4 Best Sites to Find Renters for Your Rental Property in 2024

Image: Woman landlord using a laptop Are you a property owner struggling to attract renters to your beautiful rental property? Having an amazing rental property is only half the battle - you also need an...

woman landlord using a laptop Image: Woman landlord using a laptop

Are you a property owner struggling to attract renters to your beautiful rental property? Having an amazing rental property is only half the battle - you also need an effective marketing strategy to get renters to view your listing and submit applications. In this article, we will explore the best sites for finding tenants in 2024, based on data from Avail.

What Are the Best Sites for Finding a Tenant?

Not all rental listing sites are created equal. Here are the top rental sites that have generated the most leads for landlords in the past year.

1. Apartment List

Apartment List takes the top spot, accounting for 19.18% of overall leads generated by landlords. What sets Apartment List apart is its pay-per-lease model, where landlords only pay when a renter moves into the property. While creating an account is free, the cost for a signed lease ranges from $399 to $449, depending on the metro area. However, discounts are available based on the size of your property portfolio.

Apartment List also offers verified badges for rental listings, instilling trust in potential renters and reducing the risk of online scams. With various features designed to generate leads throughout the year, Apartment List can be especially helpful during slower months.

2. Apartments.com Rental Manager

Rental Manager, previously known as Cozy, occupies the second position with 18.34% of total leads. Millions of renters turn to Apartments.com to find their next home, making it a popular platform. By listing your property on Apartments.com, your listing will also be published across their network of sites, including ForRent.com, ApartmentFinder, ApartmentHomeLiving.com, and Apartmentos.com. Upgrading to their Premium subscription allows your listing to reach an additional seven network sites.

3. Realtor.com®

Known primarily as a platform for homebuying, Realtor.com® has become increasingly valuable for marketing rental properties. This platform generated 15.32% of new leads for landlords, making it a go-to option for property owners. Listing your rental property on Realtor.com® allows you to reach a wide audience of potential renters. You can also enhance your listing by adding virtual or 3D tours and providing detailed information about your rental, streamlining the search process for renters. Additionally, Realtor.com® offers in-platform scheduling of in-person or virtual showings and applicant screening through Avail landlord software.

4. Zumper

If you're looking to expand your reach, Zumper is worth considering. It generated 10.67% of new leads for landlords in the past year. What makes Zumper unique is its filtering options, which allow both renters and landlords to input specific criteria. Landlords can set minimum credit scores or monthly income requirements, and Zumper will present potential renters who meet those criteria. In addition to publishing on Zumper, your listing will also be posted on Padmapper.

How to Publish a Rental Listing on Avail

If you own multiple rental properties, manually posting your listings on each site can be time-consuming. Avail offers a solution by automating the publishing process. With one click, Avail will publish your rental listing across the top rental sites like Apartment List, Apartments.com, Realtor.com®, Zumper, and more. Best of all, there are no additional fees for marketing your listing, allowing you to maximize exposure without extra costs.

Find Your Next Renter With Avail

To quickly fill vacant units, it's crucial to use platforms that generate qualified leads. Avail is a time and cost-effective solution for managing your rental property. With Avail, you can set up your rental properties, market your listings, schedule showings, and screen applicants - all for free.

Don't let your rental property sit empty. Start attracting quality renters today by creating an Avail account and taking advantage of their comprehensive services. Remember, a successful rental business starts with finding the right tenants.

Data pulled from the period between April 5, 2022, and March 31, 2023.