25 Best Modern Staircase Runner Ideas for 2024

Are you interested in adding a touch of elegance to your home with a beautiful staircase runner? Look no further! DirectCarpet presents the top 25 stair runner design ideas and trends for 2024. Get ready...

Are you interested in adding a touch of elegance to your home with a beautiful staircase runner? Look no further! DirectCarpet presents the top 25 stair runner design ideas and trends for 2024. Get ready to be inspired and transform your staircase into a stunning focal point that will wow your guests.

Refined Interest Stair Runner

For a unique twist on a plain colored staircase runner, consider the Light Gray Stair Runner. This design features big chunky squares with a modern soft look, perfect for any home. It comes in various colors and is priced affordably.

Pet Perfect Stair Runners

If you have pets at home, Shaw's Run Free Stair Runner is a fantastic choice. This stain-proof runner comes in many colors and adds a touch of designer vibes to your staircase.

stain proof stair runner for pets Stain proof stair runner for pets

Modern Stair Carpet Runners

Create an air of luxury, warmth, and softness with a premium quality staircase runner. Exquisite Portrait is a modern, sophisticated, and fun design that will brighten up your home.

Modern-Stair-Runner Modern-Stair-Runner

Anderson Tuftex Marquet Carpet Runners

If you love the linen look, the Soft White Herringbone Patterned Carpet Runner is a perfect choice. It adds a unique touch of elegance to your stairs.

Stain Proof Carpet Runners sold by the foot

Staircases with pets, kids, and husbands require a stain-proof runner that is easy to clean. The Natural Artistry Smoke Screen stair runner is not only durable and easy to maintain but also adds a touch of natural artistry to your home.

Linear-Striped-Carpet-Runner Linear-Striped-Carpet-Runner

Herringbone Stair Runners

Herringbone stair runners are on-trend and make any staircase pop. Anderson Tuftex offers a super tough and beautiful herringbone carpet that is a thing of beauty.

Anderson-Tuftex-Herringbone-Stair-Runner Anderson-Tuftex-Herringbone-Stair-Runner

Bold Patterned Stair Carpet Runner

Make a statement with a bold patterned stair carpet runner. Anderson Tuftex offers a color that hides things well, perfect for those who want to add a touch of intrigue to their staircase.

Geometric Styled Stair Runner Geometric Styled Stair Runner

Waffle Patterned Carpet Runners

Add a waffle carpet runner to your home's current decor for a harmonious feel. This classic style of stair runner suits almost any home and won't break the bank.

Waffle-Patterned-Carper-Runner Waffle-Patterned-Carper-Runner

Shaw Tranquil Spirit Snowfall

If you want something exciting and eye-catching, Shaw's Tranquil Spirit Snowfall carpet runner is the perfect choice. It adds elegance and sophistication to your staircase, and it's easy to clean.

pet proof staircase runner Pet proof staircase runner

Two Toned Modern Herringbone Stair Runner

For a truly exquisite and elegant look, consider the Bay Of Hope Designer Stair Runner. With its two-toned luxury and durability, it's a win-win for your staircase.

herringbone stair runner Herringbone stair runner

Gray Stair Runner

Add a touch of gray with a hint of black to your staircase. This particular stair runner was featured on HGTV and is a favorite among design enthusiasts.

Gray-Carpet-Runners-for-sale Gray-Carpet-Runners-for-sale

Beige Stair Runners

For a budget-friendly yet luxurious option, the Ancient Treasure by Mohawk is the perfect choice. It fits all budgets and adds a hint of beige to your staircase.

Modern Pattern Staircase Runner

Brown and beige carpet runners are a timeless choice that complements any home's decor. The Cork Stair Runner is both easy to clean and adds a touch of sophistication.

Mohawk-Stair-Runner Mohawk-Stair-Runner

Jute Style Staircase Runner

Add some texture and liveliness to a boring staircase with a Jute Style Carpet Runner. It's super durable and a great choice for stairs.

modern stair runner Modern stair runner

Anderson Tuftex Batique Stair Runners

Counteract the cold and uninviting nature of staircases with the Anderson Tuftex Batique Stair Runners. The softness of these runners will instantly make your stairs more welcoming.

Clean white carpet runner

Create the illusion of space, light, and airiness with a clean white carpet runner. It's a perfect choice for contemporary and modern homes.

white-Stair-Runner White-Stair-Runner

Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Herringbone Carpet Runner

Herringbone patterns never go out of style, and the Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Herringbone Carpet Runner is a classic choice. Its chevron pattern adds a touch of sophistication to any staircase.

Herringbone-Carpet-Runner Herringbone-Carpet-Runner

Gray Striped Stair Runners

Gray is a versatile color that complements any staircase. The gray striped stair runner is not only stylish but also great for kids and pets.

Gray-Stair-Runner-Rug Gray-Stair-Runner-Rug

Cheap Nylon Stair Runner

Looking for a strong, durable, and affordable option? Shaw's Aerial Arts nylon stair runner comes in many fantastic colors and won't break the bank.

cheap nylon stair runner Cheap nylon stair runner

Bold Black Staircase Runners

For a contemporary style staircase, consider a bold black carpet runner. It adds a modern solid look that complements your home's design.

Black-Stair-Runner-rug Black-Stair-Runner-rug

Striped Stair Runners

Striped stair runners are a popular choice for those who want to add a playful touch to their staircase. Shaw offers a 100% nylon runner that is both durable and visually striking.

Striped-Carpet-Runner Striped-Carpet-Runner

Brown & Tan Stair Runners

Add a touch of warmth with a solid block of brown and a design pattern in tan. This stair runner is suitable for contemporary, beautiful, classic, and modern homes.

Brown-Stair-Runner-Rug Brown-Stair-Runner-Rug

Simple, Affordable Staircase Runners

Sometimes a simple stair runner is all you need to give your stairs a facelift. Mohawk's small square stair runner is affordable and perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance without breaking the bank.

Dark Gray Patterned Stair Runners

For a dark and bold look, the Twilight Jungle stair runner from Mohawk Industries is a perfect choice. It adds beauty and durability to your staircase.

Traditional Dark Brown Runner Rug

Looking for a classic and homely look? You can never go wrong with a traditional brown carpet runner. It hides stains well and adds warmth to your stairs.

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