5 Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors

Does the task of choosing one white paint feel almost impossible? Not anymore! This list of the 5 best Sherwin Williams white paint colors will help you narrow down your selection and make choosing one...

Does the task of choosing one white paint feel almost impossible? Not anymore! This list of the 5 best Sherwin Williams white paint colors will help you narrow down your selection and make choosing one color much easier!

Is white even a color? Isn’t picking white paint a simple, straightforward process?

These questions seem logical if you haven’t picked out white paint before. However, if you’ve ever picked out white paint, you know firsthand just how HARD it is!

Instead of a company offering only one or two white paint colors, they each offer dozens. I’m not kidding! And if that’s not enough, each white paint color has small color nuances that make it look very different from other whites once it’s on a wall.

But sometimes, those nuances are hard to see in small amounts. Like, REALLY hard.

I’ve been there. I know how difficult it is. And from the comments and questions I’ve received from readers, I’m guessing you may have been there (or are there), too.

So today, I have a tool for you to help you narrow down your list of white paints to decipher. I have a collection of the best Sherwin Williams white paint colors to share with you. These are versatile colors that are tried and true and have withstood the test of time.

And even if you pair this list of colors with my list of favorite Benjamin Moore white paint colors, you’ve narrowed the list from dozens (or hundreds) to 10 or less. So go ahead and put that stress ball away - I’ve got you!

5 top Sherwin Williams white paint colors on a wood tray next to a wood paintbrush 5 top Sherwin Williams white paint colors on a wood tray next to a wood paintbrush

Best Sherwin Williams White Paint FAQs

White Paint Undertones

Ok, here’s a brief vocab lesson. The “mass tone” (a.k.a., the overtone) is the primary paint color you see (blue, green, etc.).

Undertones are the minor differences in the mass tone that determine the exact shade. For example, the bit of gray you see in a particular blue paint is an undertone.

White paint can vary wildly based on the wide range of undertones that it can have.

Whites with yellow, red, or pink undertones will lean warm, while whites with green, blue, or purple undertones will lean cool.

White paint shades White paint shades

Various white paint colors contain any blend of yellow, pink, blue, green, or gray undertones and can lean warm or cool accordingly.

Seeing those subtle differences and matching them up with the lighting and decor in your home makes choosing white paint so tricky.

The best Sherwin Williams white paint colors are versatile shades of white that pair well with a vast selection of other colors.

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5 Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors

If you’re seeking to simplify the white paint color selection process as much as possible, one of the colors on this list should be exactly what you need.

I’ve collected a range of samples of both warm and cool recommendations, as well as white paints with undertones and clean options.

I’ll give a little information about each color and show an example or two of how it looks in real life.

White paint samples

NOTE: I have published more in-depth paint color reviews of each of these colors. If you’re interested in reading more details about any of them, just click through the links!

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

This beloved white paint has just enough yellow and gray undertones to warm it up and soften it. Its LRV of 82 and neutral base make it a light, versatile white that can shine its warm glow in any room.

Side Note: What is an LRV? It stands for “Light Reflectance Value” - in other words, how light or dark the color is on a 0-100 scale with 0 being pure white, and 100 being pure black. A light, bright white has a higher LRV. A deep, dark, saturated shade will have a low LRV.

It looks lovely next to warm wood tones and reads clean when paired with contrasting colors.

All in all, Alabaster likely became Sherwin Williams’s 2016 Color of the Year because it gives you all the benefits of warm whites without any of the drawbacks that yellow undertones often present.

1. A Favorite White with Farmhouse Vibes

How gorgeous is this bright but soft living room from Bless This Nest Blog? I just want to wrap it up and bring it into my home!

2. Perfectly Balanced White Paint

Living Letter Home shows how balanced this paint looks, yet there are just enough undertones for it to contrast with the trim.

Sherwin Williams Creamy

Creamy has a similar LRV to Alabaster (LRV 81), making it a bright off-white.

It’s a very warm shade thanks to its beige undertones that help it warm up any room while remaining neutral and creamy.

Comparing this color side-by-side with a clean white, such as Pure White, will look very creamy. Even then, it’s not as yellow as Dover White is.

However, it’s a bit of a shape-shifter and will appear clean in rooms with bright cool lighting or when paired with cool-toned decor.

3. Cozy Warm Bedroom Color

This bedroom from Nicole Regan demonstrates my point perfectly: Creamy might be the perfect bedroom color to create a bright yet cozy and neutral space.

4. Warm, Welcoming Exterior White

Creamy’s beige undertones make it a natural winner on exteriors where cool, bright sunshine can make other whites feel too stark and cold.

Creamy stays warm (but not too yellow, in my opinion), as displayed beautifully on the exterior of @offwhitefarmhouse‘s beautiful home.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound

With an LRV of 83 and slight greige (gray-beige) undertones, Snowbound is one of my favorite Sherwin Williams white paint colors on this list.

It leans cool and pairs best with cool colors (where it will usually read as a clean white).

The neutral undertones soften this shade, and while it tends to lean cool, don’t let this color fool you.

There’s just enough beige hidden in there to make Snowbound appear warm when you might least expect it to.

5. No Yellow in Sight for this Favorite White Paint

Notice how Snowbound leans cool (which reads as crisp and clean) in this kitchen from House of Nomad Design (photo credit: @laura_sumrak). The bright natural light washes out any hint of yellow undertones.

6. Best Backdrop for Bold Design

Since Snowbound leans just a tad cool, Maison de Pax made a brilliant choice of pairing it with blue so that it appears clean and neutral.

The gold accents warm this white shade up just enough to balance it out.

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Not to be confused with Benjamin Moore’s Pure White (which has blue and gray undertones), the Sherwin Williams version is a very bright, clean white.

There are just enough yellow undertones to lend the touch of warmth that keeps this paint from looking too bright or stark.

With an LRV of 84, it’s the brightest white on this list thus far, and it’s also the most neutral. Its crisp, clean profile is similar (but not as bright) as Extra White, which is probably most popular as a trim color.

7. Brighten Up Dimly Lit Rooms

House of Silver Lining shows us the neutral profile of Pure White. Not a hint of undertones in sight!

8. Stark (But Not Blindingly So) for the Win!

This white is bright, as Jojotastic shows us, but it simply looks gorgeous and clean with the dark accents in this kitchen.

If you have a room in your home that is lacking in natural light, going bright can almost never be a mistake!

While people tend to complain about spaces being too dark, you’ll almost never hear someone say the same about a room that’s light and bright!

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Greek Villa may have the same LRV value as Pure White, but it will look completely different in a room. Its mild yellow and green undertones cause it to read as a soft, creamy off-white.

Most of the time, it will feel warm, but there are times when it can appear completely neutral as well.

9. Clean White for the Laundry Room

Greek Villa is looking like the perfect clean color choice for a room that’s all about cleaning.

Within the Grove‘s laundry room shows off SW Greek Villa’s light, soft, and not at all yellow qualities.

10. Best Sherwin Williams White for a Warm Eclectic Space

Twelve on Main‘s living room shows off my favorite quality about Greek Villa: how naturally it pairs with wood accents!

That’s a wrap on this collection of my picks for the five best Sherwin Williams white paint colors. I hope this guide helped highlight some of the more versatile shades so you could narrow down your list significantly!

Please remember ALWAYS to get color swatches and use them in your home to see how a color behaves with your specific lighting situation and decor!

Pin these 5 Sherwin Williams paint colors for later. And if you use one, leave a comment on the pin! That helps others decide whether they want to try one of these colors, too!