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7 Beautiful "Princess Beds" To Transform Any Bedroom into a Fairytale

Princesses, castles, fairy tales - these are all classic elements of a child's bedroom. And what better way to complete the theme than with a novelty-style princess bed? Whether it's adorned with a crown, castle,...

Princesses, castles, fairy tales - these are all classic elements of a child's bedroom. And what better way to complete the theme than with a novelty-style princess bed? Whether it's adorned with a crown, castle, or jewel motif, a princess bed can truly transform any bedroom into a fairytale wonderland. In this article, we will guide you through seven stunning princess beds that we absolutely adore. So, if you're in the market for a princess bed, keep reading to discover where to find them and get some tips for choosing the perfect one.

7 Princess Beds We LOVE

1. The Princess Bed by Maxtrix Kids

the-princess-bed different-princess-bed-colors

What customers love: Completely customizable. Available in a variety of different wood stains, fabric colors, and configurations.

2. The Disney Canopy Princess Bed by Delta Children Store

variety-princesses-bed disney-frozen-princess-bed

What customers love: Affordably priced. Variety of princesses to choose from.

3. Princess Carriage Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings


What customers love: Simple, elegant, and fun.

4. The Castle Loft Bed by Pottery Barn Kids


5. Princess Canopy Curtain by Lotus Karen Store


What customers love: Attaches to any bed set. Affordably priced.

6. The Princess Castle Bunk Bed by Merax


What customers love: Bunk bed that sleeps two people. Bed and play structure.

7. The Pretty Princess Bedding Set by Disney

princess-bedding-set frozen-princess-bedding ariel-princess-bedding

What customers love: Affordable way to turn any bed into a princess theme. Variety of different princesses to choose from.

Are There Princess-Themed Beds?

Absolutely! There are plenty of princess-themed beds available both online and in local furniture stores. From classic white headboards to decked-out themed beds with princess characters, you'll find a range of options to suit your child's preferences. Some beds even resemble a Cinderella pumpkin coach or a castle with bunk beds inside. Additionally, skilled artisans can create custom princess bed frames tailored to your specifications. In short, no matter what aspect of the princess theme your child loves the most, there is a bed designed around it.

How Much Does a Princess Bed Cost?

The cost of a princess bed typically depends on its size. Toddler princess beds are generally more affordable than those designed for older children. A toddler bed may cost just a few hundred dollars, while larger beds can range from a thousand dollars to over ten thousand for luxury models from Europe. It's worth considering additional factors such as shipping and delivery fees, as these can impact the overall cost.

The Different Kinds of Princess Beds Available

Princess beds come in various shapes, colors, and styles to suit your child's interests. Here are some popular options:

Princess Character Beds

The most common style, these beds feature princess characters painted or stamped on them. They are a great choice if your child has a favorite princess and their associated color palette. These beds are often easy to assemble and can be found at affordable prices.

Castle Beds

Castle beds can be grand and impressive, with two tall towers, stairs, or a flat castle piece attached to the bed. Some castle beds even come in bunk bed configurations. These beds provide imaginative play spaces, with alcoves, shelves, and windows to create a castle-like feel.

Carriage Beds

For a classic and elegant look, consider a carriage bed. These beds often feature metal wheels and a pumpkin-like framework, perfect for little ones who adore Cinderella. Canopies and fairy lights can be added to create a magical ambience, and some models come with curtains for added privacy.

How to Choose the Right Princess Bed for Your Child

Choosing the perfect princess bed depends on your child's age and their preferences. Consider the following factors:

How Old Is Your Child?

For toddlers, opt for easy-to-assemble beds that can accommodate their growth. Look for bed frames labeled "toddler to twin" to avoid having to purchase a new bed as they get older. If your child is older and fits into a twin bed, the options are more flexible, allowing for carriage or castle beds to create a more elegant space.

Do You or Your Child Like Decorating or Adding to A Room?

Some princess beds offer creative opportunities for decoration. Metal carriage beds can be adorned with canopies and fairy lights, while wooden beds can be painted and personalized with rhinestones or stencils. Don't forget to explore various bedding options that match your child's preferences.

How Big Should the Bed Be?

Consider the size of the bed in relation to the room. Ensure that the bed makes a statement without overwhelming the space. It's important for your child to feel comfortable and have enough room to play and relax.

Will You Need to Move the Bed Often?

If you anticipate moving the bed frequently, choose a bed with fewer parts or an easy-to-disassemble frame. Some models even offer foldable frames to simplify the moving process.

What is Your Budget?

Set a budget based on your child's preferences and cross-check it with available options. Remember to factor in additional costs like shipping and delivery fees.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Novelty-Style Bed Frame

Deciding on a novelty-style bed frame is a significant investment. Consider the following pros and cons:

Pro #1: Princess-Style Bed Frames are Cute and Fun

Novelty-style bed frames, like princess beds, are undeniably adorable and bring an element of fun to your child's room. They can create excitement around naptime and bedtime, making your child feel secure and comforted. Additionally, they double as a fun play space, leading to imaginative adventures with dolls and toys.

Pro #2: Decorating Around the Bed Makes a Fun Activity

A novelty-style bed becomes the centerpiece of the room, allowing you to gradually add decorations and accessories to complete the theme. Canopies, fairy lights, and themed storage bins can enhance the overall ambiance and provide a creative outlet for you and your child.

Pro #3: You Don't Always Lose the Functionality of a Regular Bed

Despite their unique designs, many novelty-style beds still offer functionality. Some beds provide under-bed storage options or can be paired with decorative storage bins to maximize space and keep the room organized.

Con #1: Your Child Will Eventually Grow Out Of the Bed

As your child grows, their interests and preferences will evolve. They may outgrow their princess bed or desire a change in theme. Novelty-style bed frames are less versatile in adapting to different themes compared to more generic options.

Con #2: Custom Novelty Style Beds are Expensive

Custom-made novelty-style bed frames can be costly, especially if you're looking for a bed for a young child who will soon outgrow it. Consider waiting until your child is old enough for a twin bed before investing in a custom-made frame.

Con #3: You Might Have to Part Ways With the Bed

Once your child has outgrown their princess bed, you may need to find a new home for it. Alternatively, you can consider selling it if it's still in good condition or if you have another child interested in using it.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect princess bed is an exciting journey with options available for every budget and child. Whether your child dreams of sleeping in a castle or a carriage, there's a bed out there that will match their princess interests. No matter which princess bed you choose, you can be sure that your child will have a magical experience as they sleep and embark on imaginary adventures.