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A Cool Camping Experience: The 6 Best Tent Air Conditioners to Beat the Heat

The summer is a splendid time to explore hidden swimming spots and take your kayak out on the water. But if you're a tent camper, the thought of sleeping in a stifling hot tent might...

The summer is a splendid time to explore hidden swimming spots and take your kayak out on the water. But if you're a tent camper, the thought of sleeping in a stifling hot tent might make you hesitate. Fear not! There are air conditioner units specifically designed for tent camping that will keep you cool as you embark on your summer adventures. Let's dive into the different types of tent air conditioners, what to look for, and our top recommendations for beating the heat while camping.

Can You Really Use AC in A Tent?

When the summer heat hits, don't abandon your tent. You can still enjoy camping with the comfort of an air-conditioned tent. In fact, there are various types of air conditioners specifically designed for tent camping. Let's explore these options to find the one that suits your camping needs best.

Types of Air Conditioners for Tent Camping

Portable DC-Based Units

The most tent-friendly air conditioners are small, portable DC-based units that can run off batteries or shore power. These lightweight units are easy to take with you on a camping trip and work in all climates. They also dehumidify the air for additional comfort. Keep in mind that their power consumption is higher, especially when running on battery power.

AC In a Tent? Can You Really Use AC in A Tent? Yes you can!

Portable Residential Units

Another option for tent camping is a portable residential unit that uses 120 or 240V power. While these units are not specifically designed for tents, they can still be used with some planning. Window-type air conditioners are also suitable for tents, but they require an external power supply like a shore power plug or generator.

Summer campsite with AC for tents camping Just because you’re sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner.

Micro Evaporative Coolers

Micro Evaporative Coolers work only in dry climates. They pass outdoor air over water-saturated pads, causing evaporation and reducing air temperature. These coolers are not suitable for humid conditions, so keep that in mind when choosing your cooling solution.

Ice Chest Coolers

Ice chest coolers use stored ice to distribute cold air. Icy Breeze is known for manufacturing these types of coolers. However, they are not as effective in humid climates and do not remove humidity from the air.

Tent with air conditioner Don’t let the summer heat stop you from camping.

What to Look for in a Tent Air Conditioner

When shopping for a tent air conditioner, there are a few factors to consider. First, consider the noise level. You want a unit that won't disturb your sleep or annoy your neighbors. Portability is also essential, especially if you're hiking to your campsite. Look for a lightweight unit that can run on batteries or a generator.

Another crucial factor is the unit's ability to pump heat outside and dehumidify. Simply circulating the air won't suffice during scorching temperatures. You need an air conditioner that can effectively remove both heat and humidity for optimal comfort. Lastly, pay attention to the power rating, particularly the BTUs. The size and square footage of your tent will determine the appropriate power level.

Our Top Picks: The 6 Best ACs for Tent Camping

Now that you know what to look for in a tent air conditioner, here are our top recommendations to keep you cool during your camping adventures:

1. Best DC Micro AC: Zero Breeze Mark 2

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 takes the top spot for its portability and lightweight design. This AC unit weighs only 17lbs and is specifically designed for cooling small spaces like tents. It is highly efficient at dehumidifying, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. While it can run on battery power, additional external power supply is recommended for longer runtime.

Zero Breeze Tent Setup Zero Breeze Mark 2 installed in a tent.

2. Micro Mini Split: Ukoke USPC06C

The Ukoke USPC06C operates similarly to a mini split AC unit and is one of the smallest options suitable for tents. With 6500 BTUs, it can cool up to 200 square feet, making it more than sufficient for most tents. It features an efficient compressor, eco-friendly refrigerant, and low noise level.

3. Best Window AC: Midea U Shaped Window Air Conditioner

If you prefer a window unit, the Midea U Shaped Window Air Conditioner is a great option. With 8000 BTUs, it can cool up to 350 square feet, which is more than enough for most tents. Its ultra-quiet operation ensures a peaceful night's sleep. Please note that this unit requires 120V power and may require modifications to fit through a tent door.

4. Best Portable AC: BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner offers reliable cooling for your tent. With 8000 BTUs, it can cool up to 350 square feet. This portable AC unit is vented, so make sure you have a way to direct the exhaust hose outside the tent. It comes with a remote control for easy operation and offers multiple settings for your comfort.

5. Best Ice Chest Air Conditioner: Icy Breeze

Icy Breeze offers two models of ice chest air conditioners with a lifetime warranty. While these units can lower the temperature, they lack dehumidifying capabilities and require regular ice replenishment. Therefore, they may not be the best choice for humid climates.

6. Best Mini Evaporative Cooler: Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

For those interested in evaporative cooling, the Evapolar evaCHILL is a lightweight and affordable option. Weighing less than two pounds, it's highly portable and operates quietly. Keep in mind that this personal air cooler is suitable for small tents and may not be effective in larger spaces.

rainfly off zero breeze tent cooler Rainfly off to let heat out, on to trap cool and dehumidified air.

Tips for Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Aside from investing in a tent air conditioner, there are a few additional tips to help you stay cool while camping:

Be Mindful of Your Setup Location

When choosing a campsite, try to find a spot in the shade that also allows for a breeze to pass through your tent. This will help alleviate some of the heat and keep you more comfortable during the day.

Use a Sunshade Instead of a Rainfly

If rain isn't in the forecast, remove the rainfly from your tent. Instead, use a sunshade that sits about 12 inches above your tent. This will allow for better airflow and prevent the heat from getting trapped inside.


Don't let the summer heat deter you from enjoying your camping adventures. With the right tent air conditioner, you can stay cool and comfortable throughout your trip. Consider the type of air conditioner that best suits your needs, and remember to look for features like noise level, portability, dehumidifying capabilities, and power rating. Whether you choose a portable DC-based unit, a mini-split, a window AC, a portable AC, an ice chest cooler, or a mini evaporative cooler, you can beat the heat and make the most of your camping experience. Happy camping!

What do you think of these AC for tents camping options? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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