4 Top Modern Victorian House Design Ideas

Do you love Victorian-style homes but want something more unique? Revitalize your space with Modern Victorian house design ideas. Explore contemporary twists on a classic aesthetic for both interior and exterior settings. What is a...

Do you love Victorian-style homes but want something more unique? Revitalize your space with Modern Victorian house design ideas. Explore contemporary twists on a classic aesthetic for both interior and exterior settings.

What is a Modern Victorian house?

Before we get into the exciting aspects of how to go about designing a Modern Victorian home, it’s important to understand what they are and what these homes value architecturally. Victorian-style homes have captured our hearts since the late 19th century, a time when these homes were crafted to be unique, made to value a new revolution in our ways.

Can You Still Build a Victorian-Style House?

The charm of Victorian houses has yet to dull! Victorian homes are very much still prominent in the architectural community, adapting to a new way of doing things, thus creating the Modern-Victorian style of home.

The Mix of Victorian and Modern Designs:

Modern-Victorian homes, also referred to as Contemporary Victorian homes, embrace aspects of the Victorian era with Modern-day idealism. This style of homes still centralizes the intricate detail and craftsmanship of Victorian homes with a fresh modern perspective for decor. Similarly to a type Victorian layout, the modern Victorian homes feature 2-3 stories, with the living spaces, kitchens, and study rooms typically residing on the bottom floor while the bedrooms typically reside on the upper levels. While the architecture is similar, Modern-Victorian houses value the now popular open floorplan, typically allowing for the dining room, kitchen, and living to be connected with easy access.

Where are Victorian Houses Most Popular?

Due to the history of these homes and the era in which they were popular, most Victorian-style houses were only built in heavily populated cities. Cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New Orleans all feature an abundance of these homes as they thrived during the 19th Century. Yet, it’s not uncommon to find Victorian-style homes in most bigger, busier cities.

With a better understanding of these homes, let’s understand how to make these homes look effortlessly beautiful with the endlessly popular Victorian decor!

1) Embrace the Victorian Style

The best way to design an exquisitely beautiful modern Victorian house is to embrace the unique architecture and character these homes offer. Don’t be afraid to decorate around the dramatic windows or archways in these homes; Victorian style is all about the dramatics!

Victorian Plan 963-00797 Victorian Plan 963-00797

The intricate moldings, ornate woodwork, and decorative trim are key features of the Victorian style and should be showcased rather than hidden. This style is known for having a rich interior design; use the shell of the home to your advantage! Work with the windows and features to make a seamless mixture of modern and Victorian trends.

2) Choosing a Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for a Modern Victorian home involves striking a balance between traditional Victorian color schemes and more contemporary design sensibilities.

Victorian Plan 963-00816 Victorian Plan 963-00816

When choosing the color palette of your home, it’s important to take the space into consideration. For example, dark colors make rooms feel cozier but can make the space feel more confined. Lighter colors, on the other hand, have a more traditional, clean look while making the space seem larger. A handful of designers recommend choosing a “base color” to act as the backdrop to the rest of your decor. This could be a neutral, like cream, or a muted Victorian color, like a deep red or green. Additionally, Victorian homes often feature contrasting accent colors for trim, molding, and architectural detail; choosing two or three complementary accent colors to add depth to your space is a great idea!

If you want to go the more traditional modern route, we recommend using a balance of neutral colors in the home to give it an airy feel. For example, in the picture above, the home has neutral-toned furniture to balance the deep, rich paint colors. This pairing of neutral palettes with rich palettes allows for the space to be less overwhelming.

As for the exterior, Modern Victorian homes take a lot of inspiration from contemporary homes, as they pick either very light or dark colors. Modern homes take appeal in monochromatic color combinations, and these colors should work harmoniously and create visual interest. Remember that the right color palette can enhance the beauty of your modern Victorian home, highlighting its architectural details and character. Take your time to make thoughtful choices, and don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if needed.

3) Touch of Textiles

Selecting the perfect textiles for a Modern Victorian home involves finding a balance between the opulent and ornate aspects of Victorian style and contemporary design sensibilities. These homes welcome an array of textiles and encourage mixing a multitude of different materials.

Victorian Plan 963-00781 Victorian Plan 963-00781

When it comes to the color palette, you’ll notice Victorian homes incorporate a mixture of fabrics and materials to fit the theme. Imagine plush velvet drapes cascading around towering windows while silk cushions adorn a vintage chaise lounge. Luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk often make an appearance in the furniture and decor, while the walls embrace a multitude of materials: tiles, marble, wallpaper, and intricate woodwork. Mixing patterns and layering textiles add visual interest to the home. While preserving the grandeur of the past, mixing textiles allows your Victorian home to adapt to the demands of modern living. Comfortable, well-chosen fabrics make your space more inviting and livable, ensuring your home is a reflection of your lifestyle.

Similarly, this mixture of textiles is apparent on the exterior of the home. Mixing textiles on the exterior can be a game-changer, infusing your home with a unique blend of elegance and personality. Incorporating different stones or bricks on the exterior of the home creates a unique visual appeal. This can be a fun, unique way to mix different colors and textures to the home!

4) Go-To Details

Modern Victorian houses expand our ideas on the amount of character homes can have. There are specific decor features that seem to make their way into every Victorian home or inspiration for such.

4 Top Modern Victorian House Design Ideas 4 Top Modern Victorian House Design Ideas

The first of which is dramatic light fixtures that add a sense of grandeur, elegance, and authenticity to Victorian homes. Due to the noteworthy moldings and woodwork of these homes, dramatic light fixtures draw your attention to these intricate details, along with enhancing opulence and luxury. Along with the use of these light fixtures, you’ll notice the expansive use of large elegant mirrors. Oftentimes, the two go hand in hand, as the mirrors help to reflect the light into the room, allowing for it to seem more grandeur than it may actually be. Additionally, these large reflective focal points draw attention to detail in the rest of the home, magnifying the craftsmanship.

Besides both cohesive characteristics, most Modern Victorian house designs incorporate a lot of vintage pieces, giving character and historical aspects to the home. Victorian design has a timeless quality, and vintage decor pieces contribute to this enduring beauty. Even as design trends evolve, classic vintage items maintain their appeal and continue to enhance the aesthetic of Modern Victorian homes.

Choosing the Best Modern Victorian House Design Choices for You

Remember that decorating a Modern Victorian home is a creative endeavor, and there are no strict rules. The goal is to preserve and enhance the architectural beauty while creating a comfortable and inviting living space that suits your tastes and needs. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to decorating your own home. Choose what suits you and your ideals. Have fun designing!