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29 of the Best Gray Paint Colors for Bedrooms: #17 is Gorgeous!

There's something about a striking gray bedroom. Gray is a highly sought-after color because it provides a strong base for any room. When it comes to decorating a gray bedroom, the possibilities are endless. But...

There's something about a striking gray bedroom. Gray is a highly sought-after color because it provides a strong base for any room. When it comes to decorating a gray bedroom, the possibilities are endless. But before you start decorating, it's important to choose the perfect gray color that complements your space. Whether you prefer a smoky gray or a bolder shade, lighter or darker, we've compiled a list of the best gray paint colors for bedrooms to inspire you.

1. Yellow Pop

Yellow Pop This perfectly gray bedroom features a pop of yellow that makes the smoky gray walls look absolutely stunning. The color is Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore. The room is decorated in a way that allows the gray to act as a backdrop to the stunning color combinations found within the space.

2. Orange Accents

Orange Accents This bedroom is accented by hints of orange and deep, dark wood tones. The floor and the orange elements seem to match perfectly, creating a harmonious space. The color is Passive by Sherwin Williams, and it provides a gorgeous canvas for this beautiful bedroom.

3. A Fine Farmhouse

A Fine Farmhouse This chic gray bedroom has a farmhouse feel with a modern twist. The color is Guggenheim Color G042 from Fine Paints of Europe, and it combines rustic elements with a bold color palette. It's not your typical shabby chic look, but it captures the essence of a modern farmhouse master bedroom.

4. Plays in Tone

Plays in Tone This bedroom features a darker-toned wooden floor paired with lighter gray-colored walls. The contrast creates an intriguing space where the colors bounce off each other. The color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, showcasing the versatility of a gray bedroom.

5. Hues of Gray

Hues of Gray This relaxing bedroom features subdued gray tones throughout the space, creating a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. The color is Ammonite by Farrow & Ball, and it envelops the room, making it the perfect place to weather a storm or enjoy a peaceful nap.

6. Gray Elements

Gray Elements This bedroom showcases various gray elements without overpowering the space. The walls are painted in Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore, a color that complements the lighter tones in the floor, bedspread, and decorative elements. The result is a harmonious and elegant gray bedroom.

7. Fresh Contemporary Bedroom

Fresh Contemporary Bedroom This gray bedroom exudes a fresh and vibrant vibe, making it ideal for a younger person's bedroom or a millennial couple who favors a minimalist approach. The color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, setting the tone for a modern and stylish space.

8. Clean and Classic

Clean and Classic This clean and classic look features walls colored in Cloud by Dunn-Edwards Paint. The room feels clean, fresh, and inviting, thanks to the abundance of natural lighting. The dark wood bed frame adds contrast and complements the other subdued color concepts within the bedroom.

9. Back Wall Gray

Back Wall Gray This charming bedroom features a solid back gray wall that acts as a supporting canvas for the rest of the space. The back wall color is Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball. This design choice allows other decorative elements, like the vibrant and colorful wallpaper, to stand out without overwhelming the room.

10. A Classic Interior

A Classic Interior This classic bedroom setup showcases gorgeous dark gray walls in Downpipe by Farrow & Ball. The clean concept is enhanced by the simplistic elements such as the lamp and side table. It's the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

11. Royal Gray

Royal Gray This bedroom combines subdued blue-gray hues with royal colors, resulting in an intriguing and regal ambiance. The gray walls provide a subtle canvas for the jewel tones in blue and purple to shine. The wall color is Elephant's Breath by Farrow & Ball.

12. White Gray

White Gray This bedroom features walls that are a creamy gray, creating a monochromatic color scheme. The subtle gray color allows textures and patterns to stand out, enhancing the overall design. The color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

13. Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow This bedroom combines a subdued gray color with intriguing yellow accents. The decorative pillows add pops of yellow and texture to the space. The color is Horizon Gray by Benjamin Moore, and it's a great way to incorporate mellow colors into the mix.

14. Bold Gray

Bold Gray This bold gray color serves as a gorgeous canvas for the pictures on the wall. The darker wall allows other decorative attributes to shine. The color is Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore, offering versatility and impact in a gray bedroom.

15. Subtle Bedroom

This bedroom is full of neutral whites, creams, and gray colors, creating a subtle space that invokes relaxation and peace. The wall color in this bedroom is Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball. It's a perfect example of how to incorporate subdued textures and colors without overwhelming the room.

16. Modern Polished Bedroom

Modern Polished Bedroom This modern bedroom exudes a polished silver pearl-like aesthetic. From the walls to the decorations and bedding, this room embodies modern elegance. The color is Modern Gray by Sherwin Williams, offering a sleek and stylish look.

17. Gray Morning

Gray Morning Imagine snuggling up in this bedroom during an early morning thunderstorm. This room radiates peace with its subdued gray colors and clean white elements. The bedding adds coziness to the overall ambiance. The color is Pashmina by Benjamin Moore.

18. Light Gray

Light Gray This bedroom features subdued grays that almost appear white. The abundance of natural light gives the room a bright and airy feel. The color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, offering a light and versatile gray tone.

19. Gray with Bold Attributes

Gray with Bold Attributes This design incorporates bold colors into a more subdued gray room. You can easily add intriguing colors through bedroom furniture, decorative pillows, couches, picture frames, and other elements. The wall color is Sleigh Bells by Benjamin Moore.

20. Decorative Colors

Decorative Colors These designs incorporate colorful elements into a subdued gray room. Adding texture and patterns through furniture and decorations can make your space more vibrant. The wall color is Sleigh Bells by Benjamin Moore.

21. Master Suite Designs

When decorating a master suite, the possibilities are endless. These room designs offer inspiration for incorporating color schemes into larger spaces. The wall color is Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore, providing a neutral and versatile backdrop.

22. Modern Suite

Modern Suite This bedroom showcases a modern suite look with subdued gray tones and bolder decorative attributes. It's a great design concept for incorporating both subtle and bold colors. The color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

23. Winter's Gate

Winter's Gate This gorgeous gray color creates a delicate canvas for interesting design colors. The color is Winter's Gate by Pratt & Lambert, offering a subdued and natural white overtone.

24. Comfort Gray

Comfort Gray Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams is a comforting gray color. It's a more subtle gray, allowing bold attributes to shine. It's a great choice for incorporating bolder elements into your space.

25. Subtle Perfection

Subtle Perfection This bedroom features Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore, a subtle gray color that allows other elements to take the spotlight. It strikes the perfect balance between interesting and understated.

26. Tranquil Escape

Tranquil Escape Tranquility by Benjamin Moore sets the tone for this tranquil gray bedroom. The lighter gray color allows bolder attributes to shine while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

27. All Gray

This bedroom is almost entirely gray, from the walls to the bedding and decorations. While it may seem like an abundance of gray, the subtle tones work together harmoniously. The color is London Fog by Benjamin Moore, offering a creamy undertone.

28. Clean Gray

Clean Gray This bedroom features walls painted in Windy City by Benjamin Moore, creating a stunning gray backdrop. The bolder gray color allows lighter elements to shine and adds impact to the overall design.

29. Casual Gray

Casual Gray Baltic Gray by Benjamin Moore offers a beautiful and versatile gray hue. This color allows both bolder and more subtle attributes to shine, depending on your desired design direction.

Choosing the perfect gray paint color for your bedroom can be a daunting task, given the abundance of options. Start with a simple color and gradually work your way up to bolder shades if you're used to beige or white walls. Alternatively, if you're up for a big change, try a bold gray and mix it with fun colors. The possibilities are endless, and it ultimately comes down to your personal style and preferences. We hope these ideas have inspired you to create the gray bedroom of your dreams. Share your experiences and insights in the comments section below!

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