9 Design Tips to Bring Gothic Revival Flair to Your Home

The Gothic Revival era is a fascinating blend of romance and medieval nightmares. This unique architectural style has its own allure, like a fairytale from another time. While it may have been overshadowed by Renaissance...

The Gothic Revival era is a fascinating blend of romance and medieval nightmares. This unique architectural style has its own allure, like a fairytale from another time. While it may have been overshadowed by Renaissance and classical architecture, Gothic Revival is experiencing a comeback. If you're looking to add a touch of gothic romanticism to your home, here are some design tips to consider.

Victorian-Inspired Styling

To create a Gothic Revival home, start by incorporating Victorian-inspired styling. The Victorian Era saw the peak of Gothic Architecture's popularity, so embrace the drama. Think high arches, dramatically draped fabrics, and ornate details. Draw inspiration from Victorian homes, with their rich tapestries, wrought iron chandeliers, and bold color choices. Even smaller decor items like ornate vases, mirrors, and frames can add a touch of Gothic flair.

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is a must for achieving a Gothic Revival interior. Whether you use it to create a statement wall or cover your entire space, opt for rich, dramatic designs. Choose wallpapers with Victorian or Gothic motifs engraved into a velvet texture. Consider a color palette featuring black, gold, or deep burgundy to bring your room to life.

Gothic Victorian Home with bathroom patterned wallpaper Photo Source: Circa Old Houses

Bold Colors

Gothic Revival is all about boldness. When selecting a color palette for your home, embrace vibrant and striking hues. Pair bold colors with different textures like velvet and jacquard to create an elegant yet haunting ambiance. Consider emerald green, ruby red, dark ocean blue, and deep burgundy for a rich and captivating look.

Lancet Windows

Lancet windows are a hallmark of Gothic Revival architecture. These high, narrow, pointed-arch windows can be reminiscent of stained glass windows found in old cathedrals and castles. Install lancet windows to add drama to your home, accompanied by dramatic moldings.

Gothic Victorian Home with Lancet Windows A Lancet Window adorns this Gothic Victorian Home - via Old House Dreams

Dramatic Arches

Incorporating arches is another key design element for a Gothic Revival home. Choose from a variety of arch styles that complement your home's design. Arches add drama to entrances and wall breaks, giving your space an enchanting atmosphere. Look to castles and old churches for inspiration, particularly the use of pointed arches. Don't limit arches to just hallways and entrances; consider incorporating them into wall niches for added visual interest.

Gothic Arch Wall Niche Gothic Arch Wall Niche by Archways & Ceilings

Decorative Moldings

Heavy crown moldings are a signature feature of Victorian and Gothic Revival homes. Consider adding these intricate moldings throughout your space to create a soft yet deliberate declaration of the Gothic era. While beautiful, installing moldings can be complex, so it's advisable to consult a contractor for a flawless finish.

Boss Architecture

Boss architecture, characterized by knobs or protrusions of stone or wood, is another unique feature of Gothic Revival. While extreme boss architecture may not be suitable for your home, you can incorporate a hint of it by installing vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings provide a happy medium, reminiscent of Gothic architecture's grandeur without overwhelming your space. Consider a groin vault from Archways & Ceilings for an authentic touch.

Wood Finished Groin Vault Ceiling Wood Finished Groin Vault by Archways & Ceilings

Gothic Décor

If you prefer to avoid extensive renovations, decorative elements can still evoke a Gothic feel. Choose dramatic, dark, and elegant Gothic-inspired decor, such as curved furniture and heavy fabrics with elaborate patterns. Opt for bold and dramatic colors that tie in with your home's overall palette and bring a touch of Gothic mystique.


Lighting plays a crucial role in Gothic Revival homes, emphasizing shadows and rays of light. Recreate this ambiance by incorporating tungsten lights in a large, wrought iron chandelier. This will capture the essence of the era when candles cast dramatic light and shadow on the walls.

Final Thoughts on Gothic Revival Homes

Gothic Revival homes are a playground for elegance and drama. Embrace arches, bold colors, and dramatic decorations to create a captivating atmosphere. However, remember to balance your home's decor and color palette. While the Gothic Revival era is characterized by drama, it is also grounded in elegance. Use these tips to incorporate the Gothic Revival style into your home and bring your design dreams to life.

If you need assistance with incorporating Gothic Revival design elements into your home, don't hesitate to contact a professional at Archways & Ceilings. They can provide expert advice to turn your vision into a reality.