcoming these obstacles could lead to significant opportunities in your career.

When Wood is your Day Master

Day Masters with Wood as their element will encounter pressure in the Year of the Metal Ox. This is due to the Metal element's relationship with your job, career, law, and provocation. Expect 2021 to be a year focused on your professional growth and development. As the Ox embodies Yin Earth, associated with money, financial events are also in store for you. Money and career matters will intersect, offering both challenges and opportunities. Tread carefully and manage these situations wisely to secure a job promotion or a substantial raise.

When Fire is your Day Master

If Fire is your Day Master, the Metal of 2021 assumes the role of wealth and abundance. You can look forward to excellent opportunities to increase your income. However, these opportunities will require effort and dedication. The Earth group, represented by the Ox, symbolizes your performance, talent, behavior, reputation, and expression. Focus on showcasing your ideas and leveraging your skills, as it will directly impact your financial success. Remember, good health and mental strength are vital in your journey towards wealth.

When Earth is your Day Master

Day Masters with Earth as their element will find a strong connection with the Metal of 2021. Metal represents reputation, performance, speech, and appearance. In 2021, your words and actions will hold great significance, influencing how others perceive you. Additionally, the Yin Earth of the Ox reflects your relationships with siblings, friends, peers, and same-generation relatives. Expect a year of increased social activities and popularity within your group. As your reputation grows, new opportunities for wealth may arise. However, be mindful of your actions, as negative perceptions could strain friendships and impact financial prospects.

Five Elements Relationships vs. Yin Metal of 2021

The Yin Metal of 2021 interacts with all other Five Elements in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. These relationships can significantly influence the outcomes predicted by Chinese astrology. Let's explore some of these relationships:

  • If your birth chart contains Yang Fire, it forms a Stem Attraction Relationship with the Yin Metal of 2021. This relationship brings good luck in the areas of social connections, relationships, and even love. Singles with a Yang Fire Day Master could experience a blossoming romance in 2021.

  • If your birth chart contains Yin Wood, it forms a Fighting Relationship with the Yin Metal of 2021. This suggests potential disagreements or conflicts with others. Exercise caution and be mindful of your words and actions, especially in public settings.

  • If your birth chart contains Yin Fire, it also forms a Fighting Relationship with the Yin Metal of 2021. This indicates a challenging year with a potential for an unpleasant mood and strained relationships.

Chinese Zodiac Relationships vs. Ox of 2021

The Ox of 2021 interacts with other zodiac animals in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart, leading to intricate relationships and varied consequences. Here are a few examples:

  • The Rat and the Ox share a Branch Attraction Relationship with Earth. If your birth chart contains the Rat, this indicates positive outcomes in social relationships, love, and even career prospects. Earth being your Lucky Element will bring you good luck in 2021. If the Rat appears in the Day Column of your birth chart, it is an excellent sign, particularly for love and marriage. Expect good fortune in your career and financial endeavors if Earth is associated with job or wealth.

  • The Sheep and the Ox have a conflicting relationship, suggesting potential disputes, quarrels, or broken promises. Those born in the years of the Yin-Fire Sheep (1967) and Yin-Wood Sheep (1955) might experience challenging relationships. Additionally, individuals born on Yin-Fire Sheep or Yin-Wood Sheep days may encounter unexpected difficulties, such as instability, accidents, disputes, poor health, or separations.

  • If both the Chicken and the Snake appear in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, a powerful Metal relationship forms with the Ox. If Metal is your Lucky Element, you can expect an exceptionally fortunate year in 2021. With the Ox being a strong Metal year, it has the potential to bring unexpected surprises that can positively impact your life.

The Year of the Golden Ox promises an abundance of wealth, opportunities, and personal growth for all. By understanding our Chinese Zodiac Birth Charts and the interplay between elements, we can navigate through the year with confidence and make the most of the opportunities that come our way. Embrace the energy of the Golden Ox, and let 2021 be a year to remember.