25 Genius Toy Storage Ideas: Organize Your Child's Room with Ease

Are you tired of constantly tripping over toys and struggling to keep your child's room tidy? Look no further! We have gathered 25 brilliant toy storage ideas that will help you declutter your space and...

Are you tired of constantly tripping over toys and struggling to keep your child's room tidy? Look no further! We have gathered 25 brilliant toy storage ideas that will help you declutter your space and keep everything organized. From shelving units to stackable storage solutions, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and find the perfect toy storage solution for you and your child!

1. Utilize Shelving for Flexible Organization

A simple shelving unit can provide ample room to organize your children's toys. Display some toys on the shelves and store others in baskets, boxes, or bags. This versatile option can grow with your child, eventually replacing toys with books and stationery. Plus, you can keep things out of reach on higher shelves.

Shelving for Toy Storage Caption: Shelving for flexible toy organization

2. Space Saver Storage and Seating

Keep some toys on hand in the family room without cluttering up the space. A storage box that doubles as a seat is a great tool for keeping toys out of sight. The best part? It provides extra seating when you're entertaining guests.

3. Stackable Open Storage for Building Blocks

Say goodbye to building blocks scattered on the floor. Simple plastic vegetable racks serve as excellent storage solutions. They stack on top of each other, keeping building blocks organized and easily accessible. This budget-friendly option can be found in any hardware store.

4. Easy-to-See Low-Level Storage

No more digging to the bottom of the toy box! Plastic bins in a storage unit allow you and your child to easily see what's inside. Assign each bin its own toys, and remove them for playtime. When playtime is over, they can be easily placed back into their respective bins.

5. Plastic Bins for Small Item Storage

Plastic bins and containers are perfect for storing small items on shelves. You can color-code your child's Lego pieces or keep all doll accessories together. As your child grows, repurpose the bins for art and craft supplies.

6. Utilize the Space Under the Bed

Maximize the space under the bed with rolling carts or dividers for drawers. This DIY solution provides additional storage without taking up any extra space. You can easily access the items when needed and store them out of sight when not in use.

7. Plastic Baskets for Easy Storage

Keep all your child's electronics or dolls in one place with plastic baskets. You can choose baskets with or without handles, and line them with fabric if you're storing small items. This simple storage solution keeps everything visible and organized.

8. Repurpose a Shoe Organizer

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door to store various items without taking up valuable floor space. Whether it's teddies, cars, Barbie dolls, or art supplies, a shoe organizer can keep everything easily accessible and neatly stored.

9. A Play Tent With a Purpose

A play tent can do more than provide a fun hiding place for your child. It can also serve as a storage solution for indoor or outdoor toys. Store outdoor toys in the tent when not in use, and give your little ones a hiding place for them and their soft toys indoors.

10. Somewhere to Park the Cars

Create a designated space for toy cars to prevent them from hiding under furniture or causing unexpected tripping hazards. Use a wooden crate and plastic tubing to create a car park that your little racer will love.

11. A Simple Drawstring Bag for Easy Organization

Organize small toys such as cars, trains, or wooden blocks in a drawstring bag. Hang the bag from a door handle or hook, and choose one that matches your room decor. It's a simple and effective way to keep small toys organized and within reach.

12. Knit a Toy Bag

Put your knitting or crochet skills to use and create a chunky bag for organizing toys. This sturdy and washable bag can hold various toys for your little one, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

13. Utilize a Hanging Flower Planter

Repurpose a hanging flower planter to organize soft toys. With a fresh lick of paint and some added decoration, it becomes the perfect place to store toys. The transparent design allows your child to choose a sleeping buddy every night.

14. Hanging Hammocks for Stuffed Animals

Use net hammocks to organize stuffed animals and dolls in the corner of your child's room. These can also be strung across the bottom of the bed for easy access to favorite toys. Whether you're crafty or prefer ready-made options, there are plenty of patterns and choices available.

15. Double Duty for a Diaper Holder

Repurpose your diaper stacker as a storage solution for cuddly toys that are stacked at the end of your child's bed. Allow their cute heads to peek out and see what's going on in the room.

16. Shelving Unit Made From Plastic Crates

Fix plastic crates sideways to a wall using screws to create a versatile shelving storage system. Add as many or as few crates as you need, placing them at different heights. Use the shelves for board games, books, soft toys, cars, and much more.

17. Quick and Easy Open Baskets

Freestanding individual baskets are perfect for quickly decluttering a room and organizing toys. Stack them in the corner of the room and involve your child in sorting the toys. This way, they'll know exactly where to find them later.

18. Stitch Some Clear Drawstring Bags

Create clear drawstring bags for storing Legos, hair accessories, dolls' clothes, and other small toy pieces. This sewing project will ensure that those fiddly little bits never get under your feet again.

19. Storage and Play Mat in One

Save space with a play mat that doubles as storage for Lego bricks. Your children can build to their heart's content, and when they're done, they can simply pull the drawstring to store the bricks away.

20. Use Magnetic Knife Blocks for Cars

Instead of hiding your child's beloved cars, display them using magnetic knife strips attached to the wall. This creative solution turns the cars into a decorative element in the room while keeping them readily accessible.

21. Organize Toys in Your Yard

If your yard resembles a toy store, use metal buckets to store and organize outdoor toys. Place the buckets on shelves in the shed or garage to protect them from the elements. Consider adding lids for extra protection if needed.

22. Bath Time Baskets

Bath toys can take a while to dry out, especially rubber toys. Keep them organized and within reach using tension shower rails, hooks, and rust-free plastic baskets. This way, they're easily accessible during bath time and can dry properly afterward.

Bath Time Basket Caption: Organize bath toys with tension shower rails and baskets

23. Bath Storage on a Budget

Opt for a mesh zip-up laundry bag and a plastic hanger to store and dry bath toys. This affordable solution allows you to hang the bag from the shower head, ensuring that the toys dry properly after bathtime.

24. Look After the Little Things

Don't let puzzle pieces or small toy accessories go missing. Use pencil cases to keep all these small items together. This way, you'll always know where to find them.

25. Hang Your Board Games

If you're struggling to find space for board games, hang them using a closet organizer attached to a fixed pole. This simple solution allows you to organize multiple games and toys in a compact manner.


With these 25 genius toy storage ideas, you can transform your child's room into an organized and clutter-free space. Choose the solutions that best suit your needs and preferences, and involve your child in the organization process. Not only will these storage ideas keep toys in order, but they will also promote a sense of responsibility and tidiness in your child. So, get creative and start organizing!