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9 Captivating Real Estate Facebook Cover Photo Ideas For 2023

One of the first things you’ll need to learn about creating a Facebook presence is managing your real estate Facebook cover photos. The cover photo is the photo that appears at the top of the...

One of the first things you’ll need to learn about creating a Facebook presence is managing your real estate Facebook cover photos.

The cover photo is the photo that appears at the top of the Facebook page. A Facebook cover is the first experience most visitors will have with your brand — and will control whether they decide to read on.

But not every real estate agent is an expert in social media. If you look at other agents’ pages, you may find that many of them have a Facebook cover photo that looks less than professional.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to make your company’s Facebook page look even better.

9. Get the specifications for your Facebook cover photo first.

The most common mistake people make with their Facebook cover photos is using an image that’s the wrong size. The perfect Facebook cover is either 851 by 315 pixels or at the same ratio. Otherwise, when viewed by a Facebook user, the image will be cut off.

Apart from that, your Facebook image should be a standard image file type, such as PNG or JPG. You can’t upload raw files like AI files; those need to be converted.

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8. Look for a Facebook cover template.

Sites such as Canva make it easy: You just search for “Facebook Cover,” and you’ll find a wide array of pre-made images. You can also find other templates for your business page, such as a Facebook ad, Facebook banner, or other social media images.

Don’t forget to customize it to your own colors and style. You should never use a template without modifying it a little, as it’ll look too “boilerplate.”

7. Consider using a Facebook cover video.

There are both pros and cons to a cover video, so let’s discuss the pros first. A Facebook cover video is going to be extremely eye-catching and engaging compared to a Facebook cover image. But it’s also going to take more time to design — and you may need to hire a professional.

We all know that video is great for marketing. The eye is naturally drawn to things that move. For your Facebook cover video, consider just creating a slideshow of your most popular images. You can draw them from your real estate website.

6. Take a high-quality photo or video on your own.

Most real estate professionals eventually become a photographer and graphic designer on the side. Consider taking your own photos or videos, highlighting some of your best listings. Crop it down to the cover photo size, and you’re golden.

For Facebook cover videos, HDR images work great. HDR images have a bright depth of color and excellent contrast, making them “pop.”

5. Find a high-resolution image to use.

In marketing, you need to become skilled at finding high-resolution images that are also commercially available. An image has to be high-resolution and high-quality to be attractive, but you also need to either purchase it (on a stock photo site) or find it copyright-free (such as from Wikimedia Commons). Otherwise, you may want to take the image yourself or have someone else take it for you.

A few of the stock image sites I like to use are Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.

The best images for a Facebook business page will contain a person and be related to the real estate business, such as someone purchasing their first home. People are drawn to images that include other people. They usually scan for eyes first!

Letter tiles spelling out "brand"

4. Make sure your branding is clear.

Think about your online audience as people who may have never heard of you before. At a glance, would they be able to see what you’re about from your real estate Facebook cover? What is your niche in the real estate industry? What areas do you cover?

In addition to your Facebook cover photo, don’t forget your profile pic. You should personalize and customize every element of your Facebook profile and page so your branding is everywhere.

3. View your page on any platform.

Your followers may be viewing your page on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. If you want to make sure your audience sees your Facebook cover as you mean it to be seen, you should check on multiple platforms.

Facebook will automatically shrink and crop your real estate Facebook cover. So, you should make sure it’s still readable to potential clients and not cropped in a way that will cut off important information.

2. Don’t make the image too busy.

What’s a “busy” image? In graphic design, a busy image is an image that has too many elements. Think: several photos, a bunch of text, your contact information.

Real estate cover photos aren’t flyers. They’re designed to accent your page, not be a showstopper. You don’t need to repeat information in your business profile in your image.

That being said, you may want to have information about your other social media accounts — such as a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn.

1. Consider updating your real estate Facebook cover photos periodically.

Whether you’re managing your business page or a Facebook group, consider updating your cover photos periodically. They aren’t meant to be static. For the purposes of expanding your marketing and your branding, you want to keep your audience engaged. Updating based on the season, special events, or community information is a great way to get people to notice you.

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What Not to Do On Your Facebook Cover Page

  • Now we know how to make your Facebook page look professional and engaging. But are there any things that you shouldn’t do?
  • Don’t put long URLs on your Facebook cover. It’s not likely that anyone will type them in, and they create clutter.
  • Don’t use client photos without permission, including photos of your clients; always get them to sign a release.

In addition to your Facebook cover, there’s a lot more that you can do to extend your branding. Consider updating your profile photo, company’s photo, bios, categories, hours, and location. Don’t just upload a cover photo for each page, but also a profile picture. The ultimate goal is that a client should immediately recognize your page as your brand.

FAQs on Real Estate Facebook Cover Photos

What do you use a Facebook cover photo for?

Your Facebook cover photo can be used on your personal profile, your company’s page, and even on events. Nearly every page, group, and profile on Facebook has a cover image.

How can you find photos for your Facebook page?

If you’re struggling to find photos for your Facebook page, consider sources such as Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay. These provide copyright-free images. You can also purchase images through iStockPhoto and other similar sites.

How frequently should you update your Facebook cover photo?

It’s a good practice to update the look of your real estate page every few months. However, you should always have certain elements static, such as your logo in the upper left or lower right corner. Having static elements is a graphic design trick; clients will still be able to identify your page as “you” at a glance.