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2022 Horoscope for Taurus: A Year of Transformation and Growth

By The AstroTwins Who do you think you are, Taurus? The answer might not matter right now, but what does matter is the incredible potential for transformation that awaits you in 2022. The Lunar North...

By The AstroTwins

Who do you think you are, Taurus? The answer might not matter right now, but what does matter is the incredible potential for transformation that awaits you in 2022. The Lunar North Node, the cosmic point that determines karma, destiny, and purpose, is shifting into Taurus on January 18th, 2022, for the first time since 2014. This means that you have been appointed as a leader in the collective journey towards elevation and growth. No pressure, right? The cosmos is charging you with the mission to guide us out of our own destructive tendencies and towards a brighter future.

This year, you can expect radical shifts as the Lunar Node and eclipses sweep through your sign. Change has been a constant companion for you since 2018, when disruptor Uranus entered Taurus for the first time in over 70 years. Now, as you approach the halfway point of this transformative transit, chaos has become your "new normal." From May 2022 onwards, your task will be to let go of anything that no longer serves you and bid farewell to a chapter of your life that is no longer in alignment. The silver lining? You are preparing for a new 12-year cycle that will begin on May 16, 2023, when expansive Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time since 2012.

Love: Embracing Karmic Connections

In matters of the heart, karmic connections will come to the forefront in 2022. The moon's South Node shifting into Scorpio on January 18th will energize your relationship house until July 17th, 2023. This period will bring opportunities to meet a soulmate or resolve past-life issues through transformative connections. Pay close attention to the people who enter your life near the partnership-powered eclipses on May 16th and October 25th.

Instead of searching for a twin flame, embrace the growth opportunities that each connection brings. With the lunar North Node in Taurus for the first time since 2003, you have 18 months of self-discovery that can lead you to true love or deepen existing bonds. You may feel a restlessness that pushes you to explore new horizons while Venus, your ruler, is retrograde in your ninth house until January 29th. Some Bulls may reconnect with a long-distance lover or someone they met while traveling. If you're already in a relationship, this is the year to embark on adventures together, from dream vacations to couples' workshops that enhance communication and ignite passion.

Career & Money: Building upon Success

Career goals will continue to be a major focus as Saturn journeys through your success-driven tenth house. You have already established yourself as a leader in your field, and it's important to maintain that authority, even if it means putting in extra hours. When the North Node enters Taurus on January 18th, your cosmic compass may point you in a new direction.

However, don't discard everything you've built. Instead, build upon your existing skills and be open to the surprises that the two Taurus eclipses on April 30th and November 8th bring. When Mars enters your money house on August 20th, seize financial opportunities and pursue your goals. Use the period of Mars retrograde from October 30th to January 12th, 2023, to develop what has transpired.

Wellness: Balancing Body and Mind

In terms of wellness, it's crucial to customize your fitness plan to suit your lifestyle. With Saturn in your achievement zone, track your progress using apps and consider working with a trainer or instructor to ensure you reach your goals. The North Node in Taurus will push you out of your comfort zone, but be mindful of the risk of injury. Warm up properly and learn correct postures to avoid accidents. Roll out your yoga mat while expansive Jupiter moves through your soulful twelfth house from May 10th to October 28th. Explore water sports like stand-up paddleboard yoga or sailing. Mars will help you establish a sustainable and enjoyable routine after August 20th.

Friends & Family: A Year of Connections

Your popularity soars in 2022! With expansive Jupiter in Pisces boosting your team spirit until May 10th and after October 28th, you'll have the opportunity to bring people together. However, be careful not to overcommit yourself. With the North Node in Taurus, it's important to have ample time to pursue your own hobbies and friendships without feeling obligated. The two Taurus eclipses on April 30th and November 8th will shift your direction, and you may need to let go of certain relationships to make space for new ones that align with your life goals. However, from May 10th to October 28th, nostalgia will sweep through as Jupiter dips into your sentimental twelfth house. It's a powerful time for reconciliation and healing old wounds with family and long-lost friends.


The year 2022 holds immense potential for growth and transformation for Taurus. Embrace the opportunities for self-discovery, love, and career advancement that come your way. Remember that you have been chosen to be a beacon of change in the world. Trust in your ability to guide yourself and others towards a better future. With dedication, resilience, and an open heart, you have the power to make 2022 a year of profound personal growth and fulfillment.

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