25 Japanese Feng Shui Items for Your Front Door

Feeling a bit unlucky lately? Why not try incorporating the practice of feng shui into your life? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony and balance in your surroundings. It's...

Feeling a bit unlucky lately? Why not try incorporating the practice of feng shui into your life? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony and balance in your surroundings. It's also quite popular in Japan, where you can find a wide variety of Japanese feng shui items that can bring good fortune just by placing them by your front door. Here are some of our top recommendations!

The Front Door Is a Portal for Positive Energy

According to feng shui principles, the front door or entrance to your home is the most important area to focus on. This is because the front door acts as a portal for "qi," or movable life force. By placing different items at your entrance, you can alter the flow of qi and improve your fortune. For example, fresh arrangements of flowers by the front door can boost positive qi and absorb negative qi, ultimately enhancing your luck.

The front entrance of a typical Japanese house is often designed quite differently from that of a Western house, with additional furnishings like built-in shoe cabinets. However, many of the feng shui principles discussed here are applicable to other styles of houses too.

What Is Front Door Feng Shui? How Can It Improve Luck?

Let's delve into some specific feng shui tips relating to the entrance area of a home.

Doormats Should Be Made of Natural Material

Doormats can play a role in improving your luck. According to feng shui experts, doormats can absorb negative qi. It is recommended to use doormats made with natural materials, such as cotton, as they are most effective. However, remember to keep your doormats clean to ensure they continue to soak up negative qi!

Place Mirrors at the Side, Not in Front

Mirrors have the ability to multiply the good qi that flows through the front door. Feng shui suggests using octagonal mirrors for optimal results.

It is said that mirrors placed to the right can help you attain fame and social standing, while mirrors placed to the left can enhance wealth. Be cautious when placing a mirror directly in front of the door, as it may bounce back incoming qi. Careful positioning is key.

Add Houseplants

Houseplants placed by the front door can also improve your fortune, as they can transform negative qi into positive qi. Different plants have different benefits. For example, Pachira and Monstera plants are recommended for financial fortune, while Corn plants and Asparagus ferns are said to enhance luck in romance. Plants such as Pachira and Yucca can improve career prospects, and Snake plants and Yucca can ward off evil. If you don't have an entrance hall, you can place these plants outside the front door to achieve the same effect.

japanese feng shui plants Caption: Placing houseplants by the front door can improve your fortune.

Clean, Bright, and Aromatic: The Three Keys to Feng Shui in the Entrance Area

To enhance positive qi in your home, it's essential to have a clean, bright, and aromatic entrance area. Regardless of any lucky items you may have, positive energy will escape if the entrance is dirty or cluttered. Dark entrance areas can also trap negative qi, so it's important to let in as much natural light as possible. Additionally, a pleasantly scented entrance area not only uplifts your mood but also brings good fortune.

Must-Have Japanese Feng Shui Items for Your Home Entrance

The entrance to your home is where qi enters and leaves the house. Placing feng shui items in this area can help improve your luck. Here are some Japanese feng shui items we highly recommend!

Onigawara to Ward Off Evil

Onigawara refers to roof tiles that incorporate the image of oni, a kind of Japanese demon. These tiles have been used in Japan for over 1,400 years to ward off evil. Nowadays, you can conveniently place ornamental onigawara in your entrance area to improve the energy in your house. To invite positive qi, consider placing a "shokimen" (mask of a laughing oni) near the front door. The 12 "juzu" prayer beads depicted on the onigawara represent the 12 months in a year, symbolizing continuous positive qi throughout the year. The delightful grin on the onigawara's face is sure to invite positive energy through your front door!

onigawara Caption: Onigawara tiles can ward off evil and bring positive energy.

Daruma Doll: The Ultimate Lucky Item

Daruma dolls are one of the most famous auspicious items in Japan. Placing a daruma doll at the entrance is believed to improve the fortune of a house. Red daruma dolls, in particular, are thought to ward off evil, prevent illness, and protect against disasters. The color red symbolizes fire, intensifying luck and growth. This Edo Daruma doll, made using the traditional craft of Edo Kimekomi, adds a warm and inviting touch to your home. It features a charming expression that will welcome anyone into your house.

daruma doll Caption: Daruma dolls are believed to bring good luck and protection.

Maneki Neko: Indispensable for Front Door Feng Shui

When it comes to front door feng shui, Maneki Neko (lucky cat) is an essential item. Golden Maneki Neko, in particular, is believed to bring economic fortune. If you want your business to flourish or improve your financial prospects, placing a golden Maneki Neko by the front door is highly recommended. Ceramic Maneki Neko is a classic choice, but if you have children or pets, a durable Edo Kimekomi Maneki Neko made of fabric is a safe alternative. For business owners, a Maneki Neko with both paws raised is particularly beneficial as it invites both money and customers. This cat can serve as a charming mascot for your shop.

maneki neko Caption: Maneki Neko is believed to bring in good luck and prosperity.

Doormats: Wipe Off Negative Qi at the Door

Doormats play an important role in brushing off any negative qi that may enter through the front door. Natural material doormats are particularly effective in absorbing negative energy. Here are some recommended Japan-made doormats for feng shui:

  • Bright and Aromatic Tatami Mat: This mat, originally designed for yoga but perfect as an entryway runner, is made from natural soft rush. It not only adds a pleasant aroma to your entrance area but also brightens up the space with its vibrant colors. Soft rush also has deodorizing properties, absorbing bad smells and negative qi. Choose a color that complements your house decor for a stylish entrance.

tatami mat Caption: Tatami mats are both bright and aromatic.

  • Folding Fans: Add Some Elegance and Luck to Your Home

Folding fans are considered auspicious due to the shape they form when opened. They are believed to calm the atmosphere and ward off evil. Here are some Japanese folding fans that are especially recommended for front door feng shui:

  • For Business Success: A folding fan featuring a powerful horse is believed to bring luck in competitions and career advancement. This rare Edo Sensu fan is a true masterpiece made by skilled craftsmen. The spokes of the fan are bamboo, and the frame is naturally stained black. The elegant design adds sophistication to your entrance area and the gentle breeze from the fan brings positive qi.

folding fans Caption: Folding fans are believed to bring luck and ward off evil.

  • Japanese-Style Lights to Brighten Up Your Front Entrance

Lights not only brighten up the entrance area but also enhance financial prospects. Choose lighting fixtures that resemble natural daylight for optimal results. Here are some recommended Japanese-style light fixtures to improve the feng shui in your entrance:

  • Akita Cedar and Washi Paper Kumiko Lamp: This unique lamp combines traditional materials with a modern design. The lamp's sides are made of sturdy washi paper, and the top is adorned with a Japanese woodworking technique called kumiko. The center features the "asanoha" or hemp leaf pattern, which represents good health and growth. This lamp adds an element of traditional charm to your entrance area while bringing positive qi.

kumiko lamp Caption: Kumiko lamp combines traditional materials and modern design.

  • Wind Chimes: A Ring a Day Keeps the Evil Away

Wind chimes are known for their delightful sound and their ability to ward off evil. They are highly popular in Japan, especially during the hot summers. Here are some stylish Japanese wind chimes that are recommended for improving the feng shui in your entrance area:

  • Standing Wind Chime Crafted by a Japanese Artisan: This standing wind chime is ideal for those without a designated spot to hang wind chimes near the front door. The "umbrella" part of the wind chime is made of Kiyomizu porcelain, featuring an enchanting design resembling embossed snowflakes. The porcelain goes through a meticulous firing process to create this beautiful snowflake pattern. The gentle, bright tinkle of the wind chime will create a comfortable and invigorating atmosphere in your entrance area.

wind chime Caption: Wind chimes bring delightful sound and ward off evil.

  • Mirrors: Multiply Your Good Luck

Mirrors placed near the front door can enhance your social standing, fame, and financial fortune. Careful placement is essential to maximize the feng shui effects. Here are some popular Japan-made mirrors to improve your feng shui:

  • A Table Mirror With a Symmetrical Design: This table mirror boasts a symmetrical design with a touch of modern Japanese aesthetics. It is crafted using Edo kimekomi techniques, resulting in a refined and elegant appearance. Placing this mirror in an "S" shape near your front door improves feng shui while adding a stylish element to your entrance area. The gold color of the frame is believed to enhance your financial fortunes.

table mirror Caption: Mirrors can enhance social standing and financial fortune.

  • Pictures and Photographs for a Bit of Extra Luck

Hanging pictures and photographs in an "S" shape near the front door can improve qi. Here are some recommended Japanese feng shui items that can showcase your precious pictures and photographs while increasing your good fortune:

  • A Modern Japanese Frame to Display Your Photographs: This photo frame, created using traditional Edo kimekomi techniques, adds a modern Japanese touch to your entrance area. The frame is adorned with a hint of gold, symbolizing improved financial fortune. Display your photos in an "S" shape to enhance feng shui while adding a stylish element to your entrance.

photo frame Caption: Displaying photos in an "S" shape can improve your feng shui.

  • Glassware and Flowers That Boost the Qi of Your Home

According to feng shui, glassware and flowers placed near the front door can improve qi. Flowers emit positive energy and absorb negative energy, enhancing the energetic flow of your house. Here are some recommended glassware and flowers for this purpose:

  • A Flower Vase That Creates a Sense of Elegance: This Tsugaru vidro glass vase adds vibrancy to your entrance area. The vase itself can brighten up the space and improve the qi of your home. With its colorful design, this vase is perfect for those who prefer minimalism by the front door.

flower vase Caption: A flower vase can bring elegance and positive energy to your home.

  • Lastly, Keep Things in the Entrance Area Neat and Clean!

A clean and tidy entrance area invites positive qi. Conversely, a messy or dirty entryway can bring in negative qi, rendering lucky items ineffective. To improve your prospects and maintain positive feng shui, always keep your entrance area clean and tidy. Pay attention to items such as shoes and umbrellas to ensure a free flow of positive energy through your front door.

Remember, the key to effective feng shui is to create a harmonious and balanced environment in your entrance area. By incorporating these Japanese feng shui items and principles, you can attract positive energy and improve your luck. Try it out and may fortune smile upon you!

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