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8 Best Overbed Tables – Find the Perfect Solution for Your Bedtime Needs!

We've all had those days when the thought of getting out of bed seems unbearable, but we also don't want to ruin our cozy setup. Well, the good news is that we might have found...

We've all had those days when the thought of getting out of bed seems unbearable, but we also don't want to ruin our cozy setup. Well, the good news is that we might have found the answer to all your problems - the best overbed table! Whether you're enjoying a leisurely Sunday breakfast in bed or working from the comfort of your sheets, an overbed table is a practical and convenient furniture item that allows you to stay functional without leaving your bed!

If you're unfamiliar with overbed tables, you're in for a treat. These versatile pieces of furniture can be used for various tasks and even as medical overbed tables for individuals who are bedridden due to injury or illness. In selecting our top picks, we considered essential features like tabletop and base dimensions, height, and weight capacity, ensuring practicality and specific use. We also took into account the materials and finishes to ensure that your overbed table looks appealing.

Top 8 Overbed Tables Review 2024

How to choose the best overbed table?

To find the right overbed table for your needs, it's important to determine how you plan to use it. Different overbed tables offer unique features that cater to specific purposes. For example, a medical overbed table should have adjustable height, while one for dining and relaxation in bed may come with a cup holder and utensil slot. Familiarize yourself with the various features offered by overbed tables to find the perfect one for you.

Types of overbed tables

8 Best Overbed Tables Caption: Overbed Tables for Various Needs

There are several types of overbed tables available to suit everyone's needs. When it comes to frame shapes, you can choose from C-shaped, H-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped frames. Each shape ensures a proper fit under and over your bed while adding stability to the table. Some advanced models, such as the UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table, even offer width adjustment along with height adjustment, allowing the table to fit larger beds.

Tabletop dimensions

The dimensions of the tabletop are crucial as they determine the surface area and capacity of the table. A wider tabletop allows you to place more items on it simultaneously. Overbed tables with larger dimensions are particularly helpful for medical use, allowing easy access to all necessary items and medications. They are also ideal for home use, providing ample space for documents and books alongside your laptop. On the other hand, smaller tabletop dimensions make the table more portable. For those who require sufficient space, we recommend the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Table, which features a standard 15" x 30" surface.

Base dimensions

Consider the base size of the overbed table in relation to the dimensions of your bed and the space underneath it. Most overbed tables fit under the bed, with the tabletop elevated directly over it. Narrow and slim frame models with smaller base dimensions are a safe choice as they can fit under most furniture, even in narrow spaces. If you're looking for something with a smaller base, the Graham-Field Lumex Modern Overbed Table is worth considering.


The height of the overbed table is crucial for functionality. It should be in accordance with the height of your bed to ensure ease of use. Most overbed tables have adjustable height features, such as the Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table, allowing you to lower or raise the tabletop as needed.

Weight capacity

As the name suggests, the weight capacity of an overbed table indicates the maximum weight it can support. It's important to consider this when placing items on the table. Exceeding the weight capacity may cause damage to the tabletop. For example, the Carex Overbed Table is a durable model that can hold up to 50 lbs. While some manufacturers may not specify the weight capacity, it's best to avoid placing excessively heavy items on the table.

Materials and finish

Traditional tabletops, like the one found on the Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed Table, are often made of lightweight and durable pressboard with a protective topcoat. Contemporary options include composite and ABS plastic, offering lightweight and durable alternatives. The frames of overbed tables are usually made of metal or steel for stability and longevity. The finish of the table, such as walnut or brown, should blend well with your room decor. Modern models may also feature high-quality, scratch-resistant finishes, while the metal base often has a chrome or silver vein finish, lending an industrial look to the table.


All overbed tables come with wheels on the base, allowing easy maneuverability. The overbed tables on our list have high-quality wheels that glide effortlessly, making adjustment over the bed a breeze. Some tables even come with lock casters to prevent unwanted rolling.

Additional features

8 Best Overbed Tables Caption: Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality

Certain overbed tables offer extra features that make them even more suitable for specific tasks. Some models have molded cup or utensil holders on the tabletop, like the Carex Overbed Table, ensuring your beverages stay in place and preventing spills while you enjoy your meal or drink in bed. Raised or molded edges on the tabletop prevent items from slipping off, and tilting surfaces allow for better accessibility and a convenient angle for your book or laptop.


Overbed tables, especially those for medical or professional use, should be seen as an investment. It's wise to purchase a high-quality table that will last, rather than replacing it frequently. Prices vary depending on the quality, construction, and additional features of the overbed table. Do your research and determine your budget accordingly.

Our list of the best overbed tables includes options from various price categories, ranging from $40 to $160. The Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table is our value pick, providing affordability without compromising functionality. If you're looking for something more premium, the Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed Table offers a split surface design, integrated lip, and two-way tilting. With any of these options, you can enjoy the functionality and ease of use that an overbed table provides.

Our Verdict

While every item on our list is of high quality and functionality, our Editor's Choice is the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Table. With its marvelous finish and 50 lbs. weight capacity, it's the perfect all-rounder. For those on a budget, the Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table with its H-style base is a great affordable option. Lastly, the Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed Table offers premium features like a split surface design, integrated lip, and two-way tilting.

We hope our article has helped you find the best overbed table for your needs. Now, you can enjoy the functionality and convenience it brings to your bedtime routine!