55 of the Best Architecture Websites

Are you passionate about architecture and always looking for the latest updates and trends in the industry? Look no further! In this article, we will explore 55 of the best architecture websites that provide valuable...

Are you passionate about architecture and always looking for the latest updates and trends in the industry? Look no further! In this article, we will explore 55 of the best architecture websites that provide valuable information, inspiration, and resources for architects, students, and anyone interested in the field of architecture.

Architecture website roundup

The internet is a treasure trove of architectural inspiration and knowledge, but with so many options, it can be overwhelming to find the best websites to spend your time on. That's why we've compiled this directory of 55 of the top architecture websites, covering a wide range of topics and interests.

From news websites to resources for architects and design enthusiasts, these websites have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for the latest architectural projects, design principles, building materials, or construction techniques, you'll find it all here.

Architecture news websites

For those interested in staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in the architecture community, there are several online publications that share news articles, projects, competitions, and opinions. Here are a few of the best architecture news websites:

  1. ArchDaily: ArchDaily is the largest and most visited digital architecture publication. It offers news, projects, interviews, events, and competitions. It's a great resource for catching up on the latest industry happenings, finding inspiration, and even looking for a job or architecture challenge.

Archdaily logo

  1. Architect: Architect is an online journal by the American Institute of Architects. It showcases projects, industry news, and building technologies. It's a valuable resource for staying updated on what other firms are doing, new products, and upcoming awards and events.

Architect logo

  1. Azure: Azure offers a great collection of architecture projects, as well as coverage of interiors, product design, landscape design, and urbanism. It's a source of inspiration for anyone interested in viewing stunning architecture and design.

Azure logo

  1. The Architectural Review: The Architectural Review, founded in 1896, shares theoretical essays, critiques of culturally significant buildings, and architecture competitions. It's a valuable source for those interested in contemplating deeper questions about architecture.

Architecture review logo

  1. The Architect’s Newspaper: The Architect’s Newspaper engages in criticism and discourse about architecture, focusing on reporting news within the built design community. It's a great source for news and opinions about the field and adjacent fields, as well as locating upcoming events.

The Architect’s Newspaper logo

  1. Architectural Record: Architectural Record is a website and monthly magazine that covers news, commentary and criticism, building technologies, and continuing education. It's a helpful tool for architects, engineers, and designers to stay informed about industry happenings.

Architectural Record logo

  1. Metropolis: Metropolis covers a wide range of design disciplines, including architecture. It offers opinions, projects, and even a design TV section. It's a wonderful site for design enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Metropolis logo

  1. World Architecture: World Architecture is a platform that allows visitors to become members, share projects, and submit articles. It is a more inclusive platform for discourse and a great source for intriguing articles on projects, world issues, and current events in architecture.

World Architecture logo

  1. Dwell: Dwell focuses on home tours, real estate listings, and guides to designing a home. It's a great place for people interested in architecture to view projects and gain inspiration.

Dwell logo

  1. Architectural Digest: Architectural Digest is a famous monthly magazine and website that publishes articles on architecture, interior design, and landscaping. It's a great source for those who simply want to look at beautiful designs and interiors.

Architectural Digest logo

These are just a few of the many architecture news websites available. Each offers a unique perspective and valuable insights into the world of architecture.

Architecture websites for architects

For architects who are practicing or planning to enter the profession, there are websites that act as resources in the community. These websites provide forums, guides, unbuilt-project collections, and more. Here are some of the best architecture websites for architects:

  1. Architizer: Architizer showcases a large number of projects, including a significant collection of unbuilt projects. It's a great resource for architects searching for information on specific buildings or looking for inspiration.

Architizer logo

  1. eVolo: eVolo publishes articles about built and unbuilt architecture projects, design products, and software workshops and initiatives. It's a great place to gain inspiration, view successful ideas, and witness various rendering styles.

eVolo logo

  1. Life of an Architect: Life of an Architect offers insightful articles on what it's like to be an architect, including topics like preparing for thesis presentations and managing burnout. They also have a podcast covering many of these subjects.

Life of an Architect logo

  1. Study Architecture: Study Architecture is an incredible guide and resource for students, providing tips on becoming an architect, events, and useful websites. It also includes thorough information about different architecture schools, making it a valuable tool for choosing the right program.

Study Architecture logo

  1. Visualizing Architecture: Visualizing Architecture offers a gallery of unbuilt projects and architecture drawings. They also provide tutorials on architectural visualization. It's a great resource for aiding in projects or developing a portfolio.

Visualizing Architecture logo

  1. Archinect: Archinect is a popular forum for the architecture community. It allows users to publish editorials, news articles, and ask questions about schools, issues in the community, and working as a professional. It's a valuable tool for connecting with others in the architecture community.

Archinect logo

  1. Divisare: Divisare is an online collection of architecture projects from around the world. It showcases clear images of exterior and interior designs, and even includes floor plans for some projects. It's a great resource for gaining ideas for your next project.

Divisare logo

  1. Archhello: Archhello is a wonderful source for viewing architecture projects. They provide images, drawings, and articles on newly built projects. The website also showcases various products, making it a useful resource for researching buildings and locating manufacturers.

Archhello logo

  1. RNDRD: RNDRD features architectural drawings and models scanned from 20th-century design publications. It's a great resource for architecture students and those looking to expand their exposure to architectural visualization.

RNDRD logo

  1. KoozArch: KoozArch offers information on abstract projects and interviews with the people behind them. It's a valuable resource for exploring unbuilt projects and the work coming from architecture schools.

KoozArch logo

These architecture websites provide a wealth of information and resources for architects, whether you're looking for inspiration, guidance, or opportunities to connect with others in the field.

Architecture websites for design

While there are many architecture-specific websites available, some websites cover a broader range of design topics. These websites cater to those with a keen interest in architecture and design. Here are a few of the best architecture websites for design enthusiasts:

  1. Dezeen: Dezeen brings you the latest news, projects, and design products from around the world. It's a great source for staying up to date with the latest in architecture, design, and interior projects.

Dezeen logo

  1. Wallpaper: Wallpaper features articles on architecture, design, art, travel, technology, and more. It's a great place to explore a wide range of design disciplines and stay inspired.

Wallpaper logo

  1. Design Milk: Design Milk covers architecture, art, home furnishings, interior design, fashion, technology, and more. It's a great resource for design enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest trends and innovations.

Design Milk logo

  1. Design Boom: Design Boom covers architecture, art, interiors, design, and technology. It offers a wide range of articles, interviews, and an extensive library of design-related products.

Design Boom logo

  1. The Design Files: The Design Files focuses on residential architecture, interiors, and gardens in Australia. It's a great resource for viewing projects and gaining inspiration.

The Design Files logo

  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where you can find inspiration from a wide range of design disciplines, including architecture. It's a great resource for creating mood boards and gathering ideas for your own projects.

Pinterest logo

  1. Are.na: Are.na is a social networking site for creatives, where you can find and share inspiration in various design disciplines. It's a great resource for discovering new ideas and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Are.na logo

  1. Design Week: Design Week covers a wide range of design disciplines, including graphic design, industrial/product design, and exhibition design. It's a valuable resource for staying informed about what's happening in the design world.

Design Week logo

  1. Gray: Gray covers architecture, design, and the arts. It features articles on newly built projects, as well as conversations with innovative designers.

Gray logo

These architecture websites offer a wealth of information and inspiration for design enthusiasts, covering various topics and design disciplines.

Architecture firm websites

Architects often visit the websites of architecture firms to view their projects and gain inspiration for their own work. Here are some notable architecture firm websites:

  1. OMA: The Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is an international architecture firm known for its innovative designs. Their website showcases their most recent projects and provides detailed information about each one.

OMA logo

  1. SOM: Skidmore, Owings, and Merrell (SOM) is another renowned architecture firm with a wide range of projects. Their website provides information on their completed and upcoming projects, as well as their plans for climate action.

SOM logo

  1. Gensler: Gensler is the largest architecture firm in the world and works on a variety of projects. Their website highlights their completed and planned projects, as well as research and publications.

Gensler logo

  1. Perkins and Will: Perkins and Will is a global architecture firm with a focus on sustainable design. Their website showcases their projects and research initiatives, providing valuable insights into their design process.

Perkins and Will logo

These architecture firm websites offer a glimpse into the work and design philosophies of some of the most respected firms in the industry.

Architecture website design examples

Aside from architecture firms, there are other architecture-related websites that offer design examples for creating your own website. Here are a few notable examples for website design inspiration:

  1. Team TDA: Team TDA is an architecture, engineering, and project management practice that specializes in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Their website features an aesthetically pleasing design, engaging graphics, and clearly outlined objectives.

Team TDA logo

  1. d.esk: d.esk is a practice that uses paper to investigate design possibilities. Their website features elegant typography, a simple layout, and stunning photography of their paper models. It's a great example of effective visual representation.

d.esk logo

  1. Flora Studio: Flora Studio shares digital renderings of scale models, line drawings, and post-digital drawings. The website is simple and showcases their work with clean visuals.

Flora Studio logo

These architecture website design examples demonstrate the effective use of visuals, layout, and typography to create visually engaging and informative websites.

Most useful websites for architects

In addition to news, inspiration, and design examples, there are websites that offer valuable resources for architects. These websites provide tutorials, tools, and platforms for architects to improve their skills and enhance their projects. Here are a few useful websites for architects:

  1. HowtoRhino: HowtoRhino offers free training on Rhino, a 3D computer-aided design software commonly used in architecture. It's a great resource for learning or improving your Rhino skills.

  2. Food4Rhino: Food4Rhino is a marketplace for third-party plugins for Rhino. These plugins can help you perform complicated commands or model unique geometries more efficiently.

  3. AmbientCG: AmbientCG offers a collection of free textures that can be used in architectural renderings. It's a valuable resource for adding realistic materials to your projects.

  4. Sketchfab: Sketchfab is a digital marketplace for 3D models. It's a great resource for finding pre-made models or showcasing your own architectural designs.

  5. CadSoftTools: CadSoftTools develops software for drawings, diagrams, and 3D models. Their website includes a free PDF to DWG file converter, which can be helpful in transferring drawings to 3D software.

  6. Cargo: Cargo is a website builder that allows you to create your own professional portfolio website. It's a great tool for architects looking to showcase their work and connect with potential clients.

  7. Pimp my Drawing: Pimp my Drawing offers a library of free silhouettes of people, trees, cars, plants, and furniture. These elements can enhance your architectural drawings and make them more visually appealing.

  8. Drawing Matter: Drawing Matter is an online database of architectural drawings from the sixteenth century to the present day. It's a valuable resource for researchers, students, and practitioners interested in studying architectural drawings.

These websites provide essential resources and tools for architects, whether you're looking to improve your skills, enhance your projects with materials and 3D models, or showcase your work with a professional website.

In conclusion...

The internet has revolutionized the way we access information and connect with others in the architecture industry. Through these 55 best architecture websites, you can stay informed, inspired, and connected with the latest developments, projects, and resources in the field. From news and design inspiration to tutorials, tools, and online communities, these websites offer a wealth of information for architects, students, and design enthusiasts. Explore, learn, and immerse yourself in the world of architecture through these valuable online resources!

What are the best websites for learning the basics of architecture?

Some of the best websites for learning the basics of architecture include ArchDaily, Skillshare, Coursera, Architecture.com, and studyarchitecture.com. These websites provide valuable resources, courses, and information on architectural design principles, history, and theory. They are great starting points for understanding the fundamentals of architecture and building a strong foundation of knowledge.

How do I start learning about architecture?

To start learning about architecture, familiarize yourself with the basics, study architectural history, get hands-on experience, take online courses, consider a degree in architecture, join a community, visit buildings, and explore architecture-related websites and publications. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and exposure to architectural projects and resources, you can begin your journey of learning and exploring the world of architecture.

What is the best architecture website?

The best architecture website is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular and highly regarded architecture websites include ArchDaily, Dezeen, Archinect, Architizer, and Architecture.com. These websites offer a wide range of resources, articles, projects, and inspiration for architects at various stages of their careers.

What websites are like ArchDaily and Archello?

Websites that are similar to ArchDaily and Archello in terms of providing resources, news, projects, and architectural inspiration include Dezeen, Architizer, Designboom, Archinect, ArchiExpo, World-Architects, The Architect's Newspaper, and more. These websites cover a wide range of architectural topics and offer valuable insights and resources for architecture professionals and enthusiasts alike.