Avail: The Ultimate Property Management Software for Landlords

Are you a landlord looking for an efficient and user-friendly property management solution? Look no further! Avail is the best free rental property listing site that offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you...


Are you a landlord looking for an efficient and user-friendly property management solution? Look no further! Avail is the best free rental property listing site that offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you streamline your rental process. With over 400,000 satisfied landlord users, Avail is a trusted platform that provides an array of features designed to meet your specific needs.


FastPay: Get Paid Faster

One of Avail's standout features is FastPay, which allows landlords to receive rent payments from tenants as soon as the next business day. Say goodbye to the typical waiting period of three to five days for ACH transfers. With FastPay, you can enjoy quick money transfers, ensuring that you receive your rent without delay.

FastPay FastPay - Get your rent payments quickly.

Rent Price Analysis: Stay Competitive

Avail's Rent Price Analysis feature provides landlords and real estate investors with a comprehensive report on rental market trends and current rent prices in their area. With this valuable information, you can compare your property to nearby rentals and receive a rent estimate within minutes. Stay competitive in the rental market and maximize your rental income.

Rent Price Analysis Rent Price Analysis - Stay competitive with accurate rent estimates.

Property Accounting: Simplify Financial Management

Avail's recently integrated property accounting software is a game-changer for landlords. It enables you to track rental property income and expenses seamlessly. By syncing payments, maintenance costs, and other transactions, you gain real-time insights into your rental property's financial performance. You can also categorize transactions according to IRS guidelines, making tax season a breeze.

Property Accounting Property Accounting - Effortlessly manage your rental property finances.

Rental Listings: Attract the Right Tenants

Avail's Rental Listings feature empowers landlords to create and publish comprehensive listings that attract potential tenants. You can write detailed descriptions, upload high-quality photos, and list desired amenities to showcase your property in the best light. Avail automatically syndicates your listings to top rental sites nationwide, generating more leads and increasing your chances of finding the right tenants.

Rental Listings Rental Listings - Create attractive listings that get noticed.

Plans and Pricing

Avail offers two plans for landlords: the Unlimited plan and the Unlimited Plus plan. The Unlimited plan is absolutely free and includes syndicated listings, background screening, state-specific leases, and online rent collection. You'll also have access to maintenance tracking and accounting software for landlords.

The Unlimited Plus plan, priced at $7 per month, includes all the features of the Unlimited plan, along with premium features such as FastPay rent payments, waived ACH fees, customizable applications and leases, and the ability to clone/reuse lease agreements.

Avail also charges for additional services:

  • ACH fees — $2.50 per transaction (waived for Unlimited Plus users)
  • Credit and debit card fees — 3.5% per transaction
  • Tenant screening and background checks — $55 per report
  • Rent analysis report - $19.99

Plans and Pricing Plans and Pricing - Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Legal documents and lease agreements: Avail provides access to a library of legal documents, including lease agreements, move-in/move-out checklists, and eviction notices. Landlords can easily customize and generate these documents as needed.

  • FastPay for quick payments: The FastPay feature on Avail is particularly beneficial for landlords who want to receive rent payments promptly. It allows landlords to receive rent payments as soon as the next business day, eliminating the typical waiting period of 3 to 5 days for ACH payments.

  • Integrations with other platforms: Avail integrates with various third-party platforms, such as accounting software for real estate investors and online listing services, providing a more seamless rental management experience.


  • Difficulty customizing the platform for some real-life use cases: Avail has been criticized for its lack of customization and adaptability to certain real-life scenarios. Some users have reported issues with the platform's handling of credit ratings, potentially causing complications for foreign individuals and potentially infringing on Fair Housing laws.

  • No mobile app: While Avail plans to create Android and iOS apps in the future, currently, it can only be accessed through the web.

  • Poor reporting module: The platform's reporting capabilities may not meet the needs of all users. Generating reports may require additional time and effort to transform them into a usable spreadsheet format.


Avail seamlessly integrates with various platforms to enhance your rental management experience. Some of the notable integrations include Realtor.com, HouseLogic, Zumper, HelloSign, Matterport, TransUnion, Redfin, Rentberry, ApartmentGuide, and Movoto.

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