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25 Best Couches That Turn Into A Bed

A couch that turns into a bed is a must-have! We've all experienced having uninvited guests staying over at our homes, be it distant relatives or friends. And more often than not, we don't have...

A couch that turns into a bed is a must-have! We've all experienced having uninvited guests staying over at our homes, be it distant relatives or friends. And more often than not, we don't have extra beds to accommodate them. After all, not all of us can afford the luxury of having dedicated guest rooms.

That's when a sofa bed can feel like a blessing in disguise! Even more so for people who live in small apartments but are too polite to ask uninvited guests to leave. But with hundreds of options available, how do you select the best one? Don't worry; this guide is all you need.

Let's start by taking a look at the different types of a couch that can turn into a bed, followed by our top 25 picks.

Types Of A Couch That Turn Into A Bed

Types of Couch

1. Daybed

A daybed is perfect for small spaces where a traditional couch or loveseat would be too bulky. With its minimalist design, it can be placed practically anywhere in the house. And it does an excellent job of doubling as a twin bed for guests.

2. Futon Sofa Bed

Although futons were initially used in Japan, they have made their way into homes all over the world today. A futon mattress is thinner and firmer than a regular mattress, making it an ideal sofa bed for occasional use.

3. Convertible Sofa Bed

A convertible sofa bed, also known as a sleeper sofa, is slightly different from a daybed and futon sofa bed. It consists of a hidden regular mattress that can be used to turn it into a bed.

4. Pull Out Sofa Bed

Pull-out sofa beds come with a trundle that can be pulled out to turn it into a bed. These sofa beds are usually full-size or queen-size. Most modern models also come in an L-shape design, with a chaise or ottoman on one side.

5. Folding Sofa Bed

A folding sofa bed typically does not have a metal or wood frame, making it extremely lightweight and portable. They are mostly used for kids or carried on camping trips.

The Best Couches That Turn Into A Bed

1. Homelegance Ferriday Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Homelegance Ferriday Sectional Sleeper Sofa

The numero uno spot on this list goes to the Ferriday Sectional Sleeper Sofa from the reputed brand of Homelegance. It comes in two parts that need to be assembled - the left side 2-seater and the right side chaise. You can get it in three colors - Taupe, Gray, and Blue.

Its upholstery is made of 100% polyester, highlighted by contrast stitching in white. The 2-seater features a pull-out trundle that converts the entire thing into a comfortable bed. You can lift the chaise to access the hidden storage space. Moreover, its adjustable headrest is a bonus in terms of comfort.

2. Homelegance Platina Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Homelegance Platina Sectional Sleeper Sofa

The next product we have picked for you is another model from Homelegance. The Platina Sectional Sleeper Sofa is an exceptional three-piece unit consisting of a 2-seater, a chaise, and an ottoman. It is available in an elegant chocolate color.

Just like its higher-ranked peer, it comes with adjustable headrests for additional comfort. We especially liked its durable frame made of solid hardwood and 100% polyester upholstery. You can conveniently pull the bed out from under the 2-seater, and the ottoman has a hidden storage compartment. Keep extra sheets and pillows there when the bed is not in use.

3. Coaster Home Dilleston Sofa Bed

Coaster Home Dilleston Sofa Bed

The Home Dilleston Sofa Bed from Coaster Home Furnishings bags the third spot on this list. It is a tad bit different from our first two recommendations in terms of how it converts into a bed. You just need to push the top of the futon and the armrests if you wish to lay down.

We especially liked the pillow-top seating because of the unparalleled comfort it provides. The leather finish of the upholstery is durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear. You can choose from dark grey, brown, white, or black color variants of this couch. You may even purchase a matching chaise and a storage ottoman separately.

4. Serta Convertible Sofa Bed

Serta Convertible Sofa Bed

Now let's talk about the Convertible Sofa Bed from the reputed brand of Serta. You will appreciate the wood frame construction and the genuine bonded leather on this model. It is available in two elegant colors - Java and Ebony.

We especially liked how easy it is to convert it into a bed - it takes mere seconds. But that's not all; you can stop midway to get a reclining lounger, how cool is that! Moreover, it offers optimal value for money with the thoughtful inclusion of top-notch features like the Finger Guard to help avoid injury.

5. Novogratz Majesty Upholstered Daybed

Novogratz Majesty Upholstered Daybed

The next pick we have for you is the Majesty Upholstered Daybed from Novogratz. With this couch, we go back to the basics, as it comes with a pull-out trundle to convert it into a twin bed. Unlike most of the other options out there, it comes in one box and can be assembled effortlessly.

We loved the mid-century design of this sofa-cum-bed, with its sturdy wood frame, premium linen upholstery, and diamond-tufted backrest. And what makes it even better is the range of colors in which it is available - light green, light pink, grey, and blue.

And these are just the top five options! We have 20 more amazing couches that turn into a bed for you to explore. Each option has been carefully selected for its value, comfort, and durability. So rest assured, you will find the perfect sofa bed to meet your needs.

Conclusion: We carefully handpicked each of these 25 recommendations on three grounds - value for money, comfort, and longevity. And we tried to include a diverse range of products to cater to various requirements you may have.

On that note, we have reached the end of this comprehensive guide. We hope that you found at least one of our 25 picks to be perfect for your needs. Happy shopping and may you find the ideal couch that turns into a bed for your home!

Till next time!