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13 Unique Colonial House Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Between their symmetrical design and rich history, colonial houses have a timeless appeal that continues to captivate homeowners. Whether you have a fondness for historic homes or are simply drawn to their architectural beauty, there...

Between their symmetrical design and rich history, colonial houses have a timeless appeal that continues to captivate homeowners. Whether you have a fondness for historic homes or are simply drawn to their architectural beauty, there are plenty of ways to infuse modern style into these traditional residences. From brick facades to covered porches, here are 13 unique colonial house ideas that will help you preserve your home's traditional charm in the modern era.

1. Go For A Brick Exterior

One of the easiest ways to enhance the charm of your colonial house is by highlighting its brick exterior. Whether you choose to paint the exposed brick for a pop of color or use it as an accent feature in other rooms, this simple upgrade can make a visual impact. Consider installing colonial window shutters to elevate the colonial aesthetic while adding insulation to your home. To complete the look, incorporate colonial furniture and finishes like wicker chairs and raw wood pieces throughout your house for a rustic, cozy atmosphere.

Brick Colonial House Source: @outofsurth via Instagram

2. Don't Forget About The Covered Front Porch

Adding a covered front porch is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your colonial-style home. Not only does it inject character and charm, but it also offers a place of refuge from the elements. Experiment with architectural elements like framed panels, posts, columns, balustrades, and railings to reflect your individual taste and give your home a unique feel. Whether you're sipping a cool drink in the summer or admiring the snowy landscape in the winter, a covered front porch adds functionality and style to your home.

Colonial House Front Porch

3. Colonial House With Composite Elements

To modernize your old colonial house, consider incorporating composite materials like wood and stone. These materials maintain the classic appearance while adding contemporary touches. Update your kitchen appliances with sleek, modern designs while keeping warm color palettes that pay homage to the home's heritage. Consider adding a bungalow roof for extra character and curb appeal. With a combination of modern and traditional elements, your colonial house can seamlessly blend old and new.

Modern Colonial-Style House Source: @mybestfriendcraig via Instagram

4. Add A Walkpath With Stone Pavers

Create a visually stunning walking path by using beautiful stone pavers. Not only do they add character to your outdoor walkways, but they also direct guests where you want them to go. With a wide range of colors and styles available, you can easily customize your walk path for any occasion. Carefully plan your walk path design to achieve an amazing-looking colonial house that stands out from the rest.

Colonial House with Stone Paver Walk Path Source: @homesofmadison via Instagram

5. Install A Traditional Picket Fence

A traditional picket fence adds timeless charm and curb appeal to your colonial-style home. With its classic look, it's an excellent way to enhance the character and overall aesthetic of your house. Consider painting the picket fence in vibrant colors or planting flowers around it to add a pop of color and create a welcoming entrance.

Colonial House with Picket Fence Source: @maggiefsfamily via Instagram

6. Maintain A Grass Lawn

To maintain the classic look of a white colonial house, consider highlighting a lush grass lawn. This timeless and natural design complements the facade of the house while providing a canvas for flower beds and shrubs. Add color and visual interest by incorporating fencing or window frames in contrasting hues. Don't forget to add subtle details like flowerpots and decorative items to maintain the traditional charm of your white colonial house.

Colonial House with Grass Lawn Source: @tophouseinteriors via Instagram

7. Pick A Warm White Exterior

For an inviting and classic look, choose a warm white color for your colonial house's exterior. This color adds a touch of old-world charm while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Pair it with warm furniture like cozy couches and inviting armchairs in natural fabrics. Get creative with color accents from pillows and artwork to curtains. Embrace the warmth and style of a white colonial house by incorporating a warm, neutral palette throughout.

Colonial House with Warm White Exterior

8. Opt For Shiplap Walls

To create an eye-catching yet subtle texture on the exterior of your white colonial house, consider installing shiplap walls. Whether placed horizontally or vertically, shiplap adds depth and dimension to your home's appearance. Highlight the textured look with white accents and experiment with pops of color through shutters or light fixtures. Even small touches can give your white colonial house a unique design.

White Colonial House with Shiplap Walls Source: @mybestfriendcraig via Instagram

9. Contemporary Colonial-Style

Why stick to a strict modern or colonial style when you can combine the two? Bring a unique flair to your home by incorporating contemporary materials like stainless steel and glass alongside colonial-style elements like a brick wall. Consider installing a minimalist porch with contemporary finishes. The unexpected visual contrast between contemporary and colonial design elements will turn heads and make your house a conversation starter.

Traditional Colonial House Source: @thekeriricciteam via Instagram

10. Consider Landscaping

Add a beautiful garden landscape to your colonial home for a timeless charm that enhances your property's value. Incorporate an array of vibrant flowers, contrasting foliage, and seating to create an outdoor oasis. Not only will this provide a great place for entertaining guests, but it will also give nature lovers a spot for peaceful reflection. The combination of traditional colonial architecture and modern landscaping is sure to create a breathtaking and inviting atmosphere.

Two-Story Colonial House Source: @arterrarealty via Instagram

11. Natural Stone Walls For A Rustic Look

For a unique exterior design, consider incorporating stone walls into your colonial home. Use locally sourced boulders or manufactured stone veneer to create striking and timeless exteriors. Whether you prefer a more rustic or contemporary look, exterior stone walls will give your colonial house a standout appearance while honoring its historical charm.

Stone Walls Source: @lisafureyinteriors via Instagram

12. Add Posts To Your Patio

Make your patio stand out by incorporating posts into your design. Whether as part of an extended patio outdoors or near a window inside, patio posts can elevate your space and create a personalized and inviting atmosphere. Adorn the posts with opulent fabrics or delightful flowers for added visual appeal. Complete the look with comfortable patio seating adorned with plush cushions, creating the perfect space for relaxation and entertaining.

Patio with Posts Source: @breathing_timemachine via Instagram

13. Hard Wood Door Accent

Enhance the entrance of your colonial house by updating your front door. Opt for a wooden door to breathe new life into the traditional design, or go for a modern look with a steel door. Accessorize with a knocker and coordinating trim colors to complete the look. Consider adding window boxes or hanging pots and plants to draw attention to the entryway. Create a stylish and inviting entrance that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Colonial House with a Wooden Door Source: @colonial.house.love via Instagram

Transform your colonial house with these unique ideas that preserve its traditional charm while adding a modern touch. Whether you choose to enhance the exterior with brick, porches, or stone walls, or focus on landscaping and interior design, these ideas will help you create a colonial house that stands out from the rest. Embrace the beauty of colonial architecture and make your home an inviting and stylish haven.