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7 Best "Twin to King Daybeds": The Ultimate Space Saving Sleep Hack

If you're searching for a stylish, space-saving, and versatile option for more seating or a guest bed, look no further than a twin to king daybed. These beds are perfect for maximizing your space in...

If you're searching for a stylish, space-saving, and versatile option for more seating or a guest bed, look no further than a twin to king daybed. These beds are perfect for maximizing your space in smaller areas. During the day, the daybed only takes up the size of a twin mattress, but it has a bed underneath that can roll out and pop up when needed. This transforms your twin bed into the width of a king size mattress, accommodating larger sleepers or multiple sleepers at once.

How Does a Twin to King Daybed Work?

A twin to king daybed consists of a frame made of either metal, wooden, or upholstery, two mattresses, and the bedding of your choice. The two mattresses are stacked on top of each other while the bed functions as a sofa. This setup is convenient when you need extra seating space or a place for a single person to have a good sleep.

When you want the full-sized bed, the bottom part of the frame rolls out, revealing another platform where you'll place the top mattress, creating a shortened king-sized bed. This configuration is ideal when you need sleeping space for two people.

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7 Twin to King Daybeds

When it comes to choosing the best twin to king daybed, there are a few factors to consider. The style, comfort, and durability of the bed should all be taken into account. Here are seven options that meet these criteria:

  1. Bellemave Twin to King Daybed
  2. Verona Home Harlow Twin to King Daybed
  3. DHP Manila Twin to King Daybed
  4. Novogratz Her Majesty Twin to King Daybed
  5. Kings Brand Furniture Twin to King Daybed
  6. Dorel Living Kayden Twin to King Daybed
  7. Hillsdale Furniture Augusta Twin to King Daybed

Things To Consider When Buying a Twin To King Daybed

While a twin to king daybed offers a comfortable place to sleep and saves space, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Due to the twin to king configuration, there will be a gap down the center of the extended bed since there are two separate mattresses. This may affect the comfort of sleeping on the extended bed. Additionally, the pricing for a twin to king daybed frame and mattresses can be comparable to the cost of buying an actual bed. If the twin to king daybed is intended for everyday use, it may be more cost-effective to consider buying a traditional bed. However, if the main purpose is for extra seating and/or a guest bed while saving space, the twin to king daybed is an excellent choice.

Pros and Cons

There are several advantages to owning a twin to king daybed. Functionality, versatility, and style are all key features of these beds. Whether you need extra seating or a couch by day and a bed by night, a daybed is a versatile piece of furniture. They are particularly well-suited for apartments or homes with limited space, as they can be folded up into a couch until you're ready for bed. Additionally, daybeds eliminate the need for box springs, as the mattress rests on metal or wooden slats within the frame.

As for the cons, it's important to consider your reason for purchasing a twin to king daybed. If you're looking for an everyday bed for yourself or a family member, a twin to king daybed may not provide the optimal sleeping experience. The separate mattresses and the gap between them may lead to discomfort during sleep. Furthermore, daybeds with no back can be less comfortable for sitting unless they are placed against a wall.

The Different Styles Available

Thankfully, there is a wide range of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to twin to king daybeds. You can easily find a frame that matches your current decor and personal style.


When selecting a frame, you can choose from metal, wooden, or upholstered options. Metal and wooden frames are versatile and can be matched to your existing decor. They tend to be sturdier than upholstered frames. Upholstered frames, on the other hand, provide a more sofa-like appearance and are well-suited for those who prefer a softer feel.


Next, consider the style of the daybed. Some daybeds have high backs or headboards, while others have no backs or high arms on either side. Daybeds with high backs make excellent additions to spaces in need of extra seating. They resemble couches and do not necessarily require additional pillows for support. Daybeds with no back can be a good choice if you plan to use them against a wall, but they may be less comfortable to sit on. Daybeds with high arms and no back are typically meant for extra seating rather than extended periods of sleep.


For those who want the twin to king daybed as an extra seating and guest bed option, consider beds with storage drawers. These beds offer additional storage space for sheets, blankets, pillows, and more. When it's time for your guest to sleep, simply pull everything out of the drawers, close them, and then pull out the platform for the second mattress.

What Is the Best Type of Mattress for a Daybed and Trundle Bed?

The type of mattress you choose for your daybed and trundle bed will depend on its primary use and the preferences of the users. If the daybed is primarily for extra seating, mattresses on the medium to firmer side are recommended. These mattresses offer slight contour and pressure relief while remaining solid and supportive.

If the daybed is intended for regular guest accommodations or it will be used as an everyday bed, consider opting for memory foam mattresses or gel memory foam mattresses. These types of mattresses provide ultimate comfort and are particularly suitable for individuals with back issues.

It's important to note that memory foam mattresses may retain heat, which can cause discomfort for those who tend to sleep hot. However, there are gel memory foam mattresses available that provide a cooling effect, making them a good alternative for warm sleepers.

Will Two Twin Mattresses Make a King?

No, two standard twin mattresses will not make a king. A standard twin mattress measures 38 inches by 75 inches, while a king-size mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches. However, if you opt for twin XL mattresses, which measure 38 inches by 80 inches, placing two of them together will give you the size of a king.


If you still have questions about daybeds, here are some commonly asked questions:

What is the difference between a daybed and a trundle?

A daybed resembles a sofa and typically includes a third panel that can function as a seatback. It comes in either twin or twin to king size. On the other hand, a trundle bed is a bed frame with a drawer underneath that rolls out to expose a second bed. The main difference between a twin to king daybed and a trundle bed is that the trundle forms two separate beds, while the daybed has a drawer that rolls out to create a king-size bed.

What is a daybed made of?

A daybed consists of a frame made of metal, wood, or upholstery, which holds the mattress. If the daybed is expandable, there will be a rollout portion underneath that may come with extra storage and holds the second mattress. When the daybed is set up as a sofa, the mattresses are stacked on top of each other.

Is it more expensive to purchase an actual bed or a twin to king daybed?

The price of a twin to king daybed can vary depending on factors such as brand, style, and functionality. However, typically a twin to king daybed may be a more affordable option compared to buying an actual bed. With a twin to king daybed, you only need the frame and mattresses, which are significantly cheaper than a king-sized mattress. A traditional king bed requires a frame, a box spring, and the mattress, making it more expensive overall.

What type of mattress do I need for a twin to king daybed?

The ideal type of mattress will depend on the purpose of the daybed and the preferences of the user. If the daybed is primarily for extra seating or occasional guest use, a medium-firm mattress is a good choice. For regular guest accommodations, memory foam or gel memory foam mattresses provide the best comfort and support.

Can I use a twin to king daybed as my everyday sleeping accommodations?

Yes, you can. If you find a mattress that you like and are comfortable sleeping on a twin-sized bed every night, a twin to king daybed can be a great and cost-effective option for everyday sleeping arrangements. This is especially beneficial if you live in an apartment or have limited space.

Final Notes

A twin to king daybed can be a fantastic addition to your home. Whether you need extra seating in a limited space or a guest bed that doesn't take up much room, a daybed offers the perfect solution. Just remember to consider your specific needs, the style you prefer, and the type of mattress that will guarantee your comfort. With these factors in mind, you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect twin to king daybed for your space.

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