22 Interior Garage Wall Ideas: Enhance Your Garage Space with Creative Wall Coverings

People are always looking for creative ways to decorate their homes, whether it’s by painting on the walls or picking out new carpeting. However, many people may think that they have limited options when it...

People are always looking for creative ways to decorate their homes, whether it’s by painting on the walls or picking out new carpeting. However, many people may think that they have limited options when it comes to selecting wall coverings for garages. This article will provide numerous great interior garage wall ideas for those looking to expand their decorating and organizing horizons.

A Good Material To Use For Garage Walls

The material that people prefer to use for their garage walls is usually practical. It needs to be able to withstand the atmosphere of a garage (which isn’t exactly the most ideal), meaning it should be able to easily handle items that may end up on or near it and also not succumb to the elements. Many choose to use materials that are durable, affordable, easy to work with, and can be customized easily.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular materials, their benefits and disadvantages, and some ideas for what they can be used for.

1. Plywood and OSB

Baltic Birch Plywood, 3 mm Image Source: Woodpeckers

Plywood is a manufactured composite wood product made from thin layers of bonded wood veneer. OSB is similar, but instead is made by forming shavings and sawdust into large compressed blocks.

Plywood is stronger compared to OSB and is recommended to be used in sheets of at least 3/8-inch thickness. Both of these types of material are very sturdy and durable. They are less expensive alternatives to real wood slabs and can be coated with a waterproof finish, which makes them resilient against wet environments. They both also have a smooth surface which makes them easy to work with.

2. Pegboard

Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit Image Source: Peg Boards for Walls

Pegboard is a modern type of covering that is usually made of a wooden grid with evenly spaced holes throughout. It’s better for those who are looking to hang a lot of lightweight items. It is lower in cost than other materials but may not be as durable over time. The holes provide easy access to the items that are hung on the walls and also help your garage remain organized.

3. Metal Panels

430 Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Image Source: 4"

This is a more costly option; however, it offers superior fire resistance and durability. The silver shiny aesthetic also helps illuminate your garage, making it seem larger and brighter. One disadvantage is that these metal panels are difficult to work with, as they can’t be easily cut or drilled into. This wall covering may be attached to the wall studs or drywall strips for a more permanent installation.

4. Vinyl Option

If you are looking for something that's easy to clean, then vinyl is a great choice. It also comes in many different finish styles and colors, which allows you to easily update your look as desired. Vinyl is fairly durable and can be used for several years without requiring replacement, thanks to its water resistance qualities. Vinyl sheets can be fastened directly to the studs.

5. Slatwall

PROSLAT Garage Storage PVC Slatwall Panels Image Source: Charcoal

This option is a great way to store garden tools, sports equipment, or any other items you may need to keep off the floor. It provides you with versatility in storing your items and is durable enough to withstand high stress. Its versatility makes it easy for you to customize its appearance by painting or adding additional props to the slatwall to fit the theme of your garage. Best of all, it helps maximize the space in your garage.

Interior Garage Wall Ideas

Typical garage walls can be highly improved with some intelligent modifications, which can have a significant impact on the whole area's usefulness and appearance. Below are step-by-step interior garage wall ideas to help get on track to making sure you have the best interior for your garage.

1. Garage Wall Insulation

Insulating your garage will ensure it remains warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer. It also reduces energy costs by providing a barrier between your room and the outdoor elements.

Fiberglass batts, spray foam insulation, and blow-in cellulose insulation are the three most common types of garage wall insulation. Consider installing one of these insulation options to save money on your energy bills while also reducing the noise from your garage's activities spreading outside.

2. Drywall The Garage

A very popular choice for interior garage walls is drywall. It's affordable, boosts energy efficiency, and allows you to personalize your garage walls and build storage systems. Hang drywall panels to create a wall base that covers up all the ugly concrete and wiring, leaving a smooth wall surface for your garage.

3. Paint Garage Walls

Painting your garage's walls can make a significant difference, making it look like a nice professional space. It's an easy way to spruce up the room. Consider using a waterproof paint to provide an ultra-smooth surface that is easy to clean too.

Lighter colored painted garage walls are quite popular since they reflect light more effectively, creating a more open and airy appearance. Neutral hues such as beige, tan, and gray are also well-liked. However, if done tastefully, vivid colors on a garage wall may also provide unique visual appeal.

4. Install Slatwall Storage System

Slatwall is a well-favored choice for storage in garages. It's sturdy, easy to install, provides an abundance of extra space, and can be painted to whatever color you desire.

They are very versatile and allow you to install hooks, baskets, shelves, panels—pretty much anything you can think of, on it. If you want an aesthetically pleasing way to store your tools, consider installing slatwall on the walls.

5. Add Garage Wall Hooks Or Track Rail Storage Kits

Garage wall hooks are excellent for hanging up bicycles, garden equipment, tools, large ladders, and other long-handled items. Simply screw them into the studs for a secure installation. They are affordable and provide you with a great way to add more storage capacity.

6. Install Garage Wall Shelving

These shelves allow you to add a little more storage space while freeing up the floor for other activities. They also help you reduce clutter and achieve a tidy-looking garage. You can purchase a ready-made shelf unit or install a floating shelf that mounts directly to the wall studs.

7. Add Tire Racks

Having spare tires is a good idea, but a lot of tires in your garage can take up a significant amount of space. Consider getting tire racks to mount the tires on the walls so you can free up floor space and prevent any potentially messy accidents from occurring too.

8. Use Pegboard Wall Storage

Pegboards are another easy way to maximize the storage capacity of your garage wall space. The pegboard is designed as a hardwood sheet with evenly spaced holes that allow you to hang tools easily with hooks or hangers. If you don't mind spending much and wish for something more tough, a pegboard made with galvanized steel is also a good choice.

9. A Custom Cabinet System

If you have a large garage, you might want to consider installing custom cabinets. These units are big and designed to be tough, strong, and lockable. Your custom cabinets can be stocked up with all sorts of items, depending on your needs. High-quality cabinet systems will last longer and simply give your garage a more attractive, professional appearance.

10. Hang Metallic Trim Or Sheets

You may fully cover the garage walls with metal sheeting or instead use a modest strip of trim. These serve as a wall base and work well as a backsplash in a cabinet system's storage design. Metal corner guards may also be used to protect the corners from being scratched or scuffed.

11. Garage Baseboard

Baseboards allow various benefits such as a smooth wall-to-floor transition, water damage prevention, cutting down on drafts, and also helps to keep out pests. Baseboards can be a great addition to a garage to create an aesthetically pleasing and protective atmosphere. Vinyl and rubber wall bases are highly popular.

12. Wall Lighting

This can improve the look of your garage as well as provide you with better visibility. You can install overhead lighting in your garage or opt for ambient lighting. LED strip lighting is also an affordable option that can be used to highlight a specific area of your garage.

13. A Mini Workspace With A Folding Workbench

Foldable workbenches are portable, compact, and can be easily set up and folded away. They don’t use up any of your valuable floor space, which is a plus for garage owners with limited room to work. It is a highly useful addition to any garage, just ensure that your workbench is sturdy enough for your needs and has safety features to keep it from falling unexpectedly.

14. Add Wall Bumpers For Your Car Doors

Cars often hit garage walls, creating dents and scratches. Add anti-impact wall bumpers to the walls to absorb some of the damage. They are affordable and can help you avoid expensive repairs.

15. Install Overhead Storage Racks

Provide your garage with overhead storage space by utilizing the garage ceiling. This is a good option for those with limited floor space. Use it to store large items you don’t use or need regularly.

16. Hang Garage Wall Art

You can also add some form of art to your garage walls. This can be anything you like, but keep in mind that you don’t want your garage decoration to get in the way of functionality so generally a safe option would be to simply hang up some wall art to add color and character.

17. Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

Don’t let your valuable garden hoses be an eyesore by piling them up on the floor. Use a wall-mounted hose reel that neatly stores your hoses, keeping them out of the way and ensuring they don’t get dirty or tangled.

4 Alternatives to Drywall for Garage Walls

1. Sturdy Wood Sheathing

As mentioned earlier, wood is a great material for garage walls. You can use plywood or OSB for this purpose. Sheathing made with these materials is a great way to enhance your garage's insulation and prevent minor damage. They can be securely fastened to the wall framing with screws, and no taping or finishing is required.

2. Low-Maintenance Plastic

Plastic panels are affordable, durable, and easy to clean. Garage walls with fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels or plastic wall panels are the best in terms of low-maintenance wall finishes. These resist mold, pests, mildew, and moisture well. However, not all FRP and plastic panels can be installed to wall studs; most of them are intended to cover drywall or wood sheathing. Check the instructions on the product to confirm.

3. Practical Storage Panels

Pegboards and slatwall panels are ideal for garage arrangement, with many of them being built to fit over wall studs. Furthermore, if needed, these systems can be quickly rearranged to enable you to find the most efficient organization system for your garage that you're happy with.

4. Solid Cement Board

Unlike drywall, cement boards are extremely strong and durable. You can install them on your garage walls, making it simple to add tile or even stone veneer. You can build an exposed brick or natural stone wall look with this surface.

5. Consider Fire Codes First

When looking for ways to renovate your garage, you might think about drywall or other materials that are typical of home walls. However, it is best to adhere to fire codes by using specific materials recommended by experts. Some of these prevention measures include having drywall installed which helps to increase the fire resistance of walls. Drywalls slow down the spread of flame and heat, so before rushing and quickly choosing an alternative product, double-check your local area codes to see if drywall is a requirement there for fire resistance.


Different garage wall options and ideas should be considered to choose the best fit for the structure and style of each individual garage. They are an important part of the household that requires proper treatment. Use the tips provided here to help make your garage walls safer and more efficient.

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