9 Accessories You Need To Create A Luxurious Spa Bathroom

Envision a luxurious spa experience from the tranquility of your home. Think about warm basalt stones released on your back, that relaxing massage using essential oils to soothe your aching muscles, and amazing facials that...

Envision a luxurious spa experience from the tranquility of your home. Think about warm basalt stones released on your back, that relaxing massage using essential oils to soothe your aching muscles, and amazing facials that leave your skin feeling so good. It is so rejuvenating to visit a spa. So why not bring those cozy spa vibes to your home?

This is why you should consider giving your bathroom the ultimate lift with spa bathroom accessories that will turn it into a luxurious spa!

9 Accessories To Create A Luxurious Spa Bathroom At Home

A tired mind can be calmed at the heart of your bathroom where you can slowly retreat to in the evening and unwind in solitude. Well, if you are dreaming of such a personal retreat spot, it is about time to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa with these essentials! But first, you must be ready to create space in your bathroom by removing the clutter and creating an illusion of a spacious and welcoming bathroom.

How To Create The Illusion Of A Spa In Your Bathroom

Mind your storage

Love Spas? Here Are 9 Accessories To Create A Luxurious Spa Bathroom

When you visit a spa, you will notice their excellent organization skills. Normally, everything is perfectly organized from the toiletries to the towels! If your bathroom counter is full of your makeup, some medicine tablets, cleansers, and other toiletries, you can display them in large trays. Fit the cotton balls and wipes in beautiful glass canisters and have beautiful soap dishes for your soap. Tuck in your towels neatly on a towel bar or a towel ladder and remember to have the rug in shape and also, neatly store away all supplies. A luxurious spa is definitely gram-worthy! Consider using glass canisters to store these products and embellished trays too.

Set the atmosphere with calming colors

Set the atmosphere by providing a calming yet relaxing tone in your bathroom. This starts with your bathroom finishes. Consider choosing neutral colors like white which creates an illusion of a spacious bathroom and light blues to create that welcoming tone. You can also go for gray which can be such a soothing color. Avoid colorful colors in your bathroom, including curtains! If possible, a large glass window would do!

Love Spas? Here Are 9 Accessories To Create A Luxurious Spa Bathroom

Bring nature into your bathroom

As humans, we are made in a way that we can connect with nature. So bring in the house plants and fresh flowers which will help to clean the air; after all, it can get stuffy in the bathroom, right? You can hang the potted plants from the ceiling or display the fresh flowers on the counter in a vase. Some of the best plants to have in your bathroom include Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Lilies, Orchids, and Begonia. Good natural lighting is also key. Hence, the large mirrored windows and doors could come in handy especially in an environment overlooking the beautiful landscape or trees.

Love Spas? Here Are 9 Accessories To Create A Luxurious Spa Bathroom

Got that ready? Then let’s get ready to create a spa bathroom with these:

9 Luxurious Spa Bathroom Accessories

Here are the nine items you need to create a luxurious spa bathroom at home.

1. A Quality Shower Head

A good showerhead can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. You can choose from the many designs of showerheads available. For example, handheld, full-body, high pressure, rainfall, or specialty showerheads. Get a good plumber to fix your shower head and get the job done for you perfectly!

2. Luxurious Bathtub

If you don’t prefer a shower, then you can retreat into your own private getaway with a luxurious bathtub. Imagine soaking in a freestanding silver tub in a marbled bathroom after a long day of work?

3. Spa-like Vanity Set

Want your bathroom to feel more luxe instantly? Consider replacing your faucets, mirrors, and handles with luxurious ones. For example, you can get that whole double vanity set that is fully furnished with gorgeous rounded mirrors, beautiful faucets, a nice floating sink, or consider doing a renovation for a built-in luxurious vanity spot.

4. Luxurious robes and towels

If you need to feel pampered from head to toe in the comfort of your bathroom, then you had better update your towels, robes, slippers, and rugs with more fluffy or furry ones. Get a fresh stack of plush towels, some luxurious bath mats, and even cozy robes! Proper Egyptian cotton is what you want.

5. Bathtub caddy

Wondering where to keep all your luxurious supplies as you use them? Please get that bathtub caddy where you will keep all your supplies for better organization. A bathtub caddy adds instant luxury and also provides the perfect place for a glass of wine, a cup of green tea, or a book too!

6. A cedar or teak bath mat

Fluffy rugs are great, but to really give your bathroom a world-class spa vibe, you need wooden mats, too. You could add a simple cedar or bamboo bath mat with water-resistant capacity. But to really give yourself the luxurious spa bathroom you deserve, go for teak, which is high-end.

7. Relaxing scents

Spas utilize scents to stimulate all senses for a relaxing vibe. That means that a luxurious spa bathroom can never be achieved without some dose of aromatherapy! Talk about eucalyptus, mint, jasmine, ylang-lang, tea tree, rose petals, or vanilla! You can have a mix of essential oils, scented soaps and body washes, diffusers, and even scented candles just to set the perfect mood.

8. Beautiful skincare products

Treat your skin to a good pampering session by gathering all the skincare products you will need: from body scrubs, bath salts to sheet masks. As far as skincare, I love everything from Grown Alchemist. It’s green beauty, cruelty-free, and smells amazing.

9. Chandeliers

Placing a chandelier in your bathroom might look like something over the top, but stay with me: it’s not too much! A chandelier can transform your simple bathroom space with its glamour and sheer exuberance and turn it into a spa-like experience. Ensure you select bathroom accessories that complement the overall design of your bathroom.

The perfect spa experience begins right when you set your first foot inside the spa! What do you see? How do you feel? Translate that into your own space! And you can do that with the above spa bathroom accessories!

Well, have you visited a spa before? How was your experience? And would you want to create a luxurious spa bathroom using the spa bathroom accessories shared above?