40 Of The Coolest Beds You Can Buy

I bet you didn't know that a third of your life is spent in bed. You sleep, lay, and rest while scrolling your phone or reading a book in bed. If that isn't a sufficient...

I bet you didn't know that a third of your life is spent in bed. You sleep, lay, and rest while scrolling your phone or reading a book in bed. If that isn't a sufficient reason for young and old alike to invest in the coolest beds, then what else is? Take a glimpse at our impressive collection of awesome beds and make an informed choice on how you want to spend the rest of your life.

We have featured all of the most impressive-looking beds on the market, from stylish and futuristic modern beds to unique and creative beds with handy built-in features. They are all here in our epic guide of what we believe are the coolest beds in the world!

The Coolest Beds Ever for Your Bedroom

Discover the funkiest, most sophisticated, and coolest bed ever in our curated list below! These beds not only stand out for their fantastic designs but also for their functionality. Some of them can even float! Without any further ado, let's dive into the list!

#1 Private Cloud Rocking Bed - (coolest beds ever)

Private Cloud Rocking Bed Image Source: Private Cloud Rocking Bed

There's a very good reason why babies enjoy the rocking sensation on their cool beds, and there's no good reason why you cannot. This rocking bed takes you on a trip down memory lane and allows you to indulge in a pleasure previously reserved for the most demanding family members.

Enjoy this relaxing effect with your loved ones and spend more quality time getting life's stresses pampered out of your system. But for this design, we don't recommend reading or having a snack on it because it might get messy. It will be best to set it in your kid's room where they need such a rocking design the most.

#2 Copeland Astrid Platform Bed

Copeland Astrid Platform Bed Image Source: Copeland Astrid Platform Bed

Layout all of your day's worries on this cozy platform, and you might never want to leave your bedroom again. It is not only designed to provide maximum comfort but also to create great visual interest and give your bedroom that all-important touch of class.

The dramatic effect is enhanced when coupled with the matching nightstand. Also, consider having this bed in a tropical-themed bathroom as the wooden material can blend perfectly with the theme.

#3 The Levitating Bed

The Levitating Bed - a floating bed is one of the coolest beds Image Source: The Levitating Bed - a floating bed is one of the coolest beds

Want to give your bedroom a contemporary transformation and enjoy the delicate pleasures of modernism? Then this cool bed was made with you in mind. The floating bed illusion, combined with the effect of the lighting underneath the bed's beam, makes it the ultimate choice for any present-day home.

Even cooler, it comes with an attached nightstand to arrange your stuff. With its black and white design, this sophisticated bed will be perfect to replace your dull one in a minimalist bedroom.

#4 Crety's Modern Platform Beds

Crety's Modern Platform Beds - cool beds Image Source: Crety's Modern Platform Beds - cool beds

Are you thinking of a way to transform your bedroom space into a relaxing sanctuary? By all means, invest in this spacious platform bed. It'll let you get completely lost in your fantasy world and make every new day a pleasure to behold.

Its lacquer finish makes it a striking piece that adds warmth and style to the room. We also love the floating bed effect. You can add a nightstand with a similar color palette and a geometric-patterned carpet to support the sanctuary setting.

#5 VW Camper Bed

VW Camper Bed Image Source: VW Camper Bed

Many parents will agree that it sometimes becomes a nightmare to get kids to agree with your bedtime rules. You will never again have to worry about that if you surprise them with this ingeniously designed cool bed this season. Who needs bunk beds for fun? In fact, the problem might now become trying to keep them out of bed.

It can serve as both a decorative aspect to the room and also a comfortable bed for your kids to rest on. With such a bed, you also don't have to worry about narrow spaces, thanks to its perfect size.

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