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23 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Beds You Can Build From Scratch

Pallets are a versatile material that can be used for a variety of DIY projects around your home. If you're in need of a new bed frame, look no further than a DIY pallet bed....

Pallets are a versatile material that can be used for a variety of DIY projects around your home. If you're in need of a new bed frame, look no further than a DIY pallet bed. Not only are these beds affordable, but they can also be built in just a few hours.

DIY Pallet Twin Beds

For single sleepers or little ones, twin bed pallet frames are a great option that won't take up too much space. These beds are also perfect for beginners as they are smaller and require less build time.

  1. Twin Pallet Bed for Drawers This simple twin bed pallet frame not only provides a comfortable sleeping space but also offers some storage options. The open concept design allows you to neatly place loose items under the bed or create your own small drawers to fit within the openings.

Teddy bear beside a pallet bed Image: Teddy bear beside a pallet bed

  1. Metal Railing Give your DIY pallet bed an industrial look by adding dark metal end cap rails. While some creators turned this into a day bed, you can easily modify it into an everyday bed by omitting the extra side pillows. Adding wheels to the bottom of the bed frame allows for easy mobility.

Pallet bed with a lot of pillows Image: Pallet bed with a lot of pillows

  1. Sunken in Bed Unlike most pallet frames that are designed for the mattress to sit on top, this frame is made for the mattress to sink into. With side rails that are perfect for holding cups, books, or late-night snacks, this bed frame offers a unique touch. Euro pallets are recommended for this project, as they are lighter in design.

Blue pallet bed frame Image: Blue pallet bed frame

  1. Twin with Room to Grow Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Full Size Do It Yourself Pallet Beds

If you need more space, consider building a full-size bed frame from pallets. These plans are perfect for those who want to spread out and enjoy the rustic charm of a reclaimed wood bed.

  1. Simple Pallet Bed Trim the pallets to fit and attach them together using screws and wood glue for a more secure hold. This frame also features an attached headboard that can be customized to match your style.

Pallet bed with two people in it Image: Pallet bed with two people in it

  1. Minimalist Bed For those who prefer a simple and rustic look, this pallet bed frame is the perfect choice. With openings underneath for storage, you can keep small items like shoes organized. This frame can be made with just a few tools, such as a saw and nails.

  2. Pallet Bed on Wheels Make your bed frame easy to move by adding wheels to the pallets. This simple design only requires securing two pallets together and painting them a fun color.

  3. LED Light Bed Say goodbye to nightlights with this bed that emits a soft glow throughout the night. The open concept design of a pallet frame allows for the perfect placement of LED string lights, creating a cozy ambiance.

High pallet bed Image: High pallet bed

  1. Bed with a Headboard and Footboard This pallet bed frame features a beautiful reclaimed wood headboard and footboard, giving your bed a unique and rustic look. The frame is fairly easy to construct and can be finished in about a day or two.

  2. Bed with Pull Out Drawers If storage is a priority, this pallet bed design is perfect for you. The two pull-out drawers provide extra space for clothes, shoes, or other items. Adjust the frame's dimensions to fit your mattress size.

Queen and King Size Bed Options

For those who prefer larger bed sizes, these pallet bed frames are designed specifically for queen and king-sized mattresses.

  1. Simple Queen Pallet Frame This upcycled bed frame is made from the bottom legs of an old wrought iron IKEA bed and wooden pallets. The frame is large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed or a queen-sized bed with extra room on the sides. The open space underneath can be used for storage.

  2. Queen Sized Bed This easy DIY pallet bed frame can be put together in just a few hours, with no nailing, screws, or wood glue required. Simply measure your bed, lay out four pallets in a large square, and trim them down to fit. The weight of the pallets ensures that they won't move once the mattress is in place.

  3. King Pallet Bed This oversized pallet bed with a slight step-up on the edges is perfect for those who want an easier way to get in and out of bed. The addition of stick-on carpet provides a softer and comfier feel. The bed is about two full pallets high, lifting you off the floor for a comfortable night's sleep.

DIY Pallet Bunks and Lofts

If you're building a bed for two or in need of a sturdy loft bed, these DIY pallet projects will provide you with the instructions and inspiration you need.

  1. Pet Bunk Beds Treat your pets to a comfortable pallet wood bed with various designs to choose from. This project is also a great way to test your skills before building larger bunk beds for kids or yourself.

  2. Tree House Bunk Bed This bunk bed doubles as a playhouse and is perfect for kids. While it may take some time and effort to build, the end result is worth it. Disassemble the pallets, trim the wood, and slowly fill in the frame to create a treehouse-like structure.

  3. Loft Bed Get the full instructions here.

  4. Bed with Bookshelf Ladder Check out the project here.

Surprising Pallet Bed Projects

These non-traditional pallet beds are unique additions to any home or outdoor space.

  1. Moon Crib You've got to see this one here.

  2. Toddler Bed This toddler bed is smaller than a twin size and features a stained reclaimed wood side rail to keep your little one from rolling out of bed. While there are no step-by-step instructions, the provided pictures should give you a good idea of how to build it.

Outdoor pallet bed Image: Outdoor pallet bed

  1. Multi-Kid Bed Perfect for large families or multiple kids sharing a bed, this extra-wide pallet bed is ideal for a vacation house or guest room. The bed can be made using rectangular euro pallets or by trimming standard pallets to fit.

  2. Outdoor Bed Pallet Swing Instead of a traditional hammock, build this pallet swing that fits perfectly between two trees or on a metal frame. The base is created by securing two pallets together, and stability is ensured with the addition of 2x4s.

  3. Front Porch Pallet Swing Create a cozy front porch swing using pallets. The pallets form the base, and additional pallets can be used to create the back and side railings. Finish the swing with a stain or paint to protect it from the elements.

  4. Dual Twin Sectional These two twin beds can be converted into a sectional and wheeled into place when needed. This project is ideal for guest bedrooms or rooms that need to be functional when not hosting guests.

Before You Build

Before starting your DIY pallet bed project, consider the following tips:

  • Most home improvement stores give away or sell used pallets at a low price, making these beds affordable.
  • Pallets can be used as a pre-made frame or disassembled to create custom additions.
  • Measure your mattress and adjust the dimensions accordingly.
  • Have fun and get creative with your pallet bed design!

Now that you have plenty of inspiration and instructions, it's time to pick a pallet bed project that suits your style and needs. Happy building!