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8 Examples of Small Homes with Garages

Living in a tiny home requires efficient use of space, and for many of us, protecting our belongings is a top priority. That's where tiny home garages come in. Not only do they provide a...

Living in a tiny home requires efficient use of space, and for many of us, protecting our belongings is a top priority. That's where tiny home garages come in. Not only do they provide a safe haven for your vehicles, but they also offer additional storage space and can even double as guest accommodations. To help you get started on building your own tiny house garage, we've compiled a list of 8 inspiring examples that showcase the versatility and beauty of this concept.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House, designed by Zenith Design + Build, is a stunning home that combines the best of tiny living with a spacious garage. Its vertical layout features a standard living space and kitchen on the bottom floor, while the upstairs bedroom boasts an open floor plan and a cozy stone fireplace. With the garage conveniently located adjacent to the bedroom, you can even turn its top into a deck for hosting guests. This floor plan offers all the benefits of tiny house living while maintaining a touch of luxury.

The Carriage House Image: The Carriage House - Source: sanaulac.vn

Contemporary Tiny Home Studio on Top of a One-Car Garage

This 366 sq. ft. studio is a true work of art. With its high ceilings, it exudes a loft-like feeling, providing a sense of spaciousness. The studio includes a full bath, washer and dryer, and a well-equipped kitchen. Large windows flood the second floor with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Built on top of a one-car garage, this design offers not only a living space but also additional storage.

Contemporary Tiny Home Studio Image: Contemporary Tiny Home Studio - Source: sanaulac.vn

Tiny Home on Top of a 2-Car Garage

Nested in Boise, Idaho, this delightful 474 sq. ft. tiny home sits atop a two-car garage. The front entrance leads you upstairs to the living space, which comprises a full kitchen, bedroom, built-in desk, and a charming backyard. Building your tiny home on top of a two-car garage not only provides extra space but also ensures the safety of your vehicle. Even if you own just one car, a two-car garage offers ample storage and expands the foundation of your home.

Tiny Home on Top of a 2-Car Garage Image: Tiny Home on Top of a 2-Car Garage - Source: sanaulac.vn

Tiny Home on Top of One-Car Garage

This charming wooden home sits directly on top of its one-car garage. Despite its one-floor layout, tall ceilings create the illusion of a larger space inside. Similar to the Contemporary Tiny Home Studio, this design makes excellent use of foundation and natural light. It emanates a traditional cottage feel and can feel like a true treehouse when nestled within forests.

Tiny Home on Top of One-Car Garage Image: Tiny Home on Top of One-Car Garage - Source: sanaulac.vn

Tiny Home on Wheels

If you crave the freedom to travel, a tiny home on wheels might be the perfect solution for you! This 400 sq. ft. home is designed to be movable, allowing you to take it wherever you go. While the living space requires additional materials to cover the wheels once it settles in its permanent location, the built-in garage seamlessly blends with the earth, making it easy to store the vehicle. This design embodies the spirit of modern trailer living and offers an unparalleled sense of adventure.

Tiny Home on Wheels Image: Tiny Home on Wheels - Source: sanaulac.vn

2-Car Garage with Deck

Similar to The Carriage House, this layout features a two-car garage with a deck. The living space is designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for tiny house enthusiasts. By utilizing one of the garages as an outdoor entertaining area, you can seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

2-Car Garage with Deck Image: 2-Car Garage with Deck - Source: sanaulac.vn

Open-Air Garage

For those lucky enough to reside in a warm climate, an open-air garage is an excellent option. Casita Kuneho, a 2-story 300 sq. ft. home located in Joshua Tree, California, features an open-air garage that doubles as a deck. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your home's rooftop, which overlooks the nearby national park. The only trade-off is limited storage space, as the garage lacks protection for items aside from your vehicle.

Open-Air Garage Image: Open-Air Garage - Source: sanaulac.vn

The Star of "Tiny House, Big Living"

Familiar to fans of the HGTV show "Tiny House, Big Living," this tiny home epitomizes the art of maximizing space. Measuring just 226 sq. ft., the living area is a fraction of the size of the garage foundation it sits upon. The home cleverly incorporates a full bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and even a fold-out desk and loft space. The designer took inspiration from sailboats known for their efficient use of space. The patio above the garage adds an extra touch of luxury to this tiny retreat.

The Star of "Tiny House, Big Living" Image: The Star of "Tiny House, Big Living" - Source: sanaulac.vn

So there you have it! Having a garage doesn't mean compromising your commitment to living small. A tiny home garage can serve as the foundation of your small home or provide additional storage space. These beautiful floor plan examples not only protect your vehicle but also help you maintain your minimalist lifestyle. We hope these ideas inspire you to start building your own tiny home garage!

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